Selecting Cheap Beads for Jewelry Making

cheap beadsBeaded gems are exceptionally well known nowadays for a lot of reasons, one of which is they are amazingly adjustable. There are a few various types of cheap beaded adornments that you can make, for example, studs, wrist trinkets, anklets and armbands of your choice.

Generally, beaded jewelries were made with seashells, glass, wood, diamonds and metal. Today, if you need to make your own gems out of cheap beads, you’ll be amazed by the astounding variety of beads in distinctive compositions, shapes and sizes. By modifying cheap beads, you can make gifts of a wide range of hues and satisfy your companions.

Step by step instructions to pick: You have to consider every option before really selecting beads. You have to consider the sort of jewelry you need to make. Maybe you need to exploit a pattern and give it a twist or you need to make your own present day design. The choices for you are bunch, so don’t let anything come in the middle for your cheap beads and your creative energy.

You can browse pearl, seed, glass and plastic beads that are effortlessly accessible. If your decision is something chic, select beads of glass and plastic in diverse hues and a couple in gold and silver. Do you need an ethnic look? For this, you’ll have to choose gritty hues and common shades like chestnut, tan and dark. To give a superior impact to your adornments, include some painted wooden cheap beads in rich hues like red, green and yellow with the purpose of lighting up your gems.

You can likewise purchase your accumulation of cheap beads on the web, but before you press that catch, guarantee that the website has a reluctant return arrangement if you get damaged globules. If you don’t locate this out and are arrived with broken beads, you will be paying for them but not utilizing them. If making cheap beads jewelries is your little business, envision the loss you might acquire.

If it’s not your business but rather only a side interest, it’s great to purchase in wholesale and share the expense with a friend. This will help you, because otherwise it would require you a long time to clear off the whole load of cheap beads that you purchase in a wholesale part. In case you’re buying them on the web, it implies you don’t get an opportunity to look at them before purchasing, so you need to be really careful.


Easy Craft-DIY Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet

The colorful beaded wrap bracelet excited me the first sight I saw it. This beaded bracelet gives a cute and lovely look and the random arrangement of the beads makes it unique and special.
Now that the hot summer is on its way, it occurs to me that why not share this this easy tutorial with you so that you can DIY colorful while adorable beaded wrap bracelet at home too.
Easy Craft-DIY Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet5
Materials Needed to Make Beaded Wrap Bracelet
Colorful glass beads
Stretch cord
Instructions for DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet
First, you just pour colorful glass beads into a bowl and mix them up so that they are randomly arranged.
Second, unknot a piece of the stretch cord, and begin threading the beads. It would be better if different colors are chosen.
Third, add to the cord about 50 beads and then cut the stretch cord and take both ends and make a double knot. Trim off the extra cord.
Easy Craft-DIY Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet
So what do you think? Easy right? This colorful beaded wrap bracelet tutorial is really so easy to follow that you don’t need any special skills even a green hand can do while the materials are cheaper than a bear. Whether as a fabulous accessory to keep or as a handmade gift to five away, this charming beaded wrap bracelet is definitely a good choice. So what are you waiting for?(source tutorial)

Variations of the Wholesale Jewelry Supplies for Preparing Unique Jewelry Articles

wholesale jewelry suppliesWhen you opt for creating your own jewelry articles, the first thing that you need to look for, is the wholesale jewelry supplies. For any designer, it is really essential for getting the right supplies at the right time. While you are running a jewelry business, the primary factor that comes into play is, providing your customers the best possible jewelry available in the present market within a really appreciable rate that will be beneficial for both of you. Thus, to keep the initial expenses low, it is definitely better to opt for the wholesale jewelry supplies. This will not only save your money, but with the huge varieties of tools and jewelry articles, you will have abundant ideas for creating a unique piece of art.

But it must also be remembered that all the jewelry making supplies are not essential and you need to sort out the specific items that will be essential in creating jewelry articles of certain genres. In this article we shall provide you a brief sketch regarding the essential jewelry making supplies that will help you in preparing your preferred designs.

Jewelry tools: When it comes to purchasing the jewelry tools, you must ensure that you have the flat nose pliers, wire cutters, chain nose pliers and round nose pliers with you. These tools are really necessary as these items can make quick adjustments for your jewelry articles.

Beads: Beads are one of the most important wholesale jewelry supplies that you will definitely need to create different decorative materials. This will provide immense imaginative ideas exquisite jewelry articles. You will be able to consider a huge variety of beads and there will be no limits regarding the creation of beads. Thus, it is essential to buy the wholesale beads that are available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Jewelry findings: The jewelry findings have different purposes in jewelry making. Some of the pieces of jewelry findings are functional while others are used solely for designing purposes. For instance, wholesale charms serve the purpose of both the functions and designing. The charms are used for creating designed necklaces, bracelets, small purses and lockets, while these can also be used for bringing good luck or progress in one’s life as believed by a lot of people. Similarly, if you can shop carefully, you will be able to gain huge number of jewelry findings on the internet. Just make sure the online store has a great reputation when it comes to selling quality jewelry supplies.

Tips for Purchasing Wholesale Beads

Do you enjoy creating different jewelry articles with beads? This is the best chance for you to earn a few additional bucks by selling your creations. There are huge numbers of people who are looking to buy different jewelry articles either for themselves or for their near and dear ones. If you are looking for ways to make your hobby a business or your profession, you will definitely need a constant beading supply. And to make your investment reasonable, the best way to purchase beads is from the wholesale suppliers.

wholesale beads

There are a lot of wholesale beads suppliers online. You need to just get into your favorite search engine to type in “wholesale beads”. You will be able to avail infinite choices on the collection of wholesale beads. Before searching within the internet, ask your fellow designer to gain suggestion regarding the preferred deals available. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while marketing for the wholesale beads. Make sure that the beads are of top notch quality and observe the trends of the present market, needs of the customers. Keep an eye on the variety of beads; try to purchase both unique and also the usual standards. You need to search and compare the prices provided by different vendors and then purchase the wholesale beads. Here are some of the few categories of beads that you can check out.

There are a lot of wholesale beads suppliers online. You need to just get into your favorite search engine to type in “wholesale beads”. You will be able to avail infinite choices on the collection of wholesale beads. Before searching within the internet, ask your fellow designer to gain suggestion regarding the preferred deals available. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while marketing for the wholesale beads. Make sure that the beads are of top notch quality and observe the trends of the present market, needs of the customers. Keep an eye on the variety of beads; try to purchase both unique and also the usual standards. You need to search and compare the prices provided by different vendors and then purchase the wholesale beads. Here are some of the few categories of beads that you can check out.

Bali silver beads: In Indonesia, the island of Bali is well known for its sophisticated silver jewelry. The unique feature of this jewelry is that, it is manufactured by granulation. The jewelers use small silver balls that are arranged in patterns to create silver beads.

Copper beads: This is one of the oldest metals that have been used for making jewelry articles. You will be able to have a lot of preferable wholesale beads available in different varieties.

Wooden beads: For those who have a fetish for an organic look, the wooden beads are the perfect choice.

Shell beads: The oldest jewelry beads were made of shells; these provide a tribal look to your designed jewelry articles. Large varieties of wholesale beads are available online of shell beads category. Black mother of peals is really popular among shell beads.

Czech glass beads: The Czech glass beads have earned popularity from the Czech Republic in Bohemian region which manufactures one of the best glass beads.

Myths about Wooden Beads Debunked

wooden beasda

It has been years since the wooden beads are being used by jewelry makers. They are not just being used for creating jewelry, people have been using them for variety of other purposes as well such as for decorating garments, shoes, bags, and for making crafts. Honestly, it is up to you what project you want to work on with these beads because you can use them in anything.

I have seen many people thinking that ceramic, porcelain and glass are better to work with than wood beads. They have the point of view that these beads are not durable enough. That is a total misconception, wood beads fairly last longer than any other type of beads and an additional quality is that they are more long lasting. There are certain misconceptions of people about wooden beads, here are some of them elaborated and cleared:

  • People say wood beads deteriorate with time. That is not the case, wood can even last for a lifetime. If the material chosen is fine then you will never have to worry that these beads will wear out or they will be affected due to weather.
  • Wooden beads are at the risk of breaking. If you have chosen beads made from thin wood, they might be at the risk of breaking but if you have chosen a thick piece, then you won’t have to worry about the breakage. Thin beads can easily break when they are stepped on, dropped or sat on so be careful about the kind of beads chosen.
  • The beads that have a protectant coating that does not give a natural look. That is not entirely true. The protectant coating is just meant for sealing the beads. This coating is meant to protect the beads from the rays of sun and moisture present in the air that can cause damage. They will look the same kind of natural so don’t worry about the look.
  • The shine of wood deteriorates over time and you can do nothing about it. That is true, the shine of wood deteriorates but you can protect it with slight gloss. This can ensure that the wood retains it shine even after it has been years since you have that piece of jewelry.
  • You cannot use wood in making expensive jewelry items. Well that depends on the type of wood you have chosen. If it is a vintage piece that is combined with something luxurious then you will definitely create an expensive jewelry item.


I recommend to give wooden beads a chance because when you will explore the markets to find the variety and style, you will not be able to resist yourself from making various projects using these beads. They are less expensive than other type of beads so you can buy lots of them to experiment and create different pieces of jewelry or crafty items. Make it clear in your head what you want before you go out to purchase these beads. You will simply love what you will see in the markets.

Creating Imaginative Jewelry Designs

If you are a jewelry designer and you are thinking of coming up with an imaginative and creative design of jewelry, you will have to put some effort in buying the right combination of things. You must switch for the wooden beads; this will give you a lift which you are wishing for. Select the right set of beads which you require for your project.


You need to have information about the different beads which are available in the market and how you can use them. Look for better options which you can utilize in making great jewelry items. The wooden beads are also available in different types such as seed, bone shell and glass beads. These are the best choices of beads which you can utilize for creating amazing designs of jewelry. These days, wooden trends have set in fashion again. You need to focus over the changing trends of fashion. Basically, you have to keep pace with time and fashion. You need to decide which kind of styles and quality of beads you will need for creating imaginative jewelry items.

You have to avoid certain beads all the time i.e. plastic beads. These beads are not much attractive and they wear out after some time. They are not at all durable. These days ancient designs of jewelry are in and most of the ancient styles of jewelry include the wood beads. These beads are available in different sizes and shapes. You need to look for the perfect supplies which are required for creating these types of jewelry items.

Different kinds of beads can be used. For creating occasional jewelry, you can use some of the featured beads such as the necklaces and bracelets and for this purpose you can use wooden beads. You can add different sizes and shapes of beads while you create bracelets or necklaces. Usually these kinds of beads are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. It is up to you which color, size and shape of beads you use. You can also use the dice shaped beads. This is an alternate for the wood ones.


Most of the time, jewelry designers add the wood globules to enhance the beauty of the jewelry they are working on. This is just used for adding some extra beauty. This is a good practice. There are many other jewelry projects in which you can only use these wood beads. Basically, when you work on a jewelry project you always decide which kind of beading supplies you use according to the design and pattern. You can create some imaginative themes by adding wooden globules with the other jewelry supplies. This would be a variation and it would turn out good in the end when you will be finished working on the project. You can look for the wooden beading supplies easily from the jewelry stores and you can look for the internet retailers who are selling these supplies for making creative jewelry designs.

About The Snap Jewelry Buttons

We are well aware of the fact that the jewelry items are hooked up with essentials such as bracelets and necklaces and you can even pair them with your clothes you want to wear for creating a great fashion statement. Usually, people have a lot of jewelry items which are used as accessories which they wear with the dresses. The snap jewelry is such an item which enables people to own the jewelry items which you can change according to the clothing lines and styles.

Snap Jewelry Buttons1

The snap charms are known to be a kind of jewelry item which consists of buttons which give a great decoration over the top. The snap ornaments are different from the other jewelry making supplies. The buttons which are present over the jewelry items which display a good decoration can be snapped out and you can add another button into its place. This changes the whole style and design of the jewelry item.

This kind of jewelry is not suitable for wearing on formal occasion and it cannot take the place of the designer jewelry. You will need the expensive jewelry items for these types of occasions.  For everyday use, you can wear the snap jewelry which can be attached over your necklaces and bracelets and even over your watches. With the help of these items, you can make some jewelry and keep on switching it to wear it with different outfits.

The snap charms are comprised of various buttons which are used for designing to swap the buttons which are already present on the items. If you are looking forward to wear a pink outfit then you can add these snap buttons according to the color of your dress and make it stylish. If you are looking forward to make a style statement then you can add these snap buttons to style your dresses or the jewelry items which you want to wear. You can do this in a quite easy manner by just adding these buttons.

Snap Jewelry Buttons

The snap jewelry is becoming very much popular and now more and more people are getting the jewelry supplies by adding these snap buttons. If you are looking forward to buy these jewelry making supplies, you can get them easily from the jewelry stores and they are available at a reasonable price. Many online sellers are also selling these snap buttons. If you want to get some discount or you are looking forward to get a bulk amount of these supplies you can look for the online retailers who are giving away promotions over their products or look for the sellers who are offering sales on their products. Most of the time these sales can offer 50% off on all products and sometimes they offer sales over their specific products. This is one best way to save your money while you purchase these snap jewelry items. With the help of these supplies you can add style to your dresses and jewelry items for increasing their style and design. They can save you lots of money.

Pandahall Spring Beading Contest 2015

beading contest

Pandahll Spring Beading Contest 2015 – just stretch your imagination & create a masterpiece, and you may win up to $100! Any crafts of beadworks, wireworks, knotting, braiding, loom band, button crafts etc, are sincerely welcomed! For more contest details and guidelines, please go beading contest page.

And never miss the video guidelines below!

We look forward to your participation! Happy crafting!

DIY : Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Headband

Here’s a DIY headband tutorial made by Lulia R. This headband was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana. I’m not the one who will spend thousands of dollars for such an expensive piece of hair accessories. Making it by my own hand will be something interesting and meaningful. I can create my own style, too! If you agree with me, go and get jewelry making supplies and let’s get started. Can’t wait to see my wok~ Heehee!

6 DIY Jewelry Gifts For Your Friends

Christmas is around the corner. What will you get for your friends? You must be on a budget. But gifts sold at the stores are always not  cheap. How about DIY some easy yet cute jewelry yourself? Here, I gathered some of the best jewelry you can try. And I believer that your friends will be proud to wear. Let’s start with earrings!


1. DIY J. CREW JEWEL EARRINGS by theshortandthesweetofit: if you friends love J.Crew’s, you gotta try this out. They will love them for sure!


2. Wood bead necklace by seekatesew: Try paint the natural wooden beads to the color/pattern your friend love. This could be an easy, right?


3. Gemstone Bracelet by LC Pandahall : you can make a few of these, using your friends’ favorite colors as gemstones. It’s simple and cute.


4. Braided necklace by thanksimadeitblog: Braided accessories have been popular gifts between friends. Check this interesting combination of materials popped up: humble embroidery floss and rhinestones.

Braided Anchor bracelet

5. Anchor Bracelet by swellmayde: Nautical rope bracelets always remind us the beach days with friends. Are they great gifts for your friends?

feather earrings

6. Suede feather earrings by rebekahgough: I absolutely love this pair of suede feather earrings, so suitable for the winter atmosphere and super easy to be made. Will you try this?

If you looking more ideas about jewelry, check out more at: jewelry&accessories. Get jewelry making supplies and start to prepare your handmade Christmas gifts. Happy making!