Elastic Cord To Complete Jewelry



Any sort of jewellery is incomplete without wires. When you wish to make jewellery you need to have beads and everything but you cannot forget about wires. These wires in the terms of jewellery are called cords. These cords can be found in various different types of shapes, sizes and colours. In fact these cords come in various different types as well. The material of each cord varies from one another. We are here to tell you about elastic cord. These cords are from one of the best quality cords that you can receive. They can help you make your jewellery more than just perfect and will let you have the best of pieces ready in no time. You will never really have anything to worry about. It is from some of the best ones that you could find and put it to use. These cords keep the best of deals ready for you when you make the jewellery with the help of it. There is nothing really that can stop you from using it and hence you must get your hands on to it.


These cords can be found in some of the best attractive colours. When you see them, you will want to get your hands on to them and add it to your collection as soon as possible.


Some of the best colours that we have are hot pink, black, sky blue, gold, white, red, fuchsia, coconut brown, yellow, and other such colours. Pick the colour that you like and start working on it. These cords will bring the proper justice to your beads, In fact to the entire piece of jewellery that you have made. There is nothing much that you have to do to get your jewellery right with these elastic cords. The only one thing that you need to do is just go to our online store and other these. The next thing you know is that they will be delivered to wherever you are within the mentioned dates. People will love the cords itself so much that they will ask you about it too. If you have ever ordered from us before you know how great our service is. However if you’re ordering for the first time we want you to know that there is nothing that you have to worry about. Just sit back and relax and you will get your beads at door step.


Fancy Wooden Beads


When you have a crisis for beads, what would you do? The answer is simple. All that you have to do is go on to our online store and check out which set of perfect beads are out there for you. We have various types of beads that you can look into. For example, let’s talk about our wooden beads. In the first place, the beauty of these beads is that they have the perfect natural look. If you want beads that have the proper natural look and texture, you should definitely go for wooden beads. The main thing about wooden beads is that now we have these various types of wooden beads too. The thing about the beads we give you is that the quality and quantity are more than you would expect them to be. They are definitely worth the price so you have nothing to worry about. Let us walk you through these various types of wooden beads. But before that, why should you get the beads from our online and not any other might be of wonder. You can sit there right there on your coach or bed or sofa or chair or work place and order whatever you want. It will be right there on your door step.


Here we have different types of wooden beads. We have the animal wooden beads, starfish beads, round wooden beads, oval wooden beads, cube with letter wooden beads, abacus wooden beads, faceted polygon beads, flat round wooden beads, spray painted opaque wooden beads, biconeburly wooden beads and many other beads which will really help you out and all you have to do is place an order. You can order in different colours. You can go for pink, purple, and green. Natural colour with carvings, yellow, red, baby pink, brown, orange, blue, grey, and you can even get a set of mixed colours.


All the information is out there. All you have to do is go on our online store and you can get whichever set of jewellery that you want and place an order. Ordering things online has become super easy now and hence get a chance to relax and shop at the same time. If you have ordered from us before, you know that there is nothing to worry about. However if you are a newbie, feel free to order and do not worry about our service.

Benefits Of Whoelsale Beads








Wholesale beads are probably the best thing ever; you can always go for them with your eyes closed. Wholesale beads give you the opportunity to never really run out of beads and always have them by your side whenever you need them. There are so many various beads that you can choose from. With time, we will tell you all about it. For now we have something else in mind. We wanted to tell you how you can benefit from these wholesale beads. The best part about wholesale beads is that you will have a small collection of your own. With changing trends, there is always a possibility that you will run out of the beads or maybe the store you buy from will run out of the beads that you want. That is exactly where the work of wholesale beads walks in. What you can do is buy the beads that you like in wholesale and keep them in store. Always make sure that you order extra. Because when you go back to order them, you never know if you will get them again or not. Another benefit of having these wholesale beads is that many a times you lose these beads. Either your kids start paying with them or then they are nowhere to be found or maybe you just keep on losing them one by one.

In such situations it is very essential that you have a good amount of backup. Just like how we spoke about beads going out of stock, the colors, shapes and sizes are the main issue. That is exactly where people end up regretting the most. The one batch of color may or may not be similar to the next batch. So why take the risk? You can always buy them in wholesale and you are the one who will completely benefit from them. Apart form all of this, if you ever have complained or some issue with us, feel absolutely free to write to us. We can help you out in the best of way possible. We will revert back to you as soon as possible and fix the problem that is there. People till date have been satisfied with our service and we hope you will be too. However, if you have ordered from us before, you know how well our service is and you know that you can rely on us.

Beads Oh Beads


For an industry which is always growing, you have to be updated with everything that they have been adding on. Jewelry is that kind of an industry. There are new things coming out every day and night and it is important that you stay updated and stick to it. You can find various beads in different kinds to shapes to colors to sizes. You can demand for everything and anything that you want.

th (1)

We will have it all in there for you. If you are from one of the kind who loves having a collection of their own, then you should definitely visit our online shopping site for jewelry more often. We have a very vast range of different kinds of beads which you can grab your hands on. All the beads that we have for you are something that you might as well never have heard of. We have had people who have been searching for various kinds of beads since long and then they end up finding those beads on our online shop, Strange right? Maybe we can help you out in the same exact way. If you are complete beads person, make sure you check out everything that we have in store for you.


When we were talking about different kinds of jewelry beads, this is what we have been stating about. You can divide jewelry beads into various types, and this is what we have for you. Acrylic beads, Austrian crystal, bone and cinnabar beads, clay beads, cubic zirconia, European beads, lamp work beads, gemstone beads, glass beads, metal beads, resin beads, rhinestone beads, seed and bugle beads, shell and pearl, Tibetan style beads, wood and nut beads, and woven beads. All of these beads can be further divided into various styles, colors and sizes. You will find exactly and everything that you have been looking for. You will not be disappointed that is for sure so you have not really much to worry about. All you have to do is go through the lot and order the beads which you like. We can help you out with the shipping and everything there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to that. Make sure you get on the beads as soon as possible or else you will miss out on the best of beads and you will have to wait till we restock.


Finest Of All Beads Are Right Here


What exactly comes to your mind when you think about beads? They are these small little things which when are put together in beautiful different colors or in a row of similar colors, give you a beautiful piece of necklace, neck piece, bracelet, anklet, etc. Let it be a traditional even or a casual Friday, these beads can make your outfit look really neat if paired up really nicely. Let’s just imagine that you have been going through these various apps on your phone like Instagram, Pinterest, We Heart It or any other such app, and you happen to this really beautiful jewelry, and you have no idea what can be done. Well we can help you out with this. Your problem like fetching the jewelry which you have always wanted has been solved now. You can come on to our website and it can solve these problems about ‘not having the jewelry which you just saw’. In fact, now you can collect these various types of beads from our collection and make your own jewelry! We have a wide range of these beads and all the possible different types that you want. They can make you drool, trust us.Ginger-Snaps-Jewelry

There are beads which you must have heard about or must of have had or seen to the beads which you have never even heard about. However, all of these beads can really work it up for you and make sure that they attract their eyes straight to them. These various beads which we have for you like the shell and pearl beads, seed and bugle beads, Tibetan style beads, wood and nut beads, cubic zirconia beads, resin beads, gemstone beads, lamp work beads, clay beads, metal beads, class beads, and other such beads which can make you want to grab them and either start a collection of your won if you don’t have it or increase your collection if you have one. The quality of the beads and the quantity of the beads is not something which you will have to worry about. If you have ordered form us earlier, you know that such things are something you can rely us on for. for those who are new, do not worry at all. If you face any problem, you can write to us. We will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible and solve the problem.


More of beads when you go for wholesale beads


Tired of the prices that you are being charged for retail beads? Not to worry! We have an e-market of wholesale beads. Select the type you want and order in bulk if you feel like. We as well have a wide range of patterns and colors which you can select from. From these wholesale beads you can make the ornament you want and you feel like. Go ahead and make a masterpiece of your own. Flaunt it out in public and make people jealous of what you are making. The best part is that what you will have, what you have arranged and made for yourself no one else will be able to.  You will have the most unique style around and people will want exactly what you do. And the best part is that only you will know the secret. You can select a bunch and let us know if there is anything different that you want. People have different choices and we can understand the kind of beads which you would like to have.


The whole concept of wholesale is to order in bulk and we can give you what you are asking for. It is not that difficult to be disappointed and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed for sure. Not many online sites have an option to order for bulk. That is exactly where our site is different from the others. We can help you out with the wholesale beads concept and you can happily have the beads by your side. We have the best of beads that you can ask for. If you have previously ordered form our site, you will know the best of our quality. If any problem or anything, you can let us know and we can definitely help you out with it. The best is that you can find whatever you want over this site and you will like the fact that there are so many options you could choose from. There are more than just handful choices and you will like everything we have for you. The more beads you have, more options you have to make whatever you want. This will help you never run out of number of beads and you will always have your favorite beads around you. And in anyway, it is always better to have more number of beads than to regret not having them later.


Pincushion from Recycled Jar!!!

Well, I just thought this is way tooooooo cute for any sewing lovers! Don’s you think so? Next time, do not throw away the empty jars and make use of it in a creative way like this. Sew the edge of stuffed fabric and glue the cushion on the jar cap; glue the hemp fabric around the cap and decorate it with white lace pieces, then finish by attach the flowers. Really adorable, right? Great way for putting any craft buttons or embellishing beads for DIY projects. I’m definitely gonna make it! 🙂

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Your Business!

Love these little cute ribbon bows!

via Fancy Ribbon Bows for Your Business!.

Hi everyone, this week’s new arrivals are not beads, charms or jewelry findings; instead we launched a special new line – ribbon bows, for those who love elegance and femininity. We believe that every girl loves the adorable ribbon bow on her skirts, bags, or hair. The pretty ribbon bows could be made into hair accessories, jewelry and gift cards. How wonderful it would be to have a bow made accessories like this! Many jewelry /craft makers are looking for simple fancy ribbon bows to embellish them on their unique designs. So if you are wise Etsy seller or runs a small business, and really don’t want to spend a bunch of whole time making them by your own hands, just wholesale these lovely fancy ribbon bow from us. They all come in rich colors and pretty patterns in one pack about 200pcs – 500pcs with the prices ranging from $10- $20. They can surely save much of your time and money. So never miss this new category!

Fancy Ribbon Bows Fancy Ribbon Bows

Fancy Ribbon Bows Fancy Ribbon Bows

Fancy Ribbon Bows Fancy Ribbon Bows

With these fancy ribbon bows, you can also make some gorgeous hair ornaments like below for sale. Usually you just need to glue the bows on the hair findings or sew them on hair bands. Quite easy and pretty!

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Hair Accessories

Creative as all other craft makers, simple ribbon bows can be used on jewelry designs. Girly jewelry accessories are all about lace, ribbon, bows, aren’t they? So you can get inspired by these ribbon bow necklaces, bracelets, rings and DIY a bunch of these for your customers.

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Jewelry!

Another great use of ribbon bows are cards making. It’s quite common to receive beautiful wedding cards, gift cards and other holiday themed cards from others. If you are running a cards making business, these happy bows can add finishing touch for your cards designs!

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Cards Making

So now, do you have any idea about using above ribbon bows to expand your business? If yes, why not check out our new line for little cute ribbon bows?!

DIY Beaded Wind Charm for Home Decor

beaded wind chime

A really cheap way to make a great wind chime for your home! Try with below steps:
Gather your old useless keys, paint them into the antique bronze.
Wrap a round circle ring with wool or yarn;
Slide through glass beads, seed beads on wires and wrap it around the ring;
Make beaded ropes dangling with the antique bronzed keys, hang them on the rings;
Make the holder base with four equal parts and connect them strictly in the middle of the circle;
Perfectly done and time to hang it in your home!


Tips for Purchasing Wholesale Beads

Do you enjoy creating different jewelry articles with beads? This is the best chance for you to earn a few additional bucks by selling your creations. There are huge numbers of people who are looking to buy different jewelry articles either for themselves or for their near and dear ones. If you are looking for ways to make your hobby a business or your profession, you will definitely need a constant beading supply. And to make your investment reasonable, the best way to purchase beads is from the wholesale suppliers.

wholesale beads

There are a lot of wholesale beads suppliers online. You need to just get into your favorite search engine to type in “wholesale beads”. You will be able to avail infinite choices on the collection of wholesale beads. Before searching within the internet, ask your fellow designer to gain suggestion regarding the preferred deals available. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while marketing for the wholesale beads. Make sure that the beads are of top notch quality and observe the trends of the present market, needs of the customers. Keep an eye on the variety of beads; try to purchase both unique and also the usual standards. You need to search and compare the prices provided by different vendors and then purchase the wholesale beads. Here are some of the few categories of beads that you can check out.

There are a lot of wholesale beads suppliers online. You need to just get into your favorite search engine to type in “wholesale beads”. You will be able to avail infinite choices on the collection of wholesale beads. Before searching within the internet, ask your fellow designer to gain suggestion regarding the preferred deals available. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while marketing for the wholesale beads. Make sure that the beads are of top notch quality and observe the trends of the present market, needs of the customers. Keep an eye on the variety of beads; try to purchase both unique and also the usual standards. You need to search and compare the prices provided by different vendors and then purchase the wholesale beads. Here are some of the few categories of beads that you can check out.

Bali silver beads: In Indonesia, the island of Bali is well known for its sophisticated silver jewelry. The unique feature of this jewelry is that, it is manufactured by granulation. The jewelers use small silver balls that are arranged in patterns to create silver beads.

Copper beads: This is one of the oldest metals that have been used for making jewelry articles. You will be able to have a lot of preferable wholesale beads available in different varieties.

Wooden beads: For those who have a fetish for an organic look, the wooden beads are the perfect choice.

Shell beads: The oldest jewelry beads were made of shells; these provide a tribal look to your designed jewelry articles. Large varieties of wholesale beads are available online of shell beads category. Black mother of peals is really popular among shell beads.

Czech glass beads: The Czech glass beads have earned popularity from the Czech Republic in Bohemian region which manufactures one of the best glass beads.