Pamper yourself with best jelwery making supplies


Making jewelry is fun. Especially when you have to start from the scratch, you get to choose whatever you want. Once you know what do you want and how do you wish to make your own jewelry, you literally have everything in your mind sorted out about the jewelry. From which kind of beads do you want to the type of findings you have to find? Even the pendants along with what kind jewelry do you really wish to make? And let’s not forget about the kind of string material you will be in need of to actually start with the jewelry you will be making. Making or thinking about making jewelry is not that tough as much as it is to really find the jewelry making supplies. It can be a hectic work because you might not get everything that you have been thinking for. Now that should not be a problem for you anymore. Our website and online store has everything that you are asking for. In fact, you will feel that looking for jewelry making supplies couldn’t have been easier! Name anything that you want, and you will definitely find it.


The online store ranges at everything, from different types of beads like Austrian beads, European beads, lamp work beads to gemstone beads. All kinds of beads from all the colors and sizes and textures, you will be able to find all of those rights here with us. Not only beads, but there is a vast variety of jewelry boxes, jewelry display, tools, jewelry findings where you can find things like bead caps and cones and finding beads and clasps and everything else. The pendants and charms which we have to offer for you, you will be shocked and will want to have a collection of all of them. You will as well find everything that you have been looking for.


You can get bead containers for those extra beads and different types of cords to actually start your work with. How easy is it for you to now get everything that you desire for jewelry making supplies just right there in once click? You will be shocked to see everything that is there to offer and you will love it. You will keep on coming back for all the quality and quantity we have for you to offer in the best price and the offers.


Runite with your love for pendants


As a girl, you surely have immense love for pendants and charms and you could die to get your hands on them. Those cute little things are probably the best things you have owned since your childhood. Well to refresh your childhood memories and as well to have a complete new collection, we have an amazing collection of such pendants and charms. We have a complete big huge wholesale charms market which you will be amazed by. There are various types like the lamp work pendants, iron pendants, glass pendants, Tibetan style pendants, brass pendants, enamel pendants, locket pendants, shell pendants, bell pendants, plastic pendants, aluminum pendants, porcelain pendants, blown glass pendants, cat eye pendants, and other such more style pendants which will surely amaze you and leave you in wonder. How can you not think about having a collection of these? Start with your own collection. These pendants are attractive and will catch your eye the moment you see them. From bell pendants to plastic pendants, we have all the types which you would like and you would go for. Why would you want to miss out on any of those and miss out a good chance of collecting the best?


Wholesale charms have tons of pendants from which you can go for. From type A to type Z. you can choose whatever you want and get bunch load of those. The colors, well obviously they are patterns and have various colors in them. However, the finishing of the product is on point. You will not have to worry about that. In fact, you should be least worried about that. You will get your product in the best of quality. If you have ordered from us before, you would know how the quality for real is. However, if you wish to let us know about anything where we have gone wrong you can surely let us know and we will try our best to work over it. And how can you stop yourself from buying these pendants?  They are so pretty and beautiful and they can give an amazing finishing touch to your neck piece. Don’t give it a second thought! Just go ahead and check out what we have for you and you will not be disappointed for sure. If at all, you will just come back to our site for more because you love the way it looks on you.

DIY Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes

Easy bracelet is always popular among girls. This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy bracelet. The bracelet can make you more attractive in public. Easy beaded bracelet is made by pearl beads and wire. You will find it amusing to  DIY this easy bracelet.
Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes
Things needed to make easy beaded bracelets:
pearl beads
aluminum wire
brass wire
Tibetan silver pendant
DIY Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes
Instruction for making DIY easy bracelets:
First, a certain length of brass wire is needed to slide pearl beads. After that, wrap the wire at two ends and make loops in order to fix the pearl beads.
DIY Easy Bracelet
Second, a certain length of aluminum wire should be prepared and then make a wire bangle. It should be tied with the two ends of the pearl dangle.
Third, hook the pearl dangle with Tibetan silver pendant
Yeah!!It is done, an easy bracelet has been finished. Do you also think it is fantastic to DIY this easy bracelet? There will be much pleasure involved if you really try it for yourself or your best friends.

Personalized White Flower Bracelet DIY

White Flower Bracelet

Girly flower bracelets are always favored by young girls. They are the symbol of beauty and vigor. Today, I’m going to show you a beautiful personalized flower bracelet made by jewelry wire and pearl beads. The technique used in the piece is easy wire wrapping. You don’t have to worry it’s hard to do if you try to practice the basic messy wrap.

supplies for White Flower Bracelet DIY

Supplies need:

4mm Yellow Pearl Beads
4mm White Pearl Beads
6mm White Pearl Beads
16x8mm Beige Glass Pearl Beads
4mm Green Faceted Beads
Green Drop Beads
1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire
0.3mm Golden Copper Wire
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor

White Flower Bracelet DIY
1, string 1 beige glass pearl and 1 yellow peal on the golden wire, wrap the wire into the gap between these 2 beads, repeat the process for 5 times and you’ll get the first white beaded flower.

Flower Bracelet DIY
2, twist thicker golden wire as shown in picture, you can use a can, which has the similar circumference as your wrist, to get the twisted bangle.
3, attach the beaded flower on one end of wire bangle and wrap 2 big drop green beads on the flower.
4, start wiring small sized beads as embellishments on the flower bracelet and repeat, the personalized flower bracelet is perfect done!

Personalized White Flower Bracelet DIY

Easy DIY: Pearl Bracelet with Lace and Chain

Easy DIY Pearl Bracelet with Lace and Chain

Hi guys, today I’m sharing with you a very quick and easy bracelet DIY. It’s my first time to see jewelry design mixed with vintage chain, lace scraps and pearl beads. And you can see the result is not bad at all, right? I love the old shabby style of this pretty design. Obviously, it won’t be so attractive if we change the yellow pearls with pure white ones. What do you think?

steps Easy DIY Pearl Bracelet with Lace and Chain

To make this one, you’ll need to attach the lobster claw with jewelry wire and slide the yellow pearl beads on, then connect the antique bronze chain on both ends, last tie the bead strand and chain with pieces of lace fabric. It’s quite easy to finish!

If you love this idea, just try your own version! Tutorial source from: PH blog

Stack ribbons and buttons for a boho bracelet!

Love the idea of sewing the cute buttons on ribbons! I’ll need some similar cheap buttons to try this too, I guess. Thanks, Lindsay! Have a great week!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Do you know you probably have jewelry supplies that you do not know about in your sewing stash? Ribbon, buttons, a needle and thread!


These days we use our craft supplies for jewelry making, scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor crafts and more.  Watch the video to see how I made the bracelet then you can apply the same techniques to make the necklace too.

You can use the stuff you have for this bracelet or use the supplies I used from PandaHall:


I listened to you guys when you said the shipping cost was high and difficult to figure out so I mentioned this to PandaHall and they opened a store on (USA) and Amazon UK so you can get…

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DIY Wrap Bracelets for Beach

I love the wrap bracelet so much now, coz I’d be going to the seaside next moth, so happy! Obviously, such a wonderful vacation can’t complete without a beautiful DIY wrap bracelet! I’d start to make some leather wrapped bracelets, and to me, they are just simple to do. Thread my favorite crystal glass beads and wrap them on the leather cords, attach the closure part a chunky cheap button, and I’ll just enjoy the beach all day long!

Easter Jewelry Ideas

Are you looking for cute jewelry ideas for this Easter? Find below 6 inspirational projects for the theme occasion. Most of them are super easy, cheap, and quick to make. Only the raddish beaded earrings requires a little beading skills. Get beads and supplies and have a try now!

Easter Jewelry Ideas

Originally posted on: PandaHall blog

With the approaching Easter, you’ve must have almost everything prepared, Easter trees, decorated gardens, colored eggs and other ornaments! However, did you realize that there’s something more needed to be embellished? Yayy, yourself, or your kids! Apart from the colorful spring outfits, you should really DIY something fabulous to match with your over all look. See these homemade jewelry ideas for Easter, are they lovely and funny? Try to make some of these and I bet your family and friends will love and cherish the precious handmade holiday jewelry…

Know About European Beads and Their Use

One of the most popular business in the markets these days is the jewelry making business. More than 90% of the people are indulged in it and they have started from making jewelry at their homes and now they are running successful jewelry shops. You can also start making jewelry items at home and get progressing. If you are already a part of a jewelry making business then you would know well the importance of having quality beads involved in the perfection of your jewelry items. One of the most popular beads used in making jewelry items are the European beads.

I have seen some immensely attractive jewelry items made from them and at really affordable prices. You can make such jewelry items too. Great pieces of custom jewelry are available in the markets that are made from European beads. If you are planning to get these beads for making your jewelry items attractive then you can find these in a variety of styles and colors. Now making your jewelry items remarkable is something you can easily achieve with these beads. You can either accommodate into some necklace or any bracelet. Mostly women like to wear bracelets from them but the choice is completely yours as you have to make those items that your customers like the most.

Targeting your customers while manufacturing any kind of jewelry item is the best way to increase your sales. Bigger sales means bigger profits and that is what all business owners are looking for. Read on to the major things you need to know about the European beads.

Size and Shape

beadsNo matter what kind of jewelry item you are making, you first need to know what size and shape is going to be appropriate for the whole item. From the settings and even the tools you are using in manufacturing, all must be configured before going any further. These beads have got different shapes and sizes that you can easily get them from any jewelry shop. You also have to keep check on the size of the neck or wrist you are making the jewelry for.

Various Designs

Apart from those sizes you want to look for, you can even choose from the several designs and styles in the European beads. You can use the smaller ones to create delicate jewelry items and the larger and chunkier ones to create heavy jewelry. They have got different patterns and designs engraved on them and they are available in several colors.


You will find the European beads made from all sorts of materials. These are available in either gold or even silver. You can also get them plated in gold and silver metals. Even glass and brass versions can be found. From gold, silver, glass you will find them in precious stones, zirconia stones and Swarovski crystals.

Whether you want to make necklaces or you are into making bracelets, you can make a remarkable jewelry item every time you use European beads. Creating and exclusive and one of a kind look has become easier than before.

Attributes of Magnetic Clasps You Might Want To Know

Magnetic clasps are being used on almost all of the jewelry pieces that need to be tied together. If you are a jewelry maker, then you would know this well that they are used in combination with the silk cord necklaces. These are the fasteners that are easy to use by not just the one wearing the jewelry, but also the one making the jewelry. They are really inexpensive but that does not mean you are not going to find them in bad quality. If you have ever tried using other types of clasps such as the lobster clasp or other hooks, you would know it well that it is very complicated to pull them together.

magnetic claspThere are certain myths about magnetic clasps that have discouraged people from using them for jewelry making. Before you think these clasps are not a good investment, I have separated some positive attributes about them which every jewelry maker must know:

  • They are easy to use. If they are fixed around a necklace, you can easily open and fasten it without asking for anyone’s help.
  • They are quite inexpensive. A home jewelry designer can easily afford them. They are widely available in different sizes and shapes so you can use them on any kind of jewelry piece.
  • They are best for children jewelry. It can be really hard for children to fasten and unfasten jewelry. If any other clasp is being used, they might hurt themselves. These clasps serve as the best alternative because they open and close with magnetic field.
  • If you have a busy life and you have stopped wearing necklaces and bracelets because you find it hard to open or fasten your jewelry just due to the clasps involved then you can start wearing jewelry again. You would be amazed to know that most of the celebrities wear jewelry with magnetic clasps because it is easy to change such accessories. You don’t have to get stuck into any kind of hassle.
  • They are durable, they don’t wear out quick like those spring or lobster clasps.
  • You will not have to meet a situation in which they won’t unfasten. One end has a ring and the other has a straight line of metal. The straight metal is longer than the ring and the metal side is supposed to go inside the ring. So, in that case, you won’t have to apply any force to open the clasp and it is very rare that it won’t come out.
  • You can purchase them from any jewelry store. Whether you go online or look for them at physical stores, you will find them in different variety and they will exactly fit the jewelry piece you wish to create.

I have used these magnetic clasps with other clasps too for making the jewelry piece more secure. So, you are going to have complete confidence that your jewelry piece will be secure. There are some demanding customers who want such kind of security. You can also use these clasps with others to make the jewelry piece more secure.