Cabochons: an Integral Part of Your Jewelry Making Experience


Cabochons are one of the most used components for making various kinds of jewelry. They are polished but not faceted and usually come in convex shapes. Cabochons have been around for hundreds of years and are termed as a versatile object. It is only recently that stones are perfected using advanced technologies. On the other hand, Cabochons are usually not prepared by “cutting” rather they are made by a process called “cabbing”. This is not to say that they are not as good as other ornament making components. In fact, they are quite popular even today for transforming the complete look of the jewelry. However, cabochons don’t have a hole inside them in order to pass a wire or thread. This makes them a little bit complicated to work with. You can make a hole in to them yourself by using dremel. It is important to drill the hole carefully to avoid ruining of the material. The top of the cabochon is generally domed-shaped and the bottom is kept flat. This makes it easy to fit them in to the jewelry. You can also use glue or adhesive to fit them in the jewelry. The bottom is also not polished and is rough as compared to the top portion. Necklaces, rings, earrings have often prepared using cabochons to make them more attractive.

To make matters even better, Cabochons can be easily made at home. The whole process is barely time-consuming and surprisingly affordable. Glass cabochons are without a doubt the most popular among the numerous kinds available. They are transparent, clear and that makes them dazzling and shinning in appearance. The best quality about them is versatility in terms of size and shapes. This makes them a perfect choice to experiment with your creativity. They are well-known to add a timeless appeal to the jewelry and for that reason, they are pretty spectacular. Even today, when most advanced methods are used to cut and polish stones, the significance of cabochons cannot be neglected. For a more elegant and vintage look, gemstone cabochons can turn out to be a natural choice. They are most often used for preparing necklaces and earrings. What makes them even more superb is their striking appearance combined with sober design. Apart from that, cabochons are of many other types such as wood, metal, plastic and porcelain cabochons. Conclusively, cabochons are truly a great choice in your DIY jewelry making project.


Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings – Fun to Try!!!

Most of us love Halloween not because it’s the great chance for us to dress up and become another totally different person, but we can DIY some really horrible, whimsical, funny, or epic homemade crafts to celebrate this holiday in our own way. Today, I’m not going to share those terrifying projects, instead, I’d love to tech you guys a pair of rather cute earrings made from skull beads. You can match them with your cool Halloween outfits or send to your best friends as gift.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 1

So many jewelry making supplies will needed~~ wow!
Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 5
8mm Red Frosted Acrylic Beads in color orange, blue, purple, light blue
Yellow Opaque Skull Beads
Black Wax Cord
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Jewelry Pliers

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 2
1, slide 1 skull acrylic beads onto the eyepin and start wrap the black wax cord around eyepin, as pictures shown.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 3
2, string through 1  light blue frosted beads on left side of the earring dangle and secure it and do the same with the other 4 beads.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 4
3, make a loop at the end of eyepin and add a jumpring for connecting with the silver earring hooks.
4, repeat to make the other earrings and you’ll have this lovely pair of Halloween earrings!

What a wonderful combination with black wax cord and skull Halloween beads! Super easy project to do for any new jewelry makers! Hope you’ll have fun in trying these earrings out! 🙂

4 Cluster Earrings Worth Attention

Cluster earrings are always favored by jewelry designers and young girls for the combination of colors and crystals makes cluster earrings unique and timeless, which undoubtedly enhance the beauty of women and level them up. Today, I will show you some colorful cluster earrings.
Red Cluster Earrings
red cluster earrings
This pair of red cluster earrings is really a feast to eye. The combination of red glass beads and heart-shape acrylic beads makes this red cluster earrings super match to a date with beloved boyfriend or an old friends’ gathering party. The classic color will render an aroma of happiness and luck. You definitely deserve to own them.
Gold Cluster Earrings
golden ombre cluster earringsTerrific!!! What gorgeous and glorious cluster earrings they are! These gold cluster earrings are especially suitable to wear in golden autumn for ombre gold color indicates a prosperous harvest season is around the corner. It will bring you good luck.
Bicolor Cluster Earrings
crystal cluster earrings
What sparkling blue cluster earrings they are! The combination of aquamarine glass beads and sapphire glass beads makes these cluster earrings a sea of blue. I can even feel and taste the smell of the sea and enjoy the touch of the cold wind. They are good match to your beach attire.
Multi-color Cluster Earrings
colorful cluster earrings
These stunning colorful cluster earrings will satisfy all your aesthetic psychology’s needs. There are rich sources of colors, purple, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise, khaki, and so on. I even want to have a pair of such charming colorful cluster earrings myself.
So what do you think of the cluster earrings mentioned above? Do you like them? Your comment is appreciated.

Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain Scraps

Do you like dangle earrings? Especially with gemstones and chain in gold tones? If yes, then this is a way how to create a pair of chic and modern dangle earrings really fast and easy!

diy jade bead dangle earrings

Do not worry if you have never created a jewel before, these earrings are the greatest way to start crafting jewelry.

materials for dangle earrings jewelry making

Materials Needed for Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain:

Gemstone beads ( I have used a Yellow Jade 8mm and two White Jade 4mm)


Gold Chain

Earring Hooks 

Jump Rings

Plier Set

jewelry making gems on eyepins

Steps of making Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain

Step 1: First we are going to create the gemstone part of the earrings. We will use the Jade beads and the eyepins. Just pass the white bead in the eyepin first, then the yellow one and then the last white bead. Loop the end with a round nore plier.

diy gold plated chain scrpas earrings

Step 2 : Prepare the chain scraps. Cut your gold chain in small pieces. I have used 8 chain scraps. It is not necessary to have identical length between them. If they are different they will create a small chain tassel.

diy jump ring connection with chain

Step 3: Pass the chain scraps at the loop end of the eyepin and close it.

dangle beaded earrings with gold chain

Step 4: Connect the Earring Hook with the second end of the eyepin.

tutorial gemstone dangle earrings with gold chain scraps

Your earrings are ready! Wasn’t that an easy jewel to make? And full of color!

Enjoy them!

Sourced from: Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain Scraps.

DIY Jeweled Chandelier Earrings

Big, bejeweled pendant chandelier earrings have been on-trend for awhile now…but unless you’re planning on whipping out that soldering torch and applying to your rhinestones…they’re a little hard to make. If you love this beautiful gorgeous jeweled rhinestone earrings, head over to Chic Steals to see how to finish the stunning project!


Supplies needed:
acrylic beads
rhinestone beads
earring pads with backs
large jumprings
transparent PVC vinyl
awl or needle



Easter Jewelry Ideas

Are you looking for cute jewelry ideas for this Easter? Find below 6 inspirational projects for the theme occasion. Most of them are super easy, cheap, and quick to make. Only the raddish beaded earrings requires a little beading skills. Get beads and supplies and have a try now!

Easter Jewelry Ideas

Originally posted on: PandaHall blog

With the approaching Easter, you’ve must have almost everything prepared, Easter trees, decorated gardens, colored eggs and other ornaments! However, did you realize that there’s something more needed to be embellished? Yayy, yourself, or your kids! Apart from the colorful spring outfits, you should really DIY something fabulous to match with your over all look. See these homemade jewelry ideas for Easter, are they lovely and funny? Try to make some of these and I bet your family and friends will love and cherish the precious handmade holiday jewelry…

DIY Stamping Necklace

Do you love stamping jewelry? I never tried metal-stamping jewelry before, though it’s getting more and more popular now. Until I came cross this silver personalized one, I think I’m going to give it a go. The problem is I should get a set of metal stamping tools first. Letters might be not as that easy to be punched on the metal tag, I guess. So lots of practice should be made until you get it right. Take a look at tips on Minted Strawberry how Aki made it. PS: Jewelry making supplies, including metal stamping tools can all be found at Pandahall.
stamped-name-necklace stamped-name-necklace-8

Adorable Wire Cat Earrings DIY

Adorable Wire Cat Earrings

If you are a new to jewelry making and want to learn wire wrapping skill, I high recommend you to try this pair a cute earrings from LC learning center! It’s just a thing to bend the wire into cat head shape and add the beads. If you’re a cat lover, I bet you can’t resist this adorable little creation, huh?!

Supplies needed:
2mm Golden Seed Beads
8mm Blue Cat Eye Beads
Jewelry wire (Silver Copper Wire EPS4.Ocm-0.8mm; Aluminum Wire AW10×1.5cm; 0.3mm, 0.5mm Golden Copper Wire)
Eye Pins EPS4.0cm
Flat Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier

Adorable Wire Cat Earrings

BTW, LC learning center is now running a DIY jewelry contest with $$ cash and coupons awarded! Time to show your genius skills! Take a look at detailed contest guidelines and rules. Happy making!

DIY jewelry contest

DIY Flower Earrings

Spring, is the most desirable seasons for me! See this flower earring DIY, wanna have a try? Think it would how wonderful to wear it for spring outing, I just can’t wait for the weekend!! Let’s first finish the lovely earrings! 🙂

You’ll need:
20mm flower polymer clay beads
10mm pink glass pearls
6mm ivory glass pearls
4mm ivory glass pearls
0.3mm tiger tail jewelry wire
Earring hooks
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

DIY flower earrings