12 Cute Mickey Mouse Jewelry Ideas

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Hi guys, today I want to share with you some cute mickey mouse jewelry ideas and also hope to remind you of the old memories and happy times when you begged your dad and mom to take you to the Disney world. Some of these ideas are easy to be made by ourselves, while some require a little jewelry making skills, like the beaded mickey earrings with seed beads, and perler beads. However, you can just choose  the easy ones to give a shot. Take the first one for example, you’ll only need some hex nut to paint them in colors you love and glue them into “mickey” shape and thread through a thread! And the lovely mickey with buttons are simple to make as well: go through the big button’s 2 holes with jewelry wire and make the ring base and then glue the mickey ears with 2 smaller buttons… If you love these cute cute mickey jewelry ideas, go for the sources below and try to have your own ones! Happy making!

DIY Mickey Mouse washer necklaces

DIY Disney Minnie Mouse Ring

wire mickey mouse necklace

Vintage Mickey Mouse Ring

minnie mickey mouse pendant

Mickey ring

Wire Wrapped Disney Mickey Mouse Bangle

cute mickey mouse chunky necklace

mickey mouse earrings by perler beads

Mickey Ears Purse Bag Charm

Hand Beaded Mickey Mouse earrings




Reblog: Hot Designs for Your Beach Trip

Hot Designs for Your Beach Trip.

hot design for your beach trip

We would all think about the beaches and sunlight in this warm weather of spring or summer. So are you planning a trip to the seaside, admiring the beautiful scenery, enjoying the sunbath, or collecting the pebbles and natural rocks? If yes, I think doing yourself some sea style jewelry will definitely make you look prettier and your vacation will be more perfect and memorable. Who don’t like attractive accessories? In below, I’ve gathered some featured beach jewelry ideas for your inspiration!

There’s no doubt that starfish or fish can fully demonstrate the big ocean. So it’s never wrong to wear beach jewelry with some cute cheap charms of sea animals. Such little cute charms for sea style jewelry can be available in local craft shops or online bead stores.

beach jewlery- starfish1


beach jewlery- starfish2


beach jewlery- starfish3


Shells and pearl beads can quickly remind people of the sea too. Their simple and elegant look will make you very beautiful, matching with any eye-catching floral printed dress. You can try with some quite basic pattern like a pair of little dangling earrings, a plain rosary bracelet, or just a necklace with a few pearls on thread.

 beach jewlery- shell1


beach jewlery- shell2


beach jewlery- pearl1


beach jewlery- pearl2


Next, it’s the popular beach jewelry, made with the material see glass, which are rubbish dumped into the sea from years ago and become beautiful recycled gems pieces. Many jewelry makers love the gentle and refreshing look of sea glass and use them to make gorgeous jewelry.

 beach jewlery- see glass2


beach jewlery- see glass1


And if you want your beach jewelry to be more real, just go for the natural stones or pebbles. Get the drilled ones from craft stores directly will save you a lot time. But you can also try to drill it yourselves if you have time and patience. I think it’s will be fun. 🙂

beach jewlery- pebbles1


Well, so much for the jewelry with sea elements, some bohemian style accessories can pop out your summer outfit as well. The boho beaded earrings, turquoise flower barefoot anklet, multi-strand bracelet, tribe necklace… Beautiful enough to complete your holiday look!

beach jewlery- boho1


beach jewlery- boho2


beach jewlery- boho3


beach jewlery- boho4


More jewelry making ideas, please visit this page.

Tips for Purchasing Wholesale Beads

Do you enjoy creating different jewelry articles with beads? This is the best chance for you to earn a few additional bucks by selling your creations. There are huge numbers of people who are looking to buy different jewelry articles either for themselves or for their near and dear ones. If you are looking for ways to make your hobby a business or your profession, you will definitely need a constant beading supply. And to make your investment reasonable, the best way to purchase beads is from the wholesale suppliers.

wholesale beads

There are a lot of wholesale beads suppliers online. You need to just get into your favorite search engine to type in “wholesale beads”. You will be able to avail infinite choices on the collection of wholesale beads. Before searching within the internet, ask your fellow designer to gain suggestion regarding the preferred deals available. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while marketing for the wholesale beads. Make sure that the beads are of top notch quality and observe the trends of the present market, needs of the customers. Keep an eye on the variety of beads; try to purchase both unique and also the usual standards. You need to search and compare the prices provided by different vendors and then purchase the wholesale beads. Here are some of the few categories of beads that you can check out.

There are a lot of wholesale beads suppliers online. You need to just get into your favorite search engine to type in “wholesale beads”. You will be able to avail infinite choices on the collection of wholesale beads. Before searching within the internet, ask your fellow designer to gain suggestion regarding the preferred deals available. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while marketing for the wholesale beads. Make sure that the beads are of top notch quality and observe the trends of the present market, needs of the customers. Keep an eye on the variety of beads; try to purchase both unique and also the usual standards. You need to search and compare the prices provided by different vendors and then purchase the wholesale beads. Here are some of the few categories of beads that you can check out.

Bali silver beads: In Indonesia, the island of Bali is well known for its sophisticated silver jewelry. The unique feature of this jewelry is that, it is manufactured by granulation. The jewelers use small silver balls that are arranged in patterns to create silver beads.

Copper beads: This is one of the oldest metals that have been used for making jewelry articles. You will be able to have a lot of preferable wholesale beads available in different varieties.

Wooden beads: For those who have a fetish for an organic look, the wooden beads are the perfect choice.

Shell beads: The oldest jewelry beads were made of shells; these provide a tribal look to your designed jewelry articles. Large varieties of wholesale beads are available online of shell beads category. Black mother of peals is really popular among shell beads.

Czech glass beads: The Czech glass beads have earned popularity from the Czech Republic in Bohemian region which manufactures one of the best glass beads.

Roundup: DIY Body Chain Jewelry

Lately, I’m so obsessed in viewing those chic sexy body chain jewelry. They never stop being popular among the fashion icons, especially when there’re music festivals in spring and summer. Usually these chain accessories would cost you a lot at boutique stores or craft markets, however it’s rather simple to do it ourselves unless you really go into it. All you need are some easy jewelry making supplies like chains, jumprings. And it will only take less then 20 minutes of your spare time. If you love body chain accessories, I urge you to get started to make one. Once you get the hang of the basic design, you can freely add beads or change the structure of the chains to create any styles you want. Also, not like I just mentioned, they are suitable for music festivals, I think it’s fairly easy to wear it casually too. What do you think?


DIY body chain jewelry2

DIY body chain jewelry3

DIY body chain jewelry4

DIY body chain jewelry5

DIY body chain jewelry6

DIY body chain jewelry7

DIY body chain jewelry8

DIY body chain jewelry9

diy: slave bracelet
Body Chain DIY
DIY Body Armour
Leg Chain
DIY Body Chain
Chain Headpiece

Stack ribbons and buttons for a boho bracelet!

Love the idea of sewing the cute buttons on ribbons! I’ll need some similar cheap buttons to try this too, I guess. Thanks, Lindsay! Have a great week!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Do you know you probably have jewelry supplies that you do not know about in your sewing stash? Ribbon, buttons, a needle and thread!


These days we use our craft supplies for jewelry making, scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor crafts and more.  Watch the video to see how I made the bracelet then you can apply the same techniques to make the necklace too.

You can use the stuff you have for this bracelet or use the supplies I used from PandaHall:


I listened to you guys when you said the shipping cost was high and difficult to figure out so I mentioned this to PandaHall and they opened a store on Amazon.com (USA) and Amazon UK so you can get…

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Pearl Body Jewelry for Bridal

DIY Shoulder Jewelry-How to Make a Special Pearl Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is on trend these days. And today, I’m going to share with you a very beautiful shoulder jewelry for bridals! If you are a bride-to-be, you should really give this a try. You will definitely impress others by this genius quick accessory!  Let’s get started now!

Jewelry making supplies needed:
4mm White Glass Pearl Beads
8mm Glass Pearl Beads
Glass Drop Beads
Antique Silver Bead Spacer
Iron Pin Backs
Silver Iron Headpins
0.3mm Tiger Wire
Plastic Sticks
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
Round Nose Plier
Needle Nose Plier

DIY Shoulder Jewelry-How to Make a Special Pearl Body Jewelry finished

Easy steps are as below:
1, string 20 pearl beads on tiger tail wire;
2, add both wire ends iron bead tips;
3, slide 1 drop glass bead, 1 bigger pearl beads, 1 smaller pearl bead on a iron headpin, make a loop on the other end and hang it in the middle of bead strand;
4, string 4 more bead strands with different length and hang them one by one on the main horizontal bead strand, shown above picture.
5, add 2 pearl brooches on both sides of main bead strand and you’re done!

Myths about Wooden Beads Debunked

wooden beasda

It has been years since the wooden beads are being used by jewelry makers. They are not just being used for creating jewelry, people have been using them for variety of other purposes as well such as for decorating garments, shoes, bags, and for making crafts. Honestly, it is up to you what project you want to work on with these beads because you can use them in anything.

I have seen many people thinking that ceramic, porcelain and glass are better to work with than wood beads. They have the point of view that these beads are not durable enough. That is a total misconception, wood beads fairly last longer than any other type of beads and an additional quality is that they are more long lasting. There are certain misconceptions of people about wooden beads, here are some of them elaborated and cleared:

  • People say wood beads deteriorate with time. That is not the case, wood can even last for a lifetime. If the material chosen is fine then you will never have to worry that these beads will wear out or they will be affected due to weather.
  • Wooden beads are at the risk of breaking. If you have chosen beads made from thin wood, they might be at the risk of breaking but if you have chosen a thick piece, then you won’t have to worry about the breakage. Thin beads can easily break when they are stepped on, dropped or sat on so be careful about the kind of beads chosen.
  • The beads that have a protectant coating that does not give a natural look. That is not entirely true. The protectant coating is just meant for sealing the beads. This coating is meant to protect the beads from the rays of sun and moisture present in the air that can cause damage. They will look the same kind of natural so don’t worry about the look.
  • The shine of wood deteriorates over time and you can do nothing about it. That is true, the shine of wood deteriorates but you can protect it with slight gloss. This can ensure that the wood retains it shine even after it has been years since you have that piece of jewelry.
  • You cannot use wood in making expensive jewelry items. Well that depends on the type of wood you have chosen. If it is a vintage piece that is combined with something luxurious then you will definitely create an expensive jewelry item.


I recommend to give wooden beads a chance because when you will explore the markets to find the variety and style, you will not be able to resist yourself from making various projects using these beads. They are less expensive than other type of beads so you can buy lots of them to experiment and create different pieces of jewelry or crafty items. Make it clear in your head what you want before you go out to purchase these beads. You will simply love what you will see in the markets.

Advantages Of Acrylic Jewelry

Jewelry items are created using different kinds of materials. Acrylic is also used for this purpose. Acrylic is a synthetic material which has a great finish and it’s quite durable. This material is being used in making many different things. There are many things in your house which are made from acrylic. For example the artificial nails and much more. This material is used for manufacturing beads too. The acrylic beads are easily available and they are affordable. You can use these beads for making different kinds of jewelry items.


The beads made up of acrylic are quite famous and there some benefits of using these for creating different designs of jewelry. Have a look at them:

  • One of the best advantages of these beads is that they are easily available and they are affordable too. These beads are available at a very low price in the market. You can get a pack of 50 beads in just $8, which is enough for creating 4 necklaces and 7 bracelets.
  • The beads of acrylic are available in different colors. You can get almost any color you like. You can use these beads for making jewelry as well as accessorizing your clothing. You can find every kind of color. When we talk about the shape of the acrylic globules, we come to know that they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You can use them for working on almost every kind of crafting project. Most of the common shapes which are used by the jewelry makers is the heart shape, round, flower and many others.
  • The acrylic beads are very light in weight. While creating jewelry, you always focus in making it lighter in weight so that it becomes easy to wear. For this purpose these beads are used because they are lighter in color and most of the makers use these beads for creating bracelets and necklaces. Most of the jewelry designers prefer the acrylic beads over glass and crystal beads.
  • Acrylic is a clear and transparent substance. When they are mixed with different colors, they return an opaque feature. The clarity of these beads is sometimes mistaken with glass. The jewelry designers also prefer to use these beads. The acrylic material gives the same look of glass beads. With great clarity acrylic is said to be the perfect material for designing designer jewelry.
  • One of the greatest advantages of the acrylic beads is that they are quite durable. Like other beads they do not wear-off quickly. A necklace made up of acrylic material can be kept for years. These beads do not shatter if they fell on the floor as they are strong and a perfect supply for making ornaments.


The jewelry items made up of acrylic are quite durable and they do not get hot in hot weather, unlike other beads. The acrylic material stays cool in every season and you can wear any type of jewelry item made from acrylic in any kind of climatic conditions, especially in summers.

DIY Stamping Necklace

Do you love stamping jewelry? I never tried metal-stamping jewelry before, though it’s getting more and more popular now. Until I came cross this silver personalized one, I think I’m going to give it a go. The problem is I should get a set of metal stamping tools first. Letters might be not as that easy to be punched on the metal tag, I guess. So lots of practice should be made until you get it right. Take a look at tips on Minted Strawberry how Aki made it. PS: Jewelry making supplies, including metal stamping tools can all be found at Pandahall.
stamped-name-necklace stamped-name-necklace-8

Easy DIY Button Bracelet


This is an easy and funny project (via popsugar) to do with kids during the coming Easter holiday. I bet you have lots of old adorable buttons and it’s time to repurpose them into something useful and beautiful! What do you think of this button bracelet? Won’t it be a great gift for best friends? Take a view of the below instructions and you’ll know how simple it is!

6- to 8-inch length of 1/4-inch elastic