6 DIY Woven Jewelry To Try In Winter!

What jewelry do you love to make most in winter time? My favorite ones are weaving, braiding with any threads, chains, hemp cords, leathers, beads and so on. Winter is obviously the best time of year to play with different cords as people tend to wear accessories that are more comfortable and warmer. So in this post, you’ll get 6 ideas of woven jewelry pieces that are easy to follow!

Woven Chain Bracelet
Using bright colors of embroidery threads to weave around the big chain, so end up with big wrapped chain bracelet and also a pretty choker necklace. Easy!

Woven Leather Bracelet
Attach a flat golden chain, with pink suede cords and leather cords woven through each link to become a woven chain bracelet. Love this idea!!

Woven Ethnic Necklace
Wow, what a neat and pretty woven bead necklace, love the colors!

Quick simple style by weaving two rows of beads. Are you the one who love making hemp bracelets? It’s been popular, especially in winter.

ribbon pearl woven bracelet
Oh, ribbon! It’s definitely a classic girly look. Such an elegant ribbon pearl bracelet is suitable for some formal event like wedding.

Glittery Scrap Woven Necklace
The last piece was a mixed work with chains, rhinestone mesh ribbon, and other jewelry findings. If you’ve got  scrap like this, just give it a shot. –Glittery Scrap Necklace

Did any of the above pattern inspire you? Prepare jewelry making supplies and try your own out! Do not forget to share your work with us in the comment!

Get more DIY jewelry ideas inspired here.


8 Geometric Jewelry Ideas For You

I always believe “Simple is the best.” Like geometric jewelry, their dramatic lines are so neat but pretty. Most geometric designs are often seen in architectures, but geometric jewelry can be so stunning chic designs to take your whole look in to next level. If you love architectural designs, this collections of the following geometric jewelry will surely attract you interest. By combining normal designs with geometric triangles, circles, three-dimensional shapes, your jewelry accessories will turn out to be so unique and personalized. Hope you will enjoy them!


1, Triangulum necklace: get some long tube beads and use wire to connect them to form triangle dimension.

DIY Geometric Bead Necklace

2, DIY Geometric Bead Necklace: Made by natural wood beads. You can paint the dimensional wooden beads with the colors you like.

DIY Geometric Bead Necklace 1

3, DIY Triangle Beaded Necklace: Black long thin tube beads and golden small are used in this easy deigns. You may draw the triangle pattern on paper and then get started.


4, DIY Geometric Bracelet: Don’t get it wrong, this one is made out of wires, not jump rings. If you’re not good at wire wrapping, you may use jump rings with bigger diameters to try.


5, DIY Faux Labradorite Geo Drop Earrings: Have you ever played with polymer clay? This earring will need to bake polymer clay for earring droplets and stud. Wow, will be so much fun~


6, Neon Jewelry Upcycled Necklace: Totally love this creative idea! I love using jewelry making leftovers to whip up something beautiful!


7, DIY – Upcycled Statement Necklace: Another ups-cycled jewelry idea! Super easy to go! Only old earring clip and chain are needed.


8, Geometric Necklace: Again, baking clay beads is the necessary step. Then use your nail polish to paint them.

Which one is your favorite? I love the first one and it seems to be challenging, can’t wait to try!! LOL~ Hope you will love this round up and get jewelry making supplies and do them yourself. Nice days~

6 DIY Jewelry Gifts For Your Friends

Christmas is around the corner. What will you get for your friends? You must be on a budget. But gifts sold at the stores are always not  cheap. How about DIY some easy yet cute jewelry yourself? Here, I gathered some of the best jewelry you can try. And I believer that your friends will be proud to wear. Let’s start with earrings!


1. DIY J. CREW JEWEL EARRINGS by theshortandthesweetofit: if you friends love J.Crew’s, you gotta try this out. They will love them for sure!


2. Wood bead necklace by seekatesew: Try paint the natural wooden beads to the color/pattern your friend love. This could be an easy, right?


3. Gemstone Bracelet by LC Pandahall : you can make a few of these, using your friends’ favorite colors as gemstones. It’s simple and cute.


4. Braided necklace by thanksimadeitblog: Braided accessories have been popular gifts between friends. Check this interesting combination of materials popped up: humble embroidery floss and rhinestones.

Braided Anchor bracelet

5. Anchor Bracelet by swellmayde: Nautical rope bracelets always remind us the beach days with friends. Are they great gifts for your friends?

feather earrings

6. Suede feather earrings by rebekahgough: I absolutely love this pair of suede feather earrings, so suitable for the winter atmosphere and super easy to be made. Will you try this?

If you looking more ideas about jewelry, check out more at: jewelry&accessories. Get jewelry making supplies and start to prepare your handmade Christmas gifts. Happy making!

DIY Tassel Belt

I came across this creative idea on HonestlyWTF to make tassel belt at home.  Thought would be great post share with you! Tassel is my favorite accessories as it can go well with jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes and so on. So if you love tassel like me, please read on to learn how to make tassel belt by your own.


at least 2.5 yards of rope
2 pieces of leather of a similar color measuring 3.5 x 4.5 inches
2 small nuts
2 half inch compression nuts from the hardware store
4 wooden beads
glue gun
a pair of sharp scissors


Draw the parallel lines on the leather with ruler and pen, cut the lines carefully.


Add beads and nuts to the end of rope and remember to thread the larger nut lastly. Glue the end of rope roll the leather round rope end tightly.


Again add a little glue to secure the tassel. Rotate the tassel into the large nut and put some glue on the top part and press the wood beads down.


Repeat on the other side of your rope and voila! You’ve just made a tassel belt!



DIY Beaded Heels Inspired by Miu Miu


This pair of jeweled heels is from past seasons of Miu Miu. We could also get the inspiration of refresh our old heels with some leftovers of rhinestone beads.

You’ll need:
40-50 large and medium (10-15 mm) multi-shaped rhinestones beads
30-40 small (3-6 mm) round rhinestones
E-6000 glue
small dish or container
flat nose pliers (optional)



If you don’t have leftovers of rhinestone, you can use flat back rhinestone beads. Search some online wholesale beads suppliers for more shapes/colors varieties.



A tip: the smaller round stones will require the tiniest bit of glue. Dip a toothpick into the glue, dab it onto the backside of the stone and apply to the shoe.




Tutorial & photo source:


Cool Hanging Decoration for Doorways!

Curtains can be something delightful to make our home bright and comfortable. They are easy handy project made from various kinds of beads like crystal glass beads, elegant pearl beads, and colorful acrylic beads and so many other beads. Even the recycled plastic caps can be used for making fabulous doorway curtains. Before making beaded curtains, you need to know which style do you prefer, what kind of style is most appropriate with the interior design or a certain occasion. If you are going to make curtains for your kids’ room, colorful acrylic beads with different shapes or cute buttons will be perfect choice. For wedding theme, you may go for romantic, elegant pearl beads or transparent beads. If you are new to DIY work, check the below curtain DIY tutorial and you’ll know!

steps for making beaded curtain

Photo source:


DIY: Acrylic Gem Cluster Hair Clips

If you wanna make some easy hair clip, try this cluster one made of acrylic beads, that I accidentally saw on online. Easy but pretty! Personally, I prefer the colorful one, as I don’t have much proper clothes for the gold one.  See how easy it is to make them now!


Supplies needed:
Acrylic rhinestone cabochons
E6000 glue
Acrylic photo frame
X-acto knife, steel ruler, cutting mat
Spray paint in your color of choice
Black felt
Bobby pins








Tutorial source: http://mintedstrawberry.blogspot.hk/

Collections of Vintage Jewelry out of Cabochon Settings

I love using cabochon settings to create vintage style handmade jewelry. They have polished surface, classic shapes and flat base in the center. As a primary jewelry maker like me, sometimes being lazy to go for complicate jewelry patterns, I will try with this ingenious but simple jewelry finding. Anyone can add beads, gems, or pearl with a glue in the center of it. However, you still need to recheck the proper size of cabochon settings before gluing the beads in. Or it will fall off while you are wearing.

Look at these fancy retro style necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches. Do you love them?