Glass Beads, Why Not

collection-disc-2008Are you one of those kinds who loves to collect these various different types of beads? If yes then this is the exact time for you to check out our online store. There are these types of beads called glass beads. If you are already familiar with it, this is something that you would love to know about them. If not, then wait for you to fall in love with them. Carrying s collection of glass beads or pendants can really make your collection look beautiful. After all jewellery is something that we identify it. We relate to it. It is something that we understand. It is something that has to compliment us and our body. That is why jewellery is so important. Hence this is reason why people love collecting beads. Jewellery all together makes your simplest of look elegant or rocky or classy. In short it makes you define yourself. And let’s accept it, who would not want that.


Who would want to be boring? We love expressing ourselves and that is why making jewellery is something that we all can relate to. Why one not get into jewellery should is the important question? We can give you list of various styles, types, shapes, and other such things about glass beads that you must look into.There’s normal glass beads, electroplated glass beads, glass Pearl beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, speciality glass beads and other such. There are so many shapes you can get them in like round, bicone, cube, flat round, chip, barrel, oval, palm, abacus, drop, cube, rice, bullet, cuboid, diamond, fruit, fish, twist, rhombus, star, triangle, rectangle, drum, butterfly, heart, trapezoid, clover, shell, leaf, nugget, polygon, horse eye, bear, body, skull, leaf, and so many other shapes. And you can find them in various colours.


All of these when set together, they look so beautiful when put together right. People love these various jewellery pieces and you will receive immense number of compliments, because well you will be putting yourself and your ideas out there. There will be a lot of pieces that not a lot of people will have seen. Hence it is important that you definitely try and experiment. Try looking into what defines you and what are the things that can make your perfect variety define you.


Get a Natural Look with Pearl Beads

Everyone knows what pearl beads are. They are naturally everyone’s favorite. Mostly because of the look they give to us. They look so elegant and beautiful. When you have to go for some high-end function or event, you know your pearl necklace or pearl accessory will definitely help you out. Yes, you dress is perfect for the evening, but there is something missing. That is where you pearl jewelry walks in. people love wearing this and love to flaunt the pearl accessory which they have worn. And with the best of blessings, anything in pearl will never look back. After all, they are the pearl. People die to get the perfect pearl accessory which will drool them and leave them in wonder. You always have the right thought in your head. But somehow, you just cannot find that perfect and right accessory which you are looking out for. You know that there is something missing and you need to fill that hole up. Since you have the exact idea in your mind, your work is half done there. How about you try to create that perfect pearl jewelry out of your own pearl beads? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Of course, the question which follows up along with it is where will you find an accessory like that? Well, no problem.


All you have to do is go to our online store and search for pearl beads and you work is done right there. We have all the types of different pearl beads which you can hope for in all the colors and sizes and shapes. We have natural keshi pearl bead strands, flat round, antique white, with different measures, shell pearl beads strands which are polished and in grade A condition and round in shape with different beautiful colors which will leave you speechless and in awe, there are shell bead strands in imitation pearl beads which are as well round and thistle and in grade A condition, pearl beads in rice shape and which are colorful, and other such pearl beads which can literally just make you want more of them. Pearls have a natural look attached to them and you will not be surprised to pay a little extra for them either. So just go on our online store and look out for more of these pearl bead strands and enjoy your time making pearl jewelry at wherever you want.

A Brief Overview of the Varieties of Glass Beads

Glass BeadsGlass beads display an imaginative range of magnificence with value in price. They come in dynamic hues, shape and finishes, and add a completely different touch to the article prepared from it. There are distinctive sorts of glass globules like Czech glass beads, handcrafted dichroic glass, Millefiori, lamp work beads and also the uneven glass beads. They are accessible in diverse hues and sizes which artisans get to finish their canvas.

These beads are given distinctive sorts of extravagant completions in different time to make them look much more attractive, like Aurora Borealis or druk glass. Where druk glass beads are impeccably adjusted and optically cleaned, multi-shaded lamp work dot strands are in shapes extending from fishes to wound ovals. Bright dichroic glass is another bead type which arrives in a huge number of shapes. Also you can check out the crackle glass globules. Czech glass beads with a pearl completion are incredible in both appearance and value due to the astounding and huge collection in hues, sizes and shapes.

Since glass becomes liquid when warmed to a specific temperature, glass craftsmen can make any shape and additionally layers, while holding the glass over a fire. Glass beads with raised beautifications, knocks, spots, sparkly feathering, with on the outside or inside and many other connected enrichment, is a lampwork bead. Numerous glass specialists create amazingly complicated but wonderful collector’s items by utilizing glass. The rainbow of hues and compositions of globules accessible today gives limitless design plans which are really appreciable. The quantity of glass beads per strand and strands per hank relies on upon the size and weight of the beads.

There are glass pearls, artistic glass beads and stick glass beads. You can discover glass pearls in all shapes. Glass beads are costly in comparison to different globules however they enhance the excellence of the item. They can also be included with embroidery patterns or utilized with sequins also. A clear glass dot tends to mirror the base shading and can be utilized with any shading. The glass beads are beyond doubt a fascinating creation. Through a long period of time, these beads have worked as gifts, artworks and also the symbol of high status. Different civilizations like Egyptians, Romans and Vikings have done the trade of glass beads and created excellent pieces of jewelry articles from these beads. You can buy such amazing glass beads from an online wholesaler like PandaHall.

Making Braided Ribbon Bracelet within 2 Minutes

Did you ever finish any beautiful craft within 2 minutes? Now follow this tutorial of making braided ribbon bracelet and you are going to break through yourself. Let’s start.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends
Things needed to make braided ribbon bracelet:

  1. Wide satin ribbon
  2. Faceted round glass beads
  3. Metal pendant
  4. Bead caps
  5. Jumpring
  6. Headpin
  7. Lobster claw clasp
  8. 8mm copper wire
  9. Scissors
  10. Wire cutter pliers
  11. Side cutting pliers
  12. Round nose plier

Step1: Divide the wide satin ribbon into three equal stripes.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends-step1
Step2: Braid the three equal stripes together and form them into a 3-strand plait, just as following picture shows.
Step3: Get suitable length you want and then tie a simple knot at the end you braid just know.
Step4: Cut off excess ribbon. And wrap the two ends of the bracelet with 0.8mm copper wire.
Step5: Make a charm with the bead cap, headpin and glass bead.
Step6: Put the beaded dangle and your selected pendant hang on the jumpring which connect with one end of the bracelet. Then keep the jumpring closed.
Step7: Connect the two ends of the bracelet with clasp.
It is done!
Now, you must think it is much easier to make a beautiful braided ribbon bracelet than you imagine. You may feel more pleasure during the diy process. So just have a try!

Glass Beaded Jewelry for All Women

glass beadsGems and beads have been women’s best friends since time unknown. The entire fate of making jewelry have been evolved rather diversified from making jewelry in precious metals to glass beads and terracotta clay. In the normal glass beads, there are various categories of beads, such as, round, abacus, bicone, oval, diamond, chips, nuggets, column, fruit, drum, bugle, butterfly, rice, square, tube, drops, and many other shapes of beads that you can buy.

Jewelry making does not require special training. You only need imagination and loads of patience. When you are buying these glass beads, also make sure you buy other jewelry findings, closures, and clasps, as they give your handmade jewelry a professional look. The variety of these beads is so umpteen that you would spend your entire days in a week to keep making interesting pieces of jewelry one after another. You could also sell these pieces that you make online or in a weekend kiosk.

The crackle glass beads come only in three varieties, such as, abacus, round, and chip. They are all dyed in different colors, and have holes that can fit a thick thread or a suede chord. Since, these beads are bigger in size and heavier in weight; you would need a strong chord to hold the beads that is made from hand. If you use a thinner chord, it is highly likely that the piece of jewelry that you have made might break. You can also use thin metallic chains that come with clasps to make a neckpiece from these beads.

The Czech glass beads come only in the variety of rounded beads and bicone beads. They come in transparent as well as mixed color. You can get two gross of these beads in a single pack. You can go for the multi color or the single color. These kinds of beads look better on toddlers than teenagers. Chunky glass or metallic beads look better in teens. If you are middle aged, go for the minimalistic look. You can wear a dangling earring or a bracelet. Avoid chunky jewelry if you are middle aged.

The electroplated glass beads also come in a humongous assorted variety. You will find them in the shape of leaves, clovers, triangles, many geometrical shapes, flowers, fishes, heart, shell, hats, accessories, and many random shapes. These are colorful, yet brittle beads. When making handmade jewelry using these beads, you must be very careful not to break the bead.

Get Mesmerized With the Beauty of Glass Beads

glass beadsA rainbow of colors displays the beauty of glass beads. Beads have become an integral aspect of jewelry making industry today. Ranging from low cost beads to high precious gems and stones, we love the creativity of designers with beads. From a vast category of beads, glass beads have positioned itself greatly in the market. Czech beads are renowned world over. The list does not end, it continues with frosted beads, cat eye beads, cracked glass, European beads, Mala beads, and glass pearl, electroplate beads, drawbench beads and many more. Every time you go to the market or search online for more designs, you may explore variety of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Glass beads have been used since ages in various forms as currency, gifts, high status, protection and decorative item. They are used for embellishments and decorations of interiors, arts and crafts items, bags and purses and other items. The embellishments of such beads are done handmade increasing the handicrafts industries in developing countries. Jewelry made of beads is handmade defining sheer concentration and meticulous commitment of craftsmen and jewelry designers. With rise in globalization, several varieties of beads are available today online for making jewelry. Designers can buy wholesale beads at affordable prices reducing the cost of expenditure.

These beads are unbreakable, lead and nickel free, and safe to wear. It will not itchy on your skin and enhance your beauty. Majorly beachwear jewelry is made of beads as they do not lose their shine in water.

Attributes of glass beads –

Durable and high quality beads- The beads are durable and unbreakable. These are high quality beads, polished offering a great smooth texture.

Elegant look- Such beads make you look an elegant beauty. Glass beaded jewelry has been in use since by ancient civilizations of Greek, Roman, Native Americans and Egyptians. Ranging from high end beads to daily wear beads, you can accessorize yourself with vibrant colors.

Affordable prices- The range of beads are affordable for teens and adults. A woman can accessorize herself with stunning beaded jewelry at fair prices. You can dress up with beads for a special occasion or for daily wear.

Luster and appeal- The beads appeal to people with its luster and pattern. Every bead has its charisma like cat eye beads resemble a cat’s eye, cracked beads have a cracked glass pattern with rich colors, glass pearl beads attract with its natural beauty and jade beads with its natural charm.

Be Glamorous with Glass Beads

glass beadsGlass beads are magical and mesmerizing. Play with creativity, colors, designs and shapes to make stunning beaded jewelry. Czech beads are extremely popular in the jewelry making industry for creating amazing ornaments. Beads tell us the history of our ancestors. How they used beads for jewelry making or protecting their religious beliefs. Beads range from glass, wood, gemstone to rhinestone, plastic or acrylic. Glass beads have been used since centuries for embellishments and decorations.

What it adds to your personality and interiors?

  • Used for creating fascinating jewelry- Glass has its own shine and appeal. Beads of different shapes such as round, abacus, cylindrical, diamond, raindrop and others are used to create unique jewelry. Fashionably carved beads add value to your personality.
  • Decorating interiors- Interiors improve the look of the house. To increase the value of the look, you can even enhance your interiors with glass beads. Such as sofa covers, curtains, table covers, wall hangings and many more.
  • Modify your accessories- Whenever you buy a purse, it looks stunning. But that’s not all. You can give it a look as you want. Add beautiful beads to it, you can make flowers, stars, patterns, leaves etc.

Smoothness and Polish

The polished beads have a very smooth texture causing no irritation to your skin when you wear beaded necklace. The beads are nickel and lead free, extremely safe for your skin.

Vibrant colors

Attractive colors appeal to you; you can match them with your dress to enhance your look. There are varieties of glass beads such as lampwork beads, seed beads, pressed beads, and cane beads.

Cat eye beads are very attractive glass beads having different attributes from other beads. They are also known as fiber optic gemstones as they change their colors when light reflects. Known for its smoothness and superior quality, cat eye beads are eyeful and attractive. They have a religious reference also; they are used for protection from bad omen or negativity in life. These are manmade beads made from fiber optic glass. Cat eye beads are semi translucent and different from other beads, available in different colors as they render unique light refraction to create stunning sparkle. You can easily recognize them from far as a band of light runs through the center of the bead resembling as a cat’s eye. Very sleek, unique, smooth and glowing beads are made of superior quality glass offering an amazing look when you wear them.

A New Way to Accessorize with Glass Beads

Glass beads

Glass beads are a great attraction due to its colors, shaped, shine and uniqueness. How can we ignore the look or the glamour it adds to the popularity? All beads have their own charm. Talking about wooden beads it gives the unique freshness, snap buttons adding economical value to your jewelry collection and similarly if we talk about glass beads, it offers attraction, appeal, shine and glamour.

As a designer, you can explore a lot of ideas with glass beads. Mix with other beads, create attractive jewelry sets, and add to hangings, accessories and other ornaments. Young girls get attracted towards funky and trendy jewelry, wearing different shaped glass beaded jewelry helps them to match clothes with their accessories. Glass has always been used as a popular means to make jewelry beads and decorate craft supplies.

Why prefer glass beads?

  • Economical – Yes, beads are economical in comparison to other jewelry materials. If you want to dress up casually in a low budget, beaded jewelry serves you well. It is not always to dress up loud and gaudy, you would love to be simple and modest.
  • Give it a shot – Try different kinds of beaded jewelry and it is sure you would get great response. You can buy variety of beaded jewelries to try unique and trendy looks for daily wear and occasional.
  • Vibrant and glamour- You can look glamorous and a diva with such beaded jewelry. They don’t break as they are not so brittle. Easy to carry and free of hazard materials. Your skin will not feel itchy when you wear them.
  • Will not hurt- mothers who have babies to carry can feel comfortable to wear beaded jewelry. Your baby will not get hurt if the necklace touches your baby’s skin. It is absolutely safe and comfortable. Sometimes, the material of the jewelry is so harsh that it creates rashes on baby’s skin.

Style is how you carry it. The more you invent, you look m ore stylish. Beaded jewelry allows you to experiment with your looks. Beaded jewelry is for all age groups. It is perfect for the young crowd and even for middle age and old aged ladies. Make your choice according to your personality as you can buy different shaped beaded jewelry to look different every day. Beads of different shapes such as round tear drop, abacus, diamond, flowers and many more can make you look outstanding.

The Beauty of Different Types of Glass Beads

Glass Beads

The glass beads are really fascinating and the designs are made very carefully. The decorative glass beads are the best among all types of the beads available in the present market. The glass balls are popular among the people because of their artistic designs, innovative styles and the intricate patterns. They are not only effective for the preparation of the jewelry articles but also for the decoration of home and corporate articles. While looking out for the decorative glass beads you will be able to find a lot of colors and immense options as they are available in different sizes, designs and shapes. While selecting the color of glass beads it must be kept in mind regarding the type of emotions that they are trying to portray to their loved ones. In this article here are some of the glass beads that have been very popular in the present market scenario.

Frog beads: These beads are specifically preferred by the animal lovers as they provide a way for exhibiting the love for their pets. The styles that are available include a frog which is sitting on a lily pad, a dancing frog and a goofy frog. They are mostly used for the decoration of pendants, rings, earrings.

Flower beads: These beads have the shape of flower petals and this is the reason they are preferred by a huge number of bead lovers. They are mostly used in the jewelry articles like the bracelets and necklaces. The different varieties of glass and colors are mostly used by the decorators for the crafting of glass beads.

Heart beads: They are preferred by the majority of the people because of their emotional appeal and the bewitching design. These beads are very useful in creating thoughtful presents for your near and dear ones to express your love and care for them. Some of the heart beads have a plain surface and others have dotted or patterned surface. These beads have a transparent or opaque or translucent background. Every piece is created with a considerable attention to the details for making them look really appreciable.

Butterfly beads: These beads are shaped like the butterflies and they offer vibrant colors like the butterflies. These beads have the intricate patterns that are created by the designers and besides the decoration of the different jewelry; they are also used for creating different objects.

Techniques Used to Make Glass Beads

The glass beads are widely used and versatile materials which are used for different types of jewelry.  The glass beads have been used for long and they date back in the Roman period. The earliest beads were Egyptian faience beads.  The glass beads are found in different sizes, colors, forms and shapes. The type of the production of the glass beads are going to dictate the type of the beads that someone gets.  There are lampwork beads, bumpy beads, glass pearls, crystal beads, cat eye beads and Venetian beads.

Techniques Used to Make Glass Beads

The glass beads are put into different categories depending on the method that was used to manipulate or to create the glass. Most of the beads are found in three categories which are molded beads, drawn beads or wound beads.

Drawn glass is an old method and there are many methods that are used to make the drawn beads. They involve the pulling of a strand out of the gather of the glass in the way that they incorporate the bubble in its center which will become a hole.  The hole also can be made when a hollow metal is inserted in the ball of the hot glass while pulling out the glass strand in order to make a continuous tube. In the Venetian, the molten glass had been made by the use of the tool known as puntying up. This is when a bubble is found in the center of the gathered molten glass where the second puntile is being attached before it is stretched to gather enough bubble inside.  The pulling used is the process that has to be done by the skilled people and the canes are reportedly drawn on the lengths to 200 feet long.  A drawn tube is chopped which produce the individual drawn bead by slicing it. The beads were then cooked and rolled in the hot sand to make it round without the need to melt holes.

Molded glass beads are now made in the Czech Republic which was known as Bohemia before. Thick rocks have to be heated so that they can be molten and they are then fed in the rube goldbergian contraption which stamps the glass and it has a needed that makes the hole. The beads are then rolled in the hot sand in order to remove the flashing while softening the seam lines.

The wound glass beads are the beads which are put at high temperature and it is put around the solid core like metal wire or the mandrel which is treated by a special chemical so that the beads do not stick. When the beads are still hot, they may be shaped by the use of paddles or other tools.