DIY Flower Earrings

Spring, is the most desirable seasons for me! See this flower earring DIY, wanna have a try? Think it would how wonderful to wear it for spring outing, I just can’t wait for the weekend!! Let’s first finish the lovely earrings! 🙂

You’ll need:
20mm flower polymer clay beads
10mm pink glass pearls
6mm ivory glass pearls
4mm ivory glass pearls
0.3mm tiger tail jewelry wire
Earring hooks
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

DIY flower earrings


Domed & Stamped Necklace for Mom

Hey everyone, do you know there’s a jewelry making contest running by Pandahall on YouTube? And here’s an fun and pretty necklace by Lindsay. The materials she used were a so lovely beaded chain (I never see such a kind of sparkling chain to be made into design. ), and the personalized stamped charms with the cute heart charm.  What do you think of this project? If you love it, it would be great to recommend your friends to take a view of what she made! And if you a jewelry maker, go get jewelry making supplies and join the contest! You might win the contest!

Washi Tape Initial Necklace DIY

Today, I’m featuring a cool handmade necklace, from one of my favorite blogger, Aki. I love the simplicity of this personalized washi tape necklace, and can’t help share it. You can see it’s so easy to do it: just glue any wider Washi tape with beautiful patterns on antique bronze cabochon setting, and thread the necklace chain!


If you love this cool initial necklace, just head over to minted strawberry for more details!


Happy Hearts Necklace

happy heart necklace

Though Valentine’s day just passed by, you can learn and make this happy heart necklace for beloved one in any special holiday! Just a simple pattern for beginners! Never miss it!

The materials you need:
6mm beads (2 colors)
11/ seed beads
2 size 10 or 12 needles
thread (optional thread conditioner)
pair of pliers
2 6mm rings
bracelet clasp

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

This triple strand pearl necklace is mainly finished with different sizes of pearl beads. Love this light colors, make me so miss the warm weathers! Wearing this beautiful pearl necklace, can spring be far behind? LOL~ You will need light cyan pearls, silver pearls, teal pearls, light blue glass beads, light grey seed beads, and other jewelry findings. Hope you’ll like this project from LC pandahall.


Buying Guide for Seed Beads

For many, it might not be a big deal to buy seed beads when making jewelry, but if your intentions are to buy these beads for any of the crafty project, then you are going to need some more information. You will have to be aware of the size, material and type of seed beads so that you can make the crafty project the way you desire.

These beads are called seeds because they are very small in size and they are similar to real seeds in appearance. Some of them are round in shape while others elongated. You can even find them made from glass. This is just one material to name because they are being manufactured in various parts of the worlds in many materials.

seed beadI have used them in many crafty projects such as jewelry making, doing loom work, quilting, embroidery etc. If you are using them for making bracelets, you will find them useful as spacers. They are even available in tabular shapes which can also be used as spacers in larger beads and give a 3D like appearance.

Before you purchase the seed beads, it is important that you make yourself familiar about the sizes. They are already very tiny in size and they are measured in 1 inch increments. Many of the newbies working with me were not aware of how they were measured and what size is considered perfect to use. There is standard measurement of 8/0 that tells how many beads can fit in one inch string. You have to see how many seed beads can be cut from 1 inch glass rod. If you can cut 8 beads from a glass of rod of 1 inch, then you will read it as 8/0. If the number is high, it means that the beads are small. A bead with 22/0 will be smaller than that of 8/0. So you will have to keep this measurement phenomena in your mind when you are buying the beads. That will let you determine what size you must get to complete your crafty project.

Now size is not the only thing matters, if you are into this business, you would understand the importance of quality of the beads very well. Quality is going to differ largely. Different manufacturers use different methods for producing these beads therefore, their quality in the end is always different. The quality of the manufacturing determines the quality of the shape and size. If they are not same in shape and sizes, then it is just going to be a waste of money to buy a pack of seed beads. You must be sure that when you are buying them, the beads are even in the shape and size. The best retailers always give guarantee for this but they might ask a higher price for the pack of beads than other retailers.

You can buy these beads in many ways, either visit the craft shops or use the web to locate stores that are selling them. But be sure that when you are buying online, you are getting the right product in the right quality and material.

Pandahall Spring Beading Contest 2015

beading contest

Pandahll Spring Beading Contest 2015 – just stretch your imagination & create a masterpiece, and you may win up to $100! Any crafts of beadworks, wireworks, knotting, braiding, loom band, button crafts etc, are sincerely welcomed! For more contest details and guidelines, please go beading contest page.

And never miss the video guidelines below!

We look forward to your participation! Happy crafting!

Easy to Learn Glass Pendant DIY

glass pendants

The glass cabochon pendant is popular as always. Actually, they are super easy to DIY. I recommend you never spend twice or much more money buy them at stores, instead, making it ourselves. Get some transparent domed glass cabochon cover and glue paper patterns, or picture you love, you ‘ll have your unique glass pendant for necklace with the below steps!

STEP 1: Find your favorite image.
STEP 2: Glue the paper to the glass, allow to dry. It may take only a few minutes.
STEP 3: Trim the paper around the glass.
STEP 4: Coat the back of paper with glue and press into pendant tray

Handmade Bangles To Share!

Hey guys, today I picked 3 fashionable handmade bangles for your to try. They are absolutely gorgeous for matching any of your outfits.

First one is something chunky style for you to go! You will need to wrap the big faceted beads around the wire base. It’s not hard at all. And you can also get the idea to make a statement wire ring. That would be a great combo!

fashionable bangle

Wow, I love vintage style of everything! It’s the easiest one among all! All you need are bangle blank, flower resin cabochons, and glue! Just do the gluing thing until you have entire surface covered with flower~~~ funny!


And this one is especial for those who fancy bright and fresh style~ slide through colorful beads on multi-strand wires and using multi strand links and a box claps or magnetic clasp to finish the closure! Oh, do not to dangle some cute pendant!


Which one do you prefer? If you have any cute projects, feel free to share with me! Happy crafting!

Designs all from Customers Show at Pandahall.