Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings – Fun to Try!!!

Most of us love Halloween not because it’s the great chance for us to dress up and become another totally different person, but we can DIY some really horrible, whimsical, funny, or epic homemade crafts to celebrate this holiday in our own way. Today, I’m not going to share those terrifying projects, instead, I’d love to tech you guys a pair of rather cute earrings made from skull beads. You can match them with your cool Halloween outfits or send to your best friends as gift.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 1

So many jewelry making supplies will needed~~ wow!
Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 5
8mm Red Frosted Acrylic Beads in color orange, blue, purple, light blue
Yellow Opaque Skull Beads
Black Wax Cord
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Jewelry Pliers

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 2
1, slide 1 skull acrylic beads onto the eyepin and start wrap the black wax cord around eyepin, as pictures shown.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 3
2, string through 1  light blue frosted beads on left side of the earring dangle and secure it and do the same with the other 4 beads.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 4
3, make a loop at the end of eyepin and add a jumpring for connecting with the silver earring hooks.
4, repeat to make the other earrings and you’ll have this lovely pair of Halloween earrings!

What a wonderful combination with black wax cord and skull Halloween beads! Super easy project to do for any new jewelry makers! Hope you’ll have fun in trying these earrings out! 🙂


2 of My Favorite Supplies for Making Jewelry

Skull beads

First, skull beads

I used the turquoise skull bead as bead link on both bracelets. The first chain bracelet, It added antique bronze star pendant, bead dangle as charms. And for the sued cord bracelet, I finish the closure part with iron ribbon ends.

skull beaded braceletskull beaded bracelet300_300_PALLOY-A15290-AB-FF

The second is, cabochon setting.

One of the most tricky jewelry findings is cabochon setting, as they are the easiest mold for you to make as pendants. You may put family pics or other interesting stuffs in.

cabochon jewelry cabochon jewelry skull bracelet

I hope you like the designs. Enjoy jewelry crafting!