Make Your Own Necklaces- Beebeecraft Lovely Evening Choker

Summary: This great beading jewelry ideas comes from one of our customers! This tutorial will tell you how to make lovely chocker necklace and proves to you that making your own necklaces is just a simple thing.

Every evening is precious. It’s the silent, reflective time of the day, and also a great opportunity to relish either wonderful togetherness in candlelight or memorable events with hundreds of people. What ever the case may be, this choker will be an extraordinary cavalier of a lady on every grand evening; let alone that you grasp the beading jewelry idea and make your own necklace.


1) approx. 76cm white tiger tail

2) 135pcs. electroplate crystal glass beads, red color

3) 1pc. Pandanahall Elite lobster claw clasp silver color

4) 1pc. jumpring silver color

5) 2pcs. brass crimp beads silver color

6) 2pcs. brass bead tips silver color

Jewelry making Tools:

1) 1 flat nose plier. (Set:  P017Y)

2) 1 round nose plier. (Set:  P017Y)

3) 1 side cutting plier.  (Set:  P017Y)


Step 1: Prepare the tiger tail and the electroplated beads. Thread 20 beads on the tiger tail, make sure they are in the middle and then cross the ends.

Step 2: Thread the right end of the wire through 6 beads on the right side – repeat this with the other end on the other side.

Step 3: Your result should look like what is shown on the picture.

Step 4: Thread 15 beads on every end of the tiger tail. Grab the right end and pull it through the sixth bead counted from the right crossing (tagged on picture). Repeat this step with the left side and the sixth bead counted from the left crossing.

Step 5: Now your result should look like shown.

Step 6: Pull one bead over both tiger tail ends and then ten on each end. Grab the right end and pull it through the seventh bead counted from middle the crossing (tagged on picture). Repeat this with the other end on the other side.

That’s what it should look like now. Thread 32 beads on each end (you may use more or less beads, depending on the size of your neck).

Step 7: Thread one bead tip and one crimp bead on each end.

Step 8: squeeze the crimp beads and close bead tips;

Step 9: Put the lobster claw clasp on one end and the jumpring on the other end of the choker.

Congratulations! Through this beading jewelry idea, you finished your precious guardian for every lovely evening. Even while making your own necklace, love is flowing in the air – show it by wearing this gorgeous sparkling heart choker.


Beebeecraft tutorials on Charm Bracelets-Woman’s Elegant Bracelet

Summary: Making pearl jewelry can be a piece of cake for many jewelry crafters! Here, we present a quick-DIY “how to create your own charm bracelets with pearls and crystals”.

If you are a jewelry crafter, you might be quite familiar with that joy you feel after creating your own charm bracelets.  Contents relating to making pearl jewelry account for a large percentage in our inspiration projects section; we believe this one will also satisfy you.

Materials and tools:

Pandahall Elite Bead Caps

4mm silk faceted bicone Crystal glass beads

4mm light rose Crystal Bicone

3mm Crystal Bicone, Mixed Color

4mm Crystal Bicone

Brass Crimp Beads

Jump Rings

Metal Alloy Bar & Ring Toggle Clasps

Brass Crimp Beads Covers

5mm silk Crystal Beads

5mm violet Crystal Beads

10mm pale pink Imitation Pearl Beads

10mm hot pink imitation Pearl Beads

A Set of Eight jewelry making tools Pliers


Step 1: string pearls and crystals on wire

1. Measure an elastic string (0.7mm in the picture) with a length slightly longer than your wrist width.

2. Reach for a silver bead cap (10mm in the pic.)

3. Put the bead cap in. Then a pale pink pearl (10mm). Then another bead cap around the pearl to beautify it. Put a 5mm pink Swarovski bicone bead into the string.

4. Put another 2 pink pearls (10mm) into the string as shown.

5. Make a beaded charm or use any suitable charm. I made this flower charm using purple and transparent Swarovski 4mm bicone beads.

6. Use a jump ring to hang the charm.

7. Add three purple 5mm Swarovski bicones to the string.

8. Then put the charm onto the string. Add another three purple 5mm Swarovski bicones to the string.

9. Add two pink pearls with bead caps. Then a pink 5mm Swarovski bicone and a pale pink pearl with bead caps.

Step 2: attach clasp to finish the bracelet

1. put a 3mm pink Swarovski bicone, a 5mm pink Swarovski bicone, 3mm pink Swarovski bicone, 5mm purple Swarovski bicone…. until preferred length.

2. Do the same on the other side of the string but start with a 3mm purple Swarovski bicone.

3. Put a crimp bead on the wire.

4. Put one of the toggle clasps through the wire. Cross the wire into the crimp bead.

5. Use crimp pliers to flatten the crimp bead.

6. Use a crimp cover to cover up the crimp bead. Crimp covers give a beautiful bead like shape.

7. The same goes to the other side of the string. Cut off the excessive string.

The final look is like this:

Now the pearl jewelry tutorial is done; your hard work proves to be very successful. As you can see, the bracelet sparkles  beautifully under the spotlight. Hope you enjoy creating your own bracelet.

Making Earrings at Home- Beebeecraft Childlike Princess Tears Earrings DIY

Summary: Learn this brand new jewelry idea about making earrings at home with a few glass beads and silver findings to do in your leisure time.

A pair of childlike princess tears is deep and innocent, expressive and crystal clear, which deserves our time and effort devoted into when making earrings at home. This new jewelry idea helps you establish the temperament of dignity and integrity in the form of a beautiful and sparkling pair of earrings.


1) 2pcs. big green drop-shaped faceted crystal glass beads

2) 2pcs. earring hooks silver color

3) 2pcs. jump rings silver color

4) 2pcs. headpins silver color

5) 2pcs. medium flower bead caps silver color

6) 2pcs. big round bead caps silver color

7) 4pcs. small flower bead caps silver color

8) 2pcs. small green round faceted glass beads


1) 1 flat nose plier

2) 1 round nose plier

3) 1 side cutting plier


Step 1: 

String  the big drop bead, one medium flower bead cap, one small flower bead cap, one small bead, one small flower bead cap and one big round bead cap, on each headpin.

Gently bend the big round bead cap with your fingers into the shape seen on the picture. Now cut the headpin with the side cutting plier, grab the end of the pin with the round nose pliers and form a loop.

Step 3: 

<strong “=””>Great! This new jewelry idea is done and your childlike-princess earrings are ready to be shown to the world. They reflect the light in every direction and make you shine even more. After this tutorial, you will find that making earrings at home is a splendid way to spend leisure time!

Beaded Jewelry Set Tutorial Pearl Necklace Set with Beebeecraft Beads

Summary: This beaded jewelry set tutorial will teach you how to make simple pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set with common colorful pearl beads. Enjoy jewelry set making.

This week Alina Iuliana brings us a new jewelry set tutorial that is about making pearl necklace set, including asymmetric bicolored necklace, bracelet and earrings. They are one of good jewelry set ideas, easy to make and attractive in appearance.

Jewelry making Materials and tools:

1. Shell Pearl Colorful Beads Strands, Dyed, Round, Mixed Color, 8mm, Hole: 0.8mm

2. Iron Filigree Beads, Platinum Color, 18mm in diameter, hole: 1.5mm

3. Alloy Magnetic Clasps, with Rhinestone, Silver, 14x9mm, Hole: 1mm

4. Brass Crimp Beads, Lead Free, Tube, Silver Color, 2.5×2.5mm, Hole: 2mm

5. Glass Seed Beads, Opaque Colors Rainbow, Mixed Color, 2.2x2mm, Hole: 0.8mm

6. Carbon Steel Scissors, Red, 166x93x6mm

7. Iron Beading Needles, 0.45mm thick, 52mm long, hole: 0.3mm, 25pcs/bag

8. Nylon Thread, Clear, 0.4mm, 100yards/box

9. Nylon Wire, White, 0.4mm

10. Iron Earring Hooks, Silver Color, Size: about 18mm long, 18mm wide, 0.8mm thick, hole: 2mm


Step 1: make asymmetric necklace

1st, cut two pieces of nylon thread that measure 70-80cm, attach them to magnetic clasp and crimp the end with crimp threads;

2nd, string 27 orange pearls and 1 filigree bead;

3rd, separate the threads and string 35 white pearls to outer thread and 25 to inner one, and then knot the ends together and slide another filigree bead;

4th, on both threads string 11 orange pearls and attach the other end to magnetic clasp too.

Step 2: make bracelet

1st, cut a piece of nylon thread and attach one end to magnetic clasp;

2nd, add 3 orange pearls, 7 white pearls, 1 filigree bead, 7 white pearls and 3 orange pearls;

3rd, attach the other end to the magnetic clasp.

Step 3: make earrings

1st, cut a piece of nylon wire and attach it to the loop of ear hook;

2nd, string a crimp bead, 4 pearls, 1 filigree and 1 glass seed bead on;

3rd, back the wire through all the beads just strung;

4th, crimp down the crimp bead and cut off extra wire.

Now the pearl jewelry set is done. Based on such kind of pearl jewelry idea, you are able to make more amazing jewelry set project.

Beebeecraft DIY Beaded Necklaces – How to Make A Triple Wire Twist Necklace

Summary: This DIY beaded necklace tutorial is to show you how to make a triple wire twist necklace with blue foil glass beads. Hope you enjoy this necklace making!

In this Beebeecraft DIY beaded necklace tutorial, you will use 3 strands of wire which go alternately through one bead and then three separate ones. It makes an unusual and sophisticated effect and is very strong and long lasting due to the extra wire.

You will need:

Handmade Silver Foil Glass Beads Strands, Twist, Mixed Color, about 30mm long, 20mm wide, hole: 1mm, 13pcs/strand, 14~15″

Tiger Tail, Silver Gray, 0.38mm, 50m/roll

Glass Beads Strands, Round, Mixed Color, about 4mm in diameter, Hole: 1mm, 80pcs/strand, 11~12″

Jewelry making tools Flat Nose Pliers, Polishing, Carbon-Hardened Steel,12.5cm long

Brass Crimp Beads, Nickel Free, Barrel, Silver Color, about 2mm in diameter, 1.2mm long, hole: about 1.2mm

Iron JumpRings, Close but Unsoldered, Silver Color, Single Ring 10mm, 1.0mm thick, about 6600pcs/1000g

Brass Lobster Claw Clasps, Nickel Free, Silver Color, about 12mm long, 7mm wide, 3mm thick, hole: 1mm


Step 1: attach clasp to one end of necklace

1st, line up the ends of the three wires and thread on a crimp bead and a clasp;

2nd, fold the ends over and loop back through the crimp bead and squash it with the pliers, making sure the folded wire is less than 20mm from the crimp (so it will be hidden by the bead)

Step 2: add beads to make wire twist necklace

1st, thread all three wires through one 20mm twist bead;

2nd, separate the wires and add one 4mm glass bead on each.

3rd, repeat previous two processes until necklace reaches the desired length.

Step 3: secure the other end of necklace

1st, add a crimp bead followed by the ring.

2nd, fold the wire back through the crimp bead and pull tight.  Squash it with the pliers.

3rd, either thread the wires back through the last bead and trim or trim close to crimp and use a crimp cover (as in the pictures)

Now this triple wire twist necklace is done; besides DIY beaded necklace, you can choose to make matching earrings with the same beads. It is a great idea to make a set of wire twist jewelry.

Beebeecraft Handmade Necklace Tutorial – How to Make A Ribbon Wave Necklace

Summary: This handmade necklace tutorial is going to tutor you a practical way regarding making a ribbon wave necklace; Hope you will enjoy this handmade necklace making.

This handmade necklace is simple to make and yet looks stunning. The ribbon goes alternately over and under each bead creating a wave effect pattern which works well with larger pearl beads and wider ribbons also. The simplicity of being able to knot and tie the ribbon means no clasps are needed while making the ribbon wave necklace.

Jewelry craft supplies You will need:

* Satin Ribbon, Mixed Color, 6mm, 25yards/roll, 10rolls/group, 250yards/group

* 32″ Glass Pearl Beads Strands, Round, Dyed, Mixed Color, about 10mm in diameter, hole: 1.5mm, about 85 pcs/strand

* Spacer Beads, Iron, Round, Silver Color, 3mm diameter, hole:1mm

* Iron Beading Needles, 0.45mm thick, 48mm long, hole: 0.3mm, 25pcs/bag

String materials Cotton thread


Step 1: Secure one end of the ribbon

1st, thread the seed bead onto the cotton and double cotton back through it or knot it securely.

2nd, fold your ribbon into rough thirds and thread the cotton through the ribbon 1/3 of the way along. On the other side add the first pearl.

Step 2 make ribbon wave necklace

1st, sew back down through the ribbon; (bend the ribbon around the bead tightly to judge where to thread).

2nd, add another pearl on the underside and repeat, pulling the cotton tightly each time. Carry on in this way until you have used all your pearls.

3rd, thread the other seed bead on and knot securely. Trim the ends.

Step 3 secure the other end

1st, knot the ribbon around the seed beads to cover them.

2nd, cut the ribbon ends at an angle to prevent fraying and loosely knot them together.

Tada! The ribbon wave necklace tutorial is done. Satin ribbon glistens under soft lights, echoing with the glittering pearl beads; I guess to wear this handmade necklace can lift your temperament to a great extent.

Beebeecraft Handmade Jewelry Pendant Tutorial – Make Vintage Dream Pendant

Summary: This handmade jewelry pendant tutorial aims at teaching you a quick and super easy way to make a vintage dream blossom pendant. I bet you will like it!

You enjoy the lovely, old looking things out of former times? Playful shapes, colorful flowers, sparkling glass and a lot of details make this handmade blossom pendant look like an old still life painting.

Craft supplies for jewelry making

1) 1pc. bronze color pendant cabochon settings

2) 1pc. alloy fancy pin

3) 2pcs. bronze color iron pendants

4) 1pc. bronze color iron bead cap

5) 1pc. bronze color iron pendant

6) 1pc. bronze color iron bead cap 

7) 1pc. antique golden alloy pendant

8) 1pc. antique golden tibetan silver bead cap

9) 1pc. orange acrylic pendant

10) 1pc. orange acrylic pendant

11) 1pc. orange acrylic flower

12) 1pc. green acrylic flower

13) 1pc. orange acrylic flower

14) 1pc. orange acrylic flower

15) 1pc. rainbow swarovski pendant

16) 1pc. green facetted drop glass bead

17) 1pc. clear facetted drop glass bead

18) 1pc. brown facetted drop glass bead

19) 1pc. polymer clay flower cabochon

20) 1pc. light pink acrylic cabochon

21) 1pc. salmon-colored flower resin cabochon

22) 1pc. yellow flower resin cabochon

23) 1pc. iron finding butterfly pendant


1) 1pc. glue gun

2) 1pc. plastic stick

3) 1pc. side cutting plier


Step 1: Glue first layer

1st, prepare the glue gun, let it heat up until the plastic stick melts and the glue gun is ready to use.

2nd, put a drop of the glue onto the pendant setting and immediately press the first item onto it. 3rd, glue each item separately onto the tray. In this process use the following items: 3, 5, 6, 9 and 10.

Step 2: Glue second layer

Go ahead by gluing the following items onto the setting: 4, 8, 12, 13 and 22.

Step 3: Glue last layer

In this step glue item 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23 onto the setting as shown on the picture.

Step 4: adorn with rest beads

Now take the side cutting plier and cut off the alloy pin right under its head so it fits into the flower. Finally glue the items 2, 7, 15 and 17 onto the pendant.

Well done! You made your own vintage dream pendant and can now dive into bygone times. You can use the handmade pendant as a necklace or as decoration for a handbag and combine it with a fitting chain, satin ribbon or a cord. Enjoy dressing vintage.

Beebeecraft Unusual engagement rings DIY – create your own butterfly Paradise Ring

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial is going to teach you how to create an unusual engagement ring with glass cabochon and polymer clay butterfly cane. This is an amazing and simple ring DIY tutorial.

You want to wear a wonderful little world full of flowers and butterflies right on your finger? This wonderful butterfly paradise ring carries the spirit of beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies and a refreshing water drop. It will become the most unusual enjoyment ring in the world! Catch the happy life and wear it.


1) 1pc. silver color brass ring component cabochon settings

2) 1pc. clear glass cabochon

3) Some different polymer clay butterfly canes to cut in as many pieces as you want – or already cut butterfly flake cabochons

4) Some magazine cutting with flowers you prefer (the paper should be slightly glossy).

Jewelry making Tools:

1) Liquid glue

2) Scissors

3) Pencil.


Step 1: Make butterfly cut

1st, prepare the magazine cutting, the clear glass cabochon and the pencil.

2nd, position the glass cabochon as desired and draw a line around it so you can cut it in the perfect fitting size.

Step 2: attach butterfly cut to ring shank

1st, put some glue in the ring components tray and immediately press the magazine cutting in it. 2nd, make sure the magazine cutting sticks well in all places.

Step 3: Finish the butterfly ring

1st, put some glue right in the middle of the magazine cutting and immediately press the clear glass cabochon on it.

2nd, take some of the butterfly flakes and glue them one after another onto the glass cabochon and the side of the ring component as you prefer.

Congratulations! Your Butterfly Paradise ring is finished and ready to compete with real nature. Enjoy the summer and wear your unusual enjoyment ring to welcome your new life.

Learn from Beebeecraft how to DIY Dangling beaded Oriental Evening Earrings

Summary: Want to know something new about making glass jewelry at home? These beaded Oriental evening earrings are a new design, focusing on exotic culture and beauty.

At warm nights, under colorful lights, belly dancers are dancing to oriental music and absolutely are in touch with nature. Catch the beauty of the orient in jewelry and make your own Oriental Evening Earrings by following this amazing earring DIY tutorial.

make a pair of glass bead earrings at home

Materials needed for the diy beaded earrings:

1) 10pcs. Black Brass Ball Headpins

2) 4pcs. Black Brass Eyepins ~4cm

3) 2pcs. Black Iron Earring Hooks

4) 4pcs. Black Iron Bead Caps

5) 2pcs. Black Iron Bead Caps

6) 2pcs. Black Iron Jumprings

7) 2pcs. Honey-color Facetted Glass Beads

8) 4pcs. Light Green Facetted Glass Beads

9) 2pcs. Purple Facetted Glass Beads

10) 2pcs. Blown Glass Beads

11) 2pcs. Clear Facetted Glass Beads

12) 2pcs. Green Facetted Glass Beads

13) 4pcs. Yellow Facetted crystal Glass Beads

materials needed for the glass bead earrings


1) 1 Side Cutting Pliers

2) 1 Round Nose Pliers

3) 1 Jewelry making tools Flat Nose Pliers

tools needed for the diy beaded earrings

instructions on making the glass bead earring:

Step 1: Prepare bead links and dangles

1st, take two eyepins and string one bead no. 7 and one bead No.8 on each. Cut the eyepin as seen on the picture about one centimeter above the bead with your side cutting plier.

2nd, grab the end of the eyepin with the round nose plier and form an eye.

3rd, string the beads no. 8 (two of them), 9, 11, 12 and 13 (two of them) on the 10 ball headpins. Cut the pins in different length as shown on the picture.

4th, grab the ends of the ball headpins and form an eye on each.

create the bead links and dangles

Step 2: Make body parts of earring dangles

1st, open up the eyes of the two last headpins and add five of the ball headpins to each. Close the eyepin with the flat nose plier.

2nd, string the following items to the pin: 5, 4, 10, 4, 13. Cut the pin if required and form an eye as you did before.

make the body part of earring dangles

Step 3: Finish the earrings

1st, to the eyes you just formed, add the two bead links you made in step 1;

2nd, just add one jump ring and one earring hook to each top of the earrings.

finishe one of the beaded earrings

Congratulations! The DIY earrings tutorial is done! You got your own Oriental Evening Earrings. Enjoy their soft and warm colors and let them take you to a secret place where the fire of orient still exists.

Beebeecraft Sweet Candy Globe Earrings Project – Perfect Craft to Make at Home

Summary: This globe earrings project is going to show you how to make a pair of sweet candy globe earrings with blown glass beads and faceted drop beads; it’s one perfect craft to make at home.

  • We love sweets and candy globes! Here is a great way to honor all colorful, delicious, little goodies in the world and show how much you appreciate them. Make your own spiffy and lovely earrings resembling the dainty and cute candy globes from a candy machine.

sweet candy globe earrings

Jewelry craft Materials needed for the globe earrings:

1) 2pcs. Clear Round Blown Glass Beads

2) 2pcs. Clear Facetted Drop Beads

3) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Headpins

4) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Alloy Beads

5) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Bead Caps

6) 2pcs. Red copper-color Bead Caps

7) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Bead Caps

8) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Earring Hooks

9) Some Seed Beads to fill both Blown Glass Beads

10) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Jumprings

materials needed for making the candy globe earrings


1) 1 Flat Nose Pliers

2) 1 Round Nose Pliers

3) 1 Side Cutting Pliers

tools needed for making the candy globe earrings

Instructions on making the candy globe earrings:

Step 1: Prepare the earring dangles

1st, fill both clear blown glass beads with the seed beads;

2nd, put one headpin through each blown glass bead and start stringing the following items: 6, 7, 4, 5 and 2 as seen on the picture.

Prepare the earring dangles

Step 2: Finish candy globe earrings

1st, grab the end of the headpin with the round nose plier and form an eye;

2nd, open up both jump rings with the flat and round nose plier, add the earring hooks to them and put them through the eyes you formed in the last step. Finally close the jump rings.

Finish candy globe earrings

Great! Your little sweet candy globe earrings are finished. Enjoy the remarkable appearance of filled glass beads and amaze people with their sweet awesomeness. Have fun to make this craft jewelry at home.