Elegent Cabochons Are Right Here


From all the beads that we have for you, have you ever tried your hands on cabochons?They are one of the prettiest types of beads ever found and if you choose to right type of beads they can really match your outfit. You must have seen that a lot of big accessory brand have used cabochon beads and the way they style their accessory and design it is completely unique and different. Hence by now you should know that designing the jewelry and styling it are the two most important things. so if you have a heart for designing the jewelry and you really wish to ace at it, cabochons are the best type of beads to start with. Try experimenting with these different types of cabochons and you will be surprised to experience the fun you will have. They surely have a lot of types and we will walk you through it really soon. These cabochons can be divided to types, shapes, style, material, and such options. You can select which ever type or style or shape of cabochons you need or you want and order it. On the other hand, these cabochons are affordable.

Here are some of the cabochon types, glass cabochons, resin cabochons, gemstone cabochons, glass rhinestone cabochons, acrylic rhinestone cabochons, plastic cabochons, cat eye cabochons, dichroic glass cabochons, porcelain cabochons, woven cabochons, shell cabochons, polymer clay cabochons, metal cabochons, lamp work cabochons, millefiori glass cabochons and wood cabochons. You can find them in all of these shapes half round, oval, flat round, square, heart, drop, horse eye, cube, round, rectangle, flower, triangle, cone, rhombus, butterfly, octagon, diamond, fruit, bowknot, human, horse, hat, sock, duck, pig, sheep, tool, ladybug, owl, box, lock, fox, eye, leaf, star, rooster, moon, palm, lip, tree, musical note, cherry, spider, clothes, snail, der, starfish, triangle,and other such shapes. You can get these cabochons in different materials like crystal, natural agate, synthetic turquoise, black agate, mixed stone, carnelian, tiger eye, striped agate, non-magnetic, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, Picasso stone, agate, green spot stone, fluorite, Indian agate, gemstone, fossil, rhodamine, pyrite, snowflake obsidian, other quartz, tiger iron, natural coral, synthetic coral, morganatic, mookaite, and other such so many materials to choose from. if you have purchased from us before, you know that you can trust us when it comes to the quality and everything. So feel free and order even if you are a newbie.


Benefits Of Whoelsale Beads








Wholesale beads are probably the best thing ever; you can always go for them with your eyes closed. Wholesale beads give you the opportunity to never really run out of beads and always have them by your side whenever you need them. There are so many various beads that you can choose from. With time, we will tell you all about it. For now we have something else in mind. We wanted to tell you how you can benefit from these wholesale beads. The best part about wholesale beads is that you will have a small collection of your own. With changing trends, there is always a possibility that you will run out of the beads or maybe the store you buy from will run out of the beads that you want. That is exactly where the work of wholesale beads walks in. What you can do is buy the beads that you like in wholesale and keep them in store. Always make sure that you order extra. Because when you go back to order them, you never know if you will get them again or not. Another benefit of having these wholesale beads is that many a times you lose these beads. Either your kids start paying with them or then they are nowhere to be found or maybe you just keep on losing them one by one.

In such situations it is very essential that you have a good amount of backup. Just like how we spoke about beads going out of stock, the colors, shapes and sizes are the main issue. That is exactly where people end up regretting the most. The one batch of color may or may not be similar to the next batch. So why take the risk? You can always buy them in wholesale and you are the one who will completely benefit from them. Apart form all of this, if you ever have complained or some issue with us, feel absolutely free to write to us. We can help you out in the best of way possible. We will revert back to you as soon as possible and fix the problem that is there. People till date have been satisfied with our service and we hope you will be too. However, if you have ordered from us before, you know how well our service is and you know that you can rely on us.

Seed Beads Can Make Your Day


A lot of people till date find it fascinating about how much the jewellery industry has grown. And honestly, why would one not be as fascinated as everyone who is wondering right here at this point? The way this industry has grown in the past few years is amazing and flawless. With the amount of new ideas and innovative jewellery out there available, the industry surely has grown really big out there. Let’s take the example of beads. When it comes to the types of beads, there are various different types of beads available to make type of jewellery that you want. For example, she’ll and pearl beads, glass beads, metal beads, European beads and etc. We have just an exciting bead type for you. Have you heard of the seed beads? If not then here is your chance to know about this type of bead. Seed beads, for those who do not know, are these small beads which resemble the pixie look which when put together, give an amazing look to your jewellery. There is a wide range of collection out there for you just on our online store to pick from. The collection which you will see on our online store for these beads is very different from what you will see on any other sites.


There are various types of these seed beads like round seed beads, bugle beads, two cut seed beads, fringe seed beads, and other such seed beads. You can find these seed beads in various colours like opaque, transparent, Ceylon, inside colour, mixed style, silver lined, rainbow, dyed colours, matte, and various other such. Also there are various sizes you can find them in so you have many different options to choose them from. From the style, to colour and to size, everything has now been specified on our online store for you to have a faster opinion to choose the seeds and you can now get it delivered to your place as soon as possible! Everyone is so easy and just in one click now, it is impossible to not like a service like this one. If you are worried about the quality of our beads, be stress free about it. The qualities of our beads are top notch and you will surely be satisfied with it, always. If you have ordered from us before, you will surely know what really are we talking about.

10 Amazing Ideas for V-day!

Valentine’s day is soon coming, I selected 10 amazing valentine craft projects for you! They’re so funny ans definitely worth a try! Hope you will enjoy the crafting time!

v-day crafts

Paper heart garland
Heart honeycomb
Heart-embellished pillow
Love bracelet
V-day bears

v-day craft

V-day sofites
Beaded Heart
Wrap Idea- stitched heart
Mason jar heart mug
Heart know pillow

Valentine’s Gift – DIY Book Pendant Necklaces

book necklace

This is an adorable Valentines gift idea for carrying your soul mate’s saps wherever you go, and also a great gift idea to show your love! Below tutorial is about making a easy photo album necklace using just recycled fabric, paper, jump ring and ball chain. It’s really fast and easy to finish.You can make a bunch of them, as gifts for your friends and family. Use different pretty cloth, and change up the shape and colors, and each one is unique.

Photo Jewelry Gifts on Making a Tiny Album Book Pendant Necklace at Home

You can even be inspired to create more unique book page pendant necklaces like these ones by adding vintage pendants. Many of you love the old classic style of jewelry trends, including me. And I had some leftovers for antique cheap pendants from previous designs, like heart, leaves, keys and so on. I think they are enough for me to make a bunch of the book pendant jewelry for Valentine gifts! haha~

book necklace vintage book necklace

Image from: Pinterest.com

Making Bib Rhinestone Necklace


Bib necklace made from colorful rhinestones!

Rhinestone beads are the top materials for decorating, as well as jewelry making. Diversified rhinestone beads gather on old fabric show a glamour bib necklace.  If you love glittering rhinestone beads, follow to see the bib necklace DIY. The easy tutorial ends up another great piece for your wardrobe!

Get the below jewelry making supplies:

rhinestone beadsa



Black felt sheet
Brown satin ribbon
0.5mm copper wire
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Glue gun


Step 1, cut a piece of old fabric of the bib shape;
Step 2, drip glue to the back of rhinestone cabochon and press them on on the fabric firmly;
Step 3, wrap the copper wire on bib necklace;
Step 4, snip a piece of ribbon and glue both ends on the bib necklace.

This beautiful rhinestone bib necklace is easily done! Wanna have a try?

DIY Hair Accessories Again!

Vintage hair accessories ideas for you!

These hair clips are super easy to make and you can spend less than $1 to on each of them. Those sold at stores are much more expensive than these ones! All you need are cabochon flower, hair bobby pin findings and glue! See how beautiful they are, do you love them? Wann have a try yourself? HAIR ACCESSORIES4




Designs from: su bui

Hot Pink Jewelry Set


Most girl like me, love pink clothes, pink hair accessories, pink jewelry, pink etc. They are so overwhelming color that may make me feel like a teenage girl. Here’s an easy tutorial about making pink jewelry set. They are fun and easy to make. Now, get the below jewelry making supplies and put them together, then you’ll have fun fashionable accessories! – by Alina Iuliana

Resin Semicircles
Iron Scissors
Cord Tips, Iron
Brass Lobster Claw Clasps
Iron Jump Rings
Nylon Thread
Iron Headpins
Resin Rhinestone Beads, Spacer Beads
Iron Earring Hooks, Silver
8/0 Glass Seed Beads Opaque, Mixed Color
Brass Hanger Links, Bail Beads, Tube
Platinum Color Brass Twist Chains
Iron Screw Eye Bail Pin Peg
A Set of Eight Pliers


Step 1: Add Eye Bail Pin Peg in the hole of resin semicircle, and screw it with pliers. Attach earring hook with semicircle to finish the one earring. Repeat to make the other one.


Step 2: Thread one round pink resin rhinestone bead and several pink seed beads on a headpin and loop the end with pliers. Attach the semicircle pendant and bead link on the brass tube hanger link to get necklace pendant. Thread 2 round pink resin rhinestone beads and semicircle pendant on red nylon cord. At last, finish the necklace by adding the cord ends and lobster claw clasp.


You can make this jewelry set with your favorite color, or color combo. Feel free to have a try~

How to Make a Double Twisted Bracelet

Came across this super easy double twisted bracelet when I was viewing jewelry making videos on YouTube. You gotta check this out! It’s very beautiful and can be great gift for your friends.

-Beading Wire (Tiger wire)
-Assorted beads and crystals glass beads
-2 Cones
-2 Eye Pins
-2 Jump rings
-4 Crimp Beads
-1 Toggle Clasp

2 of My Favorite Supplies for Making Jewelry

Skull beads

First, skull beads

I used the turquoise skull bead as bead link on both bracelets. The first chain bracelet, It added antique bronze star pendant, bead dangle as charms. And for the sued cord bracelet, I finish the closure part with iron ribbon ends.

skull beaded braceletskull beaded bracelet300_300_PALLOY-A15290-AB-FF

The second is, cabochon setting.

One of the most tricky jewelry findings is cabochon setting, as they are the easiest mold for you to make as pendants. You may put family pics or other interesting stuffs in.

cabochon jewelry cabochon jewelry skull bracelet

I hope you like the designs. Enjoy jewelry crafting!