DIY Hair Accessories Again!

Vintage hair accessories ideas for you!

These hair clips are super easy to make and you can spend less than $1 to on each of them. Those sold at stores are much more expensive than these ones! All you need are cabochon flower, hair bobby pin findings and glue! See how beautiful they are, do you love them? Wann have a try yourself? HAIR ACCESSORIES4




Designs from: su bui


DIY : Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Headband

Here’s a DIY headband tutorial made by Lulia R. This headband was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana. I’m not the one who will spend thousands of dollars for such an expensive piece of hair accessories. Making it by my own hand will be something interesting and meaningful. I can create my own style, too! If you agree with me, go and get jewelry making supplies and let’s get started. Can’t wait to see my wok~ Heehee!

Hot Pink Jewelry Set


Most girl like me, love pink clothes, pink hair accessories, pink jewelry, pink etc. They are so overwhelming color that may make me feel like a teenage girl. Here’s an easy tutorial about making pink jewelry set. They are fun and easy to make. Now, get the below jewelry making supplies and put them together, then you’ll have fun fashionable accessories! – by Alina Iuliana

Resin Semicircles
Iron Scissors
Cord Tips, Iron
Brass Lobster Claw Clasps
Iron Jump Rings
Nylon Thread
Iron Headpins
Resin Rhinestone Beads, Spacer Beads
Iron Earring Hooks, Silver
8/0 Glass Seed Beads Opaque, Mixed Color
Brass Hanger Links, Bail Beads, Tube
Platinum Color Brass Twist Chains
Iron Screw Eye Bail Pin Peg
A Set of Eight Pliers


Step 1: Add Eye Bail Pin Peg in the hole of resin semicircle, and screw it with pliers. Attach earring hook with semicircle to finish the one earring. Repeat to make the other one.


Step 2: Thread one round pink resin rhinestone bead and several pink seed beads on a headpin and loop the end with pliers. Attach the semicircle pendant and bead link on the brass tube hanger link to get necklace pendant. Thread 2 round pink resin rhinestone beads and semicircle pendant on red nylon cord. At last, finish the necklace by adding the cord ends and lobster claw clasp.


You can make this jewelry set with your favorite color, or color combo. Feel free to have a try~

8 Geometric Jewelry Ideas For You

I always believe “Simple is the best.” Like geometric jewelry, their dramatic lines are so neat but pretty. Most geometric designs are often seen in architectures, but geometric jewelry can be so stunning chic designs to take your whole look in to next level. If you love architectural designs, this collections of the following geometric jewelry will surely attract you interest. By combining normal designs with geometric triangles, circles, three-dimensional shapes, your jewelry accessories will turn out to be so unique and personalized. Hope you will enjoy them!


1, Triangulum necklace: get some long tube beads and use wire to connect them to form triangle dimension.

DIY Geometric Bead Necklace

2, DIY Geometric Bead Necklace: Made by natural wood beads. You can paint the dimensional wooden beads with the colors you like.

DIY Geometric Bead Necklace 1

3, DIY Triangle Beaded Necklace: Black long thin tube beads and golden small are used in this easy deigns. You may draw the triangle pattern on paper and then get started.


4, DIY Geometric Bracelet: Don’t get it wrong, this one is made out of wires, not jump rings. If you’re not good at wire wrapping, you may use jump rings with bigger diameters to try.


5, DIY Faux Labradorite Geo Drop Earrings: Have you ever played with polymer clay? This earring will need to bake polymer clay for earring droplets and stud. Wow, will be so much fun~


6, Neon Jewelry Upcycled Necklace: Totally love this creative idea! I love using jewelry making leftovers to whip up something beautiful!


7, DIY – Upcycled Statement Necklace: Another ups-cycled jewelry idea! Super easy to go! Only old earring clip and chain are needed.


8, Geometric Necklace: Again, baking clay beads is the necessary step. Then use your nail polish to paint them.

Which one is your favorite? I love the first one and it seems to be challenging, can’t wait to try!! LOL~ Hope you will love this round up and get jewelry making supplies and do them yourself. Nice days~

6 DIY Jewelry Gifts For Your Friends

Christmas is around the corner. What will you get for your friends? You must be on a budget. But gifts sold at the stores are always not  cheap. How about DIY some easy yet cute jewelry yourself? Here, I gathered some of the best jewelry you can try. And I believer that your friends will be proud to wear. Let’s start with earrings!


1. DIY J. CREW JEWEL EARRINGS by theshortandthesweetofit: if you friends love J.Crew’s, you gotta try this out. They will love them for sure!


2. Wood bead necklace by seekatesew: Try paint the natural wooden beads to the color/pattern your friend love. This could be an easy, right?


3. Gemstone Bracelet by LC Pandahall : you can make a few of these, using your friends’ favorite colors as gemstones. It’s simple and cute.


4. Braided necklace by thanksimadeitblog: Braided accessories have been popular gifts between friends. Check this interesting combination of materials popped up: humble embroidery floss and rhinestones.

Braided Anchor bracelet

5. Anchor Bracelet by swellmayde: Nautical rope bracelets always remind us the beach days with friends. Are they great gifts for your friends?

feather earrings

6. Suede feather earrings by rebekahgough: I absolutely love this pair of suede feather earrings, so suitable for the winter atmosphere and super easy to be made. Will you try this?

If you looking more ideas about jewelry, check out more at: jewelry&accessories. Get jewelry making supplies and start to prepare your handmade Christmas gifts. Happy making!

DIY Beaded Heels Inspired by Miu Miu


This pair of jeweled heels is from past seasons of Miu Miu. We could also get the inspiration of refresh our old heels with some leftovers of rhinestone beads.

You’ll need:
40-50 large and medium (10-15 mm) multi-shaped rhinestones beads
30-40 small (3-6 mm) round rhinestones
E-6000 glue
small dish or container
flat nose pliers (optional)



If you don’t have leftovers of rhinestone, you can use flat back rhinestone beads. Search some online wholesale beads suppliers for more shapes/colors varieties.



A tip: the smaller round stones will require the tiniest bit of glue. Dip a toothpick into the glue, dab it onto the backside of the stone and apply to the shoe.




Tutorial & photo source:

Collections of Vintage Jewelry out of Cabochon Settings

I love using cabochon settings to create vintage style handmade jewelry. They have polished surface, classic shapes and flat base in the center. As a primary jewelry maker like me, sometimes being lazy to go for complicate jewelry patterns, I will try with this ingenious but simple jewelry finding. Anyone can add beads, gems, or pearl with a glue in the center of it. However, you still need to recheck the proper size of cabochon settings before gluing the beads in. Or it will fall off while you are wearing.

Look at these fancy retro style necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches. Do you love them?


7 Tips on How to Wear Pearl Necklaces

Wearing pearl necklace have been remaining a popular fashion trend since ancient times. Because their round shape and luster can make women in good looks, they are must-have jewelry for women’ to deal with many different occasions like formal parties, casual meetings and daily work. How to wear pearl necklace to make you look more fantastic?

 7 Tips about wearing pearl necklace:

1, Be simple.

Pair single stranded or double stranded pearl necklace in single color clothes. For example, white pearl necklace with black outfit is perfect classic combination.

2, Match with strapless.

You can wear chunky pearl necklace with multi strands for strapless evening dress. It will make your rather gorgeous.

3, Choose big pearls in single strand.

If you want to have statement necklace, a single strand necklace with big pearls (9 mm to 20 mm) will be fine. But ensure your outfit is simple so that your necklace stands out glamorously.

4, Layer your pearls with other necklaces.

If you want to be looked haute and elegant, take a long single stranded pearl necklace and at the same time, wearing another necklace with a slightly shorter length. And remember that these necklaces have some element in common, like similar beads or colors.

5, Wear clothes and accessories with pearl elements.

It may pull your look together if you wear a pearl hair bow or shoes clip simultaneously.

6, Pair with casual clothes.

You can wear pearls with simple top and jeans. Necklace can be either long or short depending what shirt you’re wearing

7, Avoid matching pastels and matronly colors with pearls.

You will look much older than you want if wearing pearl necklace with pastels or solemn colors. And pearl’s color will be washed out if you wear neon or florescent clothes.

So you know what to wear with pearl necklace? Come on! Just wear a gorgeous pearl necklace to shine off your charm. And remember that proper regular pearl jewelry care should be one of the important things to do.