Wholesale Beads-All Of Your Jewelry Components At One online Store


Wholesale beads bring complete fruition to any designer enterprise as costs are exceedingly favorable to buyers while ease of purchase is also accomplished totally. Each and every single idea is thus converted into a beautiful creation without any commercial hindrance to daily operations. Lampwork beads are among the most in-demand sections of the site. Within this set of products, you see normal lampwork, millefiori glass, foil glass, blown glass, evil eye lampwork and goldsand lampwork. Looking at the last item, we see a handmade piece in the shape of a heart and colored a beautiful deep green. A strand of 13 pieces with a length of just over 13 inches costs about $6.50. A package is comprised of five strands.

Looking at the jewelry findings category within the overall aspect of wholesale beads, we see ‘Finding beads.’ Within this set are a large number of materials such as stainless steel, crimp, filigree, tube, iron, stardust, brass, alloy, corrugated, wire, enamel, spring and bead frame.


Other in-demand sections of wholesale beads include acrylic beads that are transparent. One model has a facted design on the shape of a heart and is available in mixed color. Two pieces of this model are priced at about $0.35. Acrylic pieces that are imitations are also quite in demand. One model is made in Pearl Style and is available in a lot of 200 pieces for about $7.50. Among glass designs, one model made of glass pearl is created in a mixed style. These pieces in size ranging from 6 to 8 millimeters and with a hole of 1 millimeter are priced at $0.46 for 100 pieces.


Looking at bead cap and cone, you can check out caps made of iron in silver color. Twenty  pieces of these caps can be bought at $0.35. Another model of caps also made of iron and in the shape of a flower is available in gunmetal color at a price of about $15 for 1000 pieces. There are vintage pieces made of brass also in gunmetal color at about $7 for 20 pieces. Closing our sampling with a cap of a different color, we see an antique golden color on alloy caps sized 15 by 9 millimeters with a hole of three millimeters at a price of about $3 for 100 pieces.

There are innumerable categories with “Hot” tags. Check them all out and find out just what you want.


Jewelry Making Supplies With Vastly Diverse categories And Collections


Wholesale jewelry supplies have become absolutely easy to procure wherever in the world you may be situated with free shipping provided by sites hosting the largest collections. There might be a threshold with purchases over that qualifying for the free shipping. When you have a design ready and are looking out for converting it into reality, the online store is the most simplest and efficient means of getting each of the components for your design. You will find no problem in finding the exact matching components that you have in mind.

The store has a whole lot of stuff to offer such as jewelry making videos. And of course, jewelry making supplies also include jewelry items that are already finished and ready for making a gift at short notice. Fashion jewelry are available at great discounts and you will find that making a purchase of a ready item is as tempting even when you are only looking at getting components for your design. When you see discounts of over 50 percent and the splendid designs listed under such discounts, you will find it irresistible. However, given the sheer competitiveness of the prices, you will never feel that you have spent a considerable sum.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry supplies have become absolutely easy to procure wherever in the world you may be situated with free shipping provided by sites hosting the largest collections. There might be a threshold with purchases over that qualifying for the free shipping. When you have a design ready and are looking out for converting it into reality, the online store is the most simplest and efficient means of getting each of the components for your design. You will find no problem in finding the exact matching components that you have in mind.

The store has a whole lot of stuff to offer such as jewelry making videos. And of course, jewelry making supplies also include jewelry items that are already finished and ready for making a gift at short notice. Fashion jewelry are available at great discounts and you will find that making a purchase of a ready item is as tempting even when you are only looking at getting components for your design. When you see discounts of over 50 percent and the splendid designs listed under such discounts, you will find it irresistible. However, given the sheer competitiveness of the prices, you will never feel that you have spent a considerable sum.

Lovely Dolls And Girls In Wood Beads


Wood beads are as beautiful as those made of other materials with certain shapes coming across as more appealing when they are made of this most elegant of materials. Let us look into a few interesting shapes that are made with this material beginning with objects from dolls. There is a separate category of designs based on dolls. There are three models and let us see each one of them. The first is a pendant which has its design origin in Russia. They are printed and come with platinum tone iron findings. These mixed-color pieces come in packages of 100 pieces each. The cost of a package is close to $11. These 37 by 16 millimeter pieces are making quite a mark and are flying off the shelves. The price is a 30 percent discount.

Another piece, also a pendant while arrayed among wood beads is made of a beautiful cornsilk color. These are larger than the first doll we saw at 47 by 35 millimeters. A package of 300 pieces costs about $36. A third model among the doll collections is also of a similar dimension while coming in a wheat color. It costs lower though at about $29 for 300 pieces.


Moving on to other life-like figures, we find the collection named Humans among the wood beads. There are more than 20 designs within this collection. One named Lovely Girl comes in a size of 65 by 23 millimeters also making up a pendant. This design comes with prints on a dyed background with the color being marine blue. An order of 500 pieces costs about $34. At the same price for the same number of pieces comes another Lovely Girl design, this time dyed in hot pink, and with prints as well. The size is smaller though at 46 by 28 millimeters.

A quite-smaller design also labeled as a pendant is one with a single side design of a girl in a light sky blue color. This one of 30 by 17 millimeters comes at about $13 for 300 pieces.

Let us close with a look at some regular pieces. We pick a very bright-colored piece that has ben dyed green while being free of lead. These are 18 by 17 millimeters and have a hole of 4 millimeters which do not come in as many designs as those with small holes. About 300 pieces cost $5.

Collection Of Wholesale Beads That Will Excite You


Wholesale beads are one of the best ways that you can make up a great jewelry portfolio that brings excited customers. The kind of stones and materials that are available online is something that you will be amazed every time that you log on to make a purchase. When you check out clay models, you will be able to go down further into the list by branching into polymer, porcelain and clay collections from Indonesia.

Let us begin by checking out what the Indonesian collections contain in your quest for the best pick amongst wholesale beads. You will discover some of the most enticing handmade models within this category. Sampling one or two, let us begin with a black-colored model on an iron tube. It has inlaid acrylic rhinestone making up quite an innovative design. Another handmade model has alloy golden metal color beads on hematite which is very artistically done. One more design has a brass core with skyblue color.


Moving on to another category within wholesale beads, we get seed and bugle beads. Within this category, there are round seed beads, two-cut seed beads, fringe seed beads and bugle beads. Looking into bugles, we get a brown color piece 33 millimeters by three millimeters with a hole of about 0.7 mm. Another size within the collection is 17 millimeters by two millimeters with a hole of about 1 millimeter. While the former is available in packages of 100 pieces, the latter is available in packages of 200 pieces. There is a smaller size too within this collection with a size of 4.5 millimeters by two millimeters, which is about the size of two inches. This white-colored piece is available in a package that has 14000 pieces.

Now, let us see the two cut seed beads collection. These are also available in vast numbers in the orders of a many thousands. Made of glass, they are transparent and have inside colors. They are very tiny in size at about just over 2 millimeters. Other models include one with a silver-lined round hole. In terms of size, there are bigger ones too within this collection with about 7 millimeters by two millimeter.

Moving on to another special category, we find Austrian crystal beads. They are available as three-millimeter or four-millimeter bicone pieces, in mixed color and as 12 millimeter-faceted rondelle pieces. A six-millimeter ruby is in high demand as are five-millimeter bicones.

background from antique jewelry

A special material is cinnabar which is a natural material that is bright red. They are made in quite a large number of shapes including the standard round, barrel and the special shapes such as plants and animals. They are also available as carved lacquerware or in firebrick options such as flower, lotus and elephant. A black-colored option is also available. Within the shapes, interesting shaped include horn and Buddha-head.

As you can make out, there is a never-ending design range that makes your purchase options for the making of jewelry the most efficient and simplest it can be.

Suede Cord For Your Punk And Standard Jewelry


The wire size of suede cord can be a maximum of 16 millimeters. You can select the length of the role in either yards or meters. Golden rhinestones are used to adorn the cord in one design while golden alloy rivet, aluminum studs, golden aluminum studs are used in others. A design has one side of the cord covered in imitation leather. There are about 700 models of suede cords with over half of them ranking among the best sellers. A faux model is made with aluminum cabochons while a design from Korea comes with silver aluminum studs.

Another faux model comes with silver stars on the cord. This model is available in 1 meter per strand. One of the striking colors that you can pick is indigo while a unique material would be one such as wool and PU leather from South Korea. There are many suede cord models that are ideal for making punk rock jewelry. Among the interesting colors are antique white, camel, cornflower blue, salmon, sandy brown, saddle brown and lavender blush. The design with lavender brown comes fitted with plum blossom aluminum.


Checking out some suede cord models, you find a gold-colored model available at 100 meters per roll for a price of about $15. Seeing some designs at lower prices, we find a beige-colored model at about $6, also for a 100-meter roll. Even lower is a sea-green model that is available at about $5 for 90 meters. A purple model with glitter powder is available at $10 for 100 yards. There is an option to browse through the small lots that are available. These come in five meters per roll.

There are over ten products that form a list of Promotions. These include discounts of thirty to sixty percent. One of them is on a teal-colored model from Korea which is of 1 meter. There are 200 such 1-meter strands in a bag that costs $10 which is a 29 percent discount. The model is available in deep pink also. Another promotion is on a royal blue cord that is six millimeters by 1.5 millimeters. A roll of 100 yards costs about $8 which is a 45 percent discount. You can also opt to select your requirements in a separate category that is formed by a mix of products. Get just the kind of effect that you need in this great collection.

Large-Sized Models In Beads For Jewelry Making


Beads for jewelry making are used from natural materials such as agate or artificial materials such as imitation acrylic. In agate, you get natural pieces or those that have been dyed. There are tree agate, crackle agate, fire agate, dragon veins agate and striped agate varieties. There is an electroplated variety too. Another treatment that the stones can be put through is to be dyed and then heated. A frosted appearance is also available. You can get strands of about 15 inches and more with a package being made up of a number of strands.

The size of the beads can reach up to 40 millimeters. A natural Morocco stone is available in the 40 millimeter size and requires only ten beads to make a strand of 15 inches. Two of these strands cost about $22. There are few stones though in this largest of sizes while In the 30 to 39 millimeters range, we get about 40 models, most of them shaped as drops. There is a nugget shape in this size range which requires about 6 pieces to make a strand. Of course, all the standard shapes that are there among the beads for jewelry making are also available in this size range.


Imitation Acrylic beads for jewelry making have varieties such as ABS, jelly bumpy acrylic, imitation gemstone and imitation pearl. The shapes that are available include that of a nugger and a spinning top while colors include the full range and bright colors such as fuchsia and subdued colors such turquoise and lilac. To check out an example, a turquoise-colored piece in round shape with a size of 14 millimeters is available in a package of 200 pieces for about $26. Among the nearly 300 models, faceted pieces are about 15. The hole type is ‘drilled’ in almost all of the designs.

Checking out the two designs in the largest size range, we first see rice-shaped ones that are 55 millimeters in length. These white pieces can be bought in packages of 10 pieces. In the second-largest size category of 30 to 39 millimeters, we get drop-shaped beads of 36 millimeters in size, also available in packages of 10. Among the animal shapes, you can select from an elephant in champagne yellow or shells in mixed color. Among plants, you can pick from rose flower, leaves, petals and apples.

Acquire Wholesale Beads At Best Prices


Wholesale beads collections at your favorite site comprise a whole lot of new arrivals for the season. They include models made from agate, transparent acrylic and new types such as European dangle. Natural agate pieces that have been frosted make a great accessory to put together your own strand of jewelry. If you would rather have readymade strands, wholesale beads are also available in the form of strands in a bag. One such strand collection is that made of cube glass of mixed color. There are 35 pieces in each strand and 14 strands in a bag that costs about $1.50. This is the great thing about having a store that offers bulk purchases. You get extraordinary collections at affordable prices and then there are exciting offers as well.

Find out a special offer on quartz beads in order to discover the amazing world of online purchases for making up your jewelry collection. The offer is on natural rutilated quartz glass beads. They come in strands of 48 pieces per strand. The size of each bead is 8 mm while the hole is 1 mm in size. A bag with five strands per package is available at $27.87. Rutile is a mineral that has a natural shine.


Another special offer among wholesale beads is on oval wood pieces of mixed color which are free of lead. These are dyed pieces and have a size of about 6 mm with a hole of about 1.5 mm. Hundred pieces make up a package that costs $0.14 with the price going down as you buy more packages.

Looking at a costlier product, Dangle beads which are made of Thai Sterling Silver and comprising of a glass ball of pink color having a butterfly inside of antique silver of about 14 mm in size is available at $52 with five pieces making up the package. Another product but not of such high value is frosted glass beads made of transparent round glass is available strung together. Each strand consists of fifty pieces. A package of 20 strands costs about $17. Finally, let us check out a product that is selling fast and is also a special offer. The product is Howlite bead strands which are natural and round in shape with about 10 mm size. There are 30 pieces in each strand and a pack of 3 costs about $8. With wholesale offers that are innumerable and varied, you can get the best offer on jewelry components.

Grab Wholesale Buttons In Hundreds Of Shapes And In Widest Material Choice


Wholesale buttons come in standard shapes such as a flat round and a half round. Regular innovative shapes are available such as a flower and a heart while creatively exuberant shapes such as clothes, vehicles and sports goods are among the best ways to turn a regular jewelry into something extra special. Among clothes, you can get gloves, while among vehicles you can get cars and sailing boats. Among the car-shaped ones are acrylic shank buttons dyed dark red and about 17 mm in length. In addition to their standard use as buttons, they can also be used as embellishments. These beautiful shapes are available at $0.78 for 100 pieces with a discount that is well over 50 percent.

There are quite a number of rabbit-shaped wholesale buttons with fifty different designs. Predominantly, they are made of acrylic shank with a few plastic shank ones. They are available in a wide assortment of colors such as pink, dark red, medium purple and magenta. You can pick up over 400 of these at a little over $4. You can use them as buttons or as button closures. Mixed color pieces are especially attractive and come at $5 for 400 pieces.


Similarly enticing are the sheep-shaped wholesale buttons with the dark red ones standing out in attracting the eye. These shape faces are quite a bargain at just under $0.60 for a package of 100 pieces. Equally attractive are those colored cornflower blue and green-yellow. If you want a real small and stylish selection, you will find it in the ladybug shape. For those who love dogs, there are four buttons  for clothes design.

If plastic does not appeal to you too much, you can opt for wooden buttons with all the extraordinary shapes. Butterflies with two holes and dyed as well as printed in mixed colors are exemplary additions to your collection at $2.50 for 100 pieces. Dot polka designs are available at $1.75 for 50 pieces. Simpler burlywood buttons can be purchased at under $19 for 1000 pieces.

The other shapes that are available among the wood collection are horse, cat, elephant, fish, deer and musical instruments. Among the other materials are acrylic, resin, shell and button. Coconut buttons are enticing with their coffee and brown colors in all the regular shapes as well as unique ones such as bear and bowknot. Assorted buttons consist of materials like black agate and picture jasper.

Dazzling Collection Of Aluminum Wires For Stranding Your Jewelry


Aluminum wire for holding your jewelry supplies can be picked up in sizes of 1 mm in diameter or 2 mm or one in between. There is also a 0.8 mm size. The 2mm ones can be quite costlier when compared with the others. With color, you get close to 15 selections. Mixed colors are the ones that are really being opted for by most jewelry creators. Gold colored aluminum wire products are also quite in demand even though they are a bit on the costlier side. If you want a less-striking color, you can opt for silver. The number of rolls that are available in one package varies as do the length of the rolls which can be from 2 meters to 10 meters. Some of the orders take 3 days to process while a few even take a week.

Interesting color combinations that are available include yellow-green, medium-violetred and light khaki. A striking red color is listed among the hot categories with a diameter of 0.8 mm. At a little less than 6 dollars, you can get 10 rolls with each roll of 10 meters each. A White smoke colored aluminum wire is also listed among the hot categories, is 2mm in diameter, at 50 meters per roll is just short of $7.50. Also 2mm in diameter is a golden color at around the same price and around the 50 meters per roll as well. The same cost and length of roll is available in a pleasing bright orange, pale turquoise and medium orchid. Bold lime green and hot pink are available at 200 meters per roll in 0.8 mm diameter at around $6.50. However, the ready time for all of these aforementioned colors can be as much as eight days. A supreme firebrick color is available in three days, also at around 200 meters per roll, at a cost of just over $9.


Listing out the other colors, we have saddle brown, sandy brown, coconut brown, cerise, royal blue, steel blue, deep sky blue, dark violet, light green, lawn green, dark turquoise, dark orange, dark red, camel, peachpuff, lavender, green-yellow, burly wood, Sienna, Light-streetblue and pearlpink.

The more the number of rolls that are on offer, the better the price you get will be. Bring all of your vast collection of beads and pendants into a fine assemblage using the robust colors and sizes available over aluminum wires.

Add Special Christmas Beads To Your Jewelry


Christmas beads that are shaped in the form of paillettes give you a great scope for simple yet festive designs. You can expect quite a high level of longevity with these paillettes as they are made only from plastic. There are nearly a 1000 models that can be chosen from turning your search for Christmas beads into one of extraordinary bounty. With the characteristics that plastic brings to the table, it is no wonder that you have so many choices available. In addition to being used as beads, they can also be used as pendants and as ornament accessories. The simplest designs are those of flowers which are available in a profusion of vibrant colors.

With a bag of paillettes containing more than five thousand pieces, you can shower all of your acquaintances with their own magical Christmas beads to make this season one of the most exuberant ever you have celebrated. You will discover how easy it is to transform yourself into the seasonal bedecking with a bag of paillettes going into the making of either a necklace or a bracelet. If you do not want the pieces in the thousands, you can opt for a per-pound price. A real natural vignette can be created out of leaf-shaped designs that are really very ideal for a celebration that marked the changing of the seasons. They are in very high demand and you have to rush to get your orders in before they get picked up by customers all around the land.


As these online stocks are continually being availed of, you might find that some of the best designs are a bit tight in supply. But, the other side of the online shopping experience is the big discounts that are always being made available especially on deliveries for Christmas beads. And of course, the real big thing for a customer is the range of supply. Butterflies, stars and hearts are among the most in-demand shapes while the rest of the supply also has designs that are bound to please every type of fashion statement that you wish to project in the festive season. Aquamarine and cadet blue are among some of the exotic colors that you can use to dazzle through this year’s festivities. The bead strands can also be picked out to be as glamorous as the beads themselves with bright gold and red among the sparking colors available.