Dazzling Collection Of Aluminum Wires For Stranding Your Jewelry


Aluminum wire for holding your jewelry supplies can be picked up in sizes of 1 mm in diameter or 2 mm or one in between. There is also a 0.8 mm size. The 2mm ones can be quite costlier when compared with the others. With color, you get close to 15 selections. Mixed colors are the ones that are really being opted for by most jewelry creators. Gold colored aluminum wire products are also quite in demand even though they are a bit on the costlier side. If you want a less-striking color, you can opt for silver. The number of rolls that are available in one package varies as do the length of the rolls which can be from 2 meters to 10 meters. Some of the orders take 3 days to process while a few even take a week.

Interesting color combinations that are available include yellow-green, medium-violetred and light khaki. A striking red color is listed among the hot categories with a diameter of 0.8 mm. At a little less than 6 dollars, you can get 10 rolls with each roll of 10 meters each. A White smoke colored aluminum wire is also listed among the hot categories, is 2mm in diameter, at 50 meters per roll is just short of $7.50. Also 2mm in diameter is a golden color at around the same price and around the 50 meters per roll as well. The same cost and length of roll is available in a pleasing bright orange, pale turquoise and medium orchid. Bold lime green and hot pink are available at 200 meters per roll in 0.8 mm diameter at around $6.50. However, the ready time for all of these aforementioned colors can be as much as eight days. A supreme firebrick color is available in three days, also at around 200 meters per roll, at a cost of just over $9.


Listing out the other colors, we have saddle brown, sandy brown, coconut brown, cerise, royal blue, steel blue, deep sky blue, dark violet, light green, lawn green, dark turquoise, dark orange, dark red, camel, peachpuff, lavender, green-yellow, burly wood, Sienna, Light-streetblue and pearlpink.

The more the number of rolls that are on offer, the better the price you get will be. Bring all of your vast collection of beads and pendants into a fine assemblage using the robust colors and sizes available over aluminum wires.


DIY Pretty Headband with Pearl Beads and Yellow Felt Flower

Hi, guys. How are you? Do you need hair flower accessory? If yes, then you can pay more attention on today’s post. Next, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a pretty headband with pearl beads and yellow felt. Trust me and you will like this project if you are patient enough to finish seeing them. The steps are listed as below.
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 680330
Supplies needed for headband making:
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
Yellow Felt
Hair Band Findings
0.3mm Copper Wire
Iron Scissor
Glue Gun
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 6004001
Step 1: make the yellow felt flower part of the hair accessory
Firstly, cut off a piece of rectangle yellow felt paper and fold it into halves. Then glue the two felts together.
Secondly, cut the felt with some lines by scissor and you can look at the below picture.
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 1600400
Thirdly, continue to cut the felt and fix them together to make a flower, then glue them tightly.
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 2600400
Fourthly, cut off another piece of rectangle yellow felt and draw a circle on the felt and ensure that the size is about the bottom part of the flower.
Fifthly, glue the circle felt one the bottom of the flower pattern.
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 4600400
Step 2: finish this yellow felt flower headband making
Firstly, take out a hair band finding and glue the flower on it.
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 5600300
Secondly, add the pearl beads onto the hair band finding one by one. Then the finding will be covered by pearl beads.
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 6600300
Now, this pretty yellow flower hair band has been finished!
How to Make a Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Yellow Felt Flower 600800
It is just finished within several minutes, do you like it? Fresh color with pearl beads, it can be matched well with our clothes. You can just make one for yourself if you also need it. And I will share you more great crafts, so please be expecting!

Get a Natural Look with Pearl Beads

Everyone knows what pearl beads are. They are naturally everyone’s favorite. Mostly because of the look they give to us. They look so elegant and beautiful. When you have to go for some high-end function or event, you know your pearl necklace or pearl accessory will definitely help you out. Yes, you dress is perfect for the evening, but there is something missing. That is where you pearl jewelry walks in. people love wearing this and love to flaunt the pearl accessory which they have worn. And with the best of blessings, anything in pearl will never look back. After all, they are the pearl. People die to get the perfect pearl accessory which will drool them and leave them in wonder. You always have the right thought in your head. But somehow, you just cannot find that perfect and right accessory which you are looking out for. You know that there is something missing and you need to fill that hole up. Since you have the exact idea in your mind, your work is half done there. How about you try to create that perfect pearl jewelry out of your own pearl beads? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Of course, the question which follows up along with it is where will you find an accessory like that? Well, no problem.


All you have to do is go to our online store and search for pearl beads and you work is done right there. We have all the types of different pearl beads which you can hope for in all the colors and sizes and shapes. We have natural keshi pearl bead strands, flat round, antique white, with different measures, shell pearl beads strands which are polished and in grade A condition and round in shape with different beautiful colors which will leave you speechless and in awe, there are shell bead strands in imitation pearl beads which are as well round and thistle and in grade A condition, pearl beads in rice shape and which are colorful, and other such pearl beads which can literally just make you want more of them. Pearls have a natural look attached to them and you will not be surprised to pay a little extra for them either. So just go on our online store and look out for more of these pearl bead strands and enjoy your time making pearl jewelry at wherever you want.

How to Make a Wedding Necklace with Pearl Beads and Ribbon

Hey, girls. Do you have suitable jewelry to wear when you are going to be a bridal or attend your friend’s wedding? Do not worry, you will have a good choice after seeing this tutorial. Today, I will share you how to make a wedding necklace with pearl beads and ribbon, and the details are listed as below.
Supplies needed in making pearl and ribbon necklace:
4mm white pearl beads
6mm white pearl beads
8mm white pearl beads
6mm white crystal beads
Crimp beads
Tiger tail
Pink ribbon
Iron needle
White sewing thread
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make basic beaded part of the bracelet
Firstly, cut off a piece of tiger tail about 80cm and fold it in half, then slide a crimp bead onto it, and flatten it with jewelry plier.
Secondly, slide a 6mm pearl bead, a 4mm pearl bead, a 6mm pearl bead onto the upper wire in order, and slide an 8mm pearl bead onto the lower wire, then slide a 6mm crystal bead to both wire. After that, continue to slide beads in opposite direction.
Thirdly, continue to slide beads and stop sliding when you have used twelve beads patterns. Then you will get the beads string like below.
Step 2: finish this wedding necklace making
Firstly, cut off two pieces of pink ribbon about 15cm.
Secondly, connect the ribbon and the beads string by making a knot to fix them tightly at two ends.
Thirdly, tie the two ribbons with making a suitable bow knot, and you can do it according to the picture below.
Then this necklace has been finished!
And now how do you think of this wedding necklace? You know that girls just need different kinds of jewelry to wear in different occasions, then make a plan to make one for yourself. Waiting for your great works.

Tutorial on How to Make Easter Egg with Pearl Cabochons

Hey, guys. Have a nice day! Easter is coming, have you prepared the Easter egg? Do not worry if you still have not any idea, because today I am going to show you how to make an Easter egg with pearl cabochons. It sounds great, right? Then let’s see this tutorial now.
Supplies needed in making Easter egg with pearl cabochons:
3mm mix color faux suede cords
13mm lace flower trim
8mm white pearl cabochons
pink ribbon
1.5mm green aluminum wire
white glue
side cutting pliers
Instructions on How to Make Kid’s Easter Eggs Made from Faux Suede Cords (3)
Step 1: make Easter egg
Firstly, wrap the colorful faux suede cords around the egg and paste them together, then cut off the extra parts.
Secondly, paste the lace flower trim on the egg with glue on the middle part of the egg.
Thirdly, paste the pink bow and pearl cabochon under the lace flower.
Instructions on How to Make Kid’s Easter Eggs Made from Faux Suede Cords (4)
Step 2: twist the aluminum wire
Firstly, twist the aluminum wire into a tray like this. You can do it according to this picture.
Secondly, put the ready egg on the tray.
Instructions on How to Make Kid’s Easter Eggs Made from Faux Suede Cords (1)
Then this Easter egg has been finished!
Instructions on How to Make Kid’s Easter Eggs Made from Faux Suede Cords (2)
Now, have you got the skills of making this Easter egg? If yes, do it for this Easter, and it will make your this festival more wonderful. So please try it now and then share your crafts with us. See you next time!

Simple Crystal Blue Beaded Bracelet Making

Hey, friends. Nice to see you again. Tell you a good news that today I am going to share you a very beautiful bracelet made by crystal blue beads. I am very excited that to do this project, so it is my great honor to show you as soon as possible. Let’s learn how to make it together!
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (1)
Supplies needed in making simple crystal blue beaded bracelet:
6MM Abacus Glass Beads
Drop Glass Beads
Tiger Wire
Toggle Clasp
Crimp Beads
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (2)
Step 1: make simple beaded pattern
Firstly, cut off the tiger wire with long length and slide a toggle clasp onto the middle part of the wire.
Secondly, slide a crimp bead onto the both wires and then flatten it with jewelry plier.
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (3)
Step 2: finish this beaded pattern
Firstly, slide a drop bead onto a wire and slide four glass beads onto another wire, then slide another glass bead onto both wire.
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (4)
Secondly, slide a drop bead onto one wire, and slide another four glass beads onto the other wire, then slide a glass bead onto both wires.
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (5)
Thirdly, make another several same patterns with repeating above steps to get your desired length.
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (6)
Step 3: finish this crystal beaded bracelet making
Firstly, slide a crimp bead onto both wires and add a toggle clasp by wrapping the wire around it. Then slide the wires back into the crimp bead.
Secondly, cut off the extra wire and connect the two ends of the bracelet.
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (7)
Then this bracelet is finished!
Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet with a Toggle Clasp (8)
Do you like this crystal blue beaded bracelet? Why do not try to make one for yourself? You know that Valentine Day is coming, and you can make a beautiful bracelet for your girlfriend. Trust me, she will love it more if she knows you make it by yourself. So take an action with following this project.

Making Braided Ribbon Bracelet within 2 Minutes

Did you ever finish any beautiful craft within 2 minutes? Now follow this tutorial of making braided ribbon bracelet and you are going to break through yourself. Let’s start.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends
Things needed to make braided ribbon bracelet:

  1. Wide satin ribbon
  2. Faceted round glass beads
  3. Metal pendant
  4. Bead caps
  5. Jumpring
  6. Headpin
  7. Lobster claw clasp
  8. 8mm copper wire
  9. Scissors
  10. Wire cutter pliers
  11. Side cutting pliers
  12. Round nose plier

Step1: Divide the wide satin ribbon into three equal stripes.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends-step1
Step2: Braid the three equal stripes together and form them into a 3-strand plait, just as following picture shows.
Step3: Get suitable length you want and then tie a simple knot at the end you braid just know.
Step4: Cut off excess ribbon. And wrap the two ends of the bracelet with 0.8mm copper wire.
Step5: Make a charm with the bead cap, headpin and glass bead.
Step6: Put the beaded dangle and your selected pendant hang on the jumpring which connect with one end of the bracelet. Then keep the jumpring closed.
Step7: Connect the two ends of the bracelet with clasp.
It is done!
Now, you must think it is much easier to make a beautiful braided ribbon bracelet than you imagine. You may feel more pleasure during the diy process. So just have a try!

DIY Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes

Easy bracelet is always popular among girls. This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy bracelet. The bracelet can make you more attractive in public. Easy beaded bracelet is made by pearl beads and wire. You will find it amusing to  DIY this easy bracelet.
Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes
Things needed to make easy beaded bracelets:
pearl beads
aluminum wire
brass wire
Tibetan silver pendant
DIY Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes
Instruction for making DIY easy bracelets:
First, a certain length of brass wire is needed to slide pearl beads. After that, wrap the wire at two ends and make loops in order to fix the pearl beads.
DIY Easy Bracelet
Second, a certain length of aluminum wire should be prepared and then make a wire bangle. It should be tied with the two ends of the pearl dangle.
Third, hook the pearl dangle with Tibetan silver pendant
Yeah!!It is done, an easy bracelet has been finished. Do you also think it is fantastic to DIY this easy bracelet? There will be much pleasure involved if you really try it for yourself or your best friends.

Acquire Wholesale Buttons for Your Exquisite Designs

wholesale buttonsLosing a catch off of partner thing of clothing will ruin the looks and common sense of that bit of garments; be that as it may it should not to mean the top for that thing. In case you’re savvy with a needle and string it’s horrendously easy to join a substitution catch on and gives your articles of clothing a substitution lease of life. This suggests that you simply don’t need to be urged to discard it! At the easiest cost, buy wholesale buttons from a dependable supplier.

There innumerous sorts of buttons available online. These buttons differ in hues, shapes, and outlines available to settle on from once you visit a wholesale distributer. In order to hunt out the right button for you, you should visit a wholesale buttons site. On one amongst these sites, you may have the capacity to seek among a huge number of different buttons for the particular case that meets your longings. On the off chance that you cannot see a sure match, then you should at least have the capacity to notice one thing awfully comparative.

Since they’re wholesale buttons, you may even have the capacity to obtain of a larger than average measure of wholesale buttons on the off chance that you might want to. This suggests that you simply have the capacity to change every one of them essentially and economically on the off chance that you do not yet possess the capacity to see the exact one that you simply need, or on the off chance that you have not discovered one in match. This conjointly offers you a lot of decisions on the off chance that you just favor absolutely revamping the looks of your jacket or cardigan.

To sew a catch on legitimately, you might want to think about what sort of catch it is. As there are of different sorts of wholesale buttons available, you should investigate all the wholesale buttons to pursuit out the easiest on account of fasten it solidly to your outfit. On the off chance that you have figured out how to get indistinguishable buttons to those that you simply have as of now got on you are covering, it ought to be value looking.

These buttons can be ideal when you are trying to wear that perfect outfit – sometimes it can jazz up an old outfit, other times they can be simply stitched to make an ornament.

4 Stylish Beaded Necklace You Should Never Miss

Hi, guys, how much do you know beaded necklace? Do you like necklaces made by wholesale beads? Today I want to introduce 4 beaded necklaces to you instead of sharing jewelry tutorials, which I like very much. Hope you like them, too.
Layered beaded necklace
layered beaded necklace
Contracted but not simple, these words came into my mind when I first saw this layered necklace. Layered necklace is always attractive when compared to other kinds of necklaces. Made by beads, this layered necklace looks so special and fabulous.
Turquoise beaded necklace
turquoise chip necklace
Turquoise chips are strung together with a gold chain. Seed beads are the main materials of this necklace. Simple but powerful, whether formal or informal occasions, this turquoise beaded necklace could hold them easily.
Beaded pendant necklace
beaded pendant necklace
Another simple beaded necklace here it is. It occurred to me that the beaded necklaces I introduce today are all simple designs with vogue look, including this beaded pendant necklace. The chain is mainly by sterling sliver beads, which makes it different from other common chain.
Boho beaded necklace
boho beaded necklace
The best, the last!! Hah, I love this boho beaded necklace so much! The combination of beads and pendants makes the necklace so excellent. Besides it, this boho necklace is also a layered necklace in half, I’m sure this unique design will help you win more attention in public.
So after appreciating these 4 beaded necklaces, do you have a better understanding of beaded necklace? Which one do you like best? Personally speaking, I like the last one best, hah. Want to know more about beaded necklace? Please pay attention to my blog, I will update this blog on a regular basis since I’m a big fan of beaded necklace!