Wood Beads and More


Wood beads a very earthy texture. For a lot of people who love a very natural and not artificial texture, this is the perfect bead for you. These beads are in fact like your soul mates. They will match your preference exactly and you also have the liberty to make the jewellery the way you want it to be. Good deeds can we now found in various size, shape, colours, and styles. Wood beads amuse you in the best of ways. People who love beads or even making different types of jewellery exactly know what I am talking about. Making jewellery is the perfect kind of hobby that one can have. And now from our online store, since you have all the types of material available to build or rather to make your own jewellery you can now customise the jewellery the way you want. People from different corners of the world have different kinds of experiences when it comes to making jewellery. However, the types of beads that you will need are the same. You can make a tribal piece or a really classy one, but you will surely need beads after all. And now you can consider yourself lucky because our online store has exactly what you need.


At our online store, you can find everything that you want. We do not just have wood beads but any other beads that you may want for your other jewellery pieces. Making jewellery can be fun when you have plenty of options to make your jewellery from. You can find these beads in various different colours like pink, yellow, blue, red, natural wooden colours and other such. You can as well find them in various shapes like star, oval, circle, etc. Buying from our online store can be really easy because everything is neatly organised and as mentioned before, there are so many options that you will have. Order from our online store without any fear. We can assure you that our quality will be top notch. And if we ever you have a complaint for us, you can let us know. You can write to us and we will revert back to you as soon as possible. If you have ordered from us before, you know how we work and do not worry at all. We are always ready to help you out in all the ways possible.


Making Braided Ribbon Bracelet within 2 Minutes

Did you ever finish any beautiful craft within 2 minutes? Now follow this tutorial of making braided ribbon bracelet and you are going to break through yourself. Let’s start.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends
Things needed to make braided ribbon bracelet:

  1. Wide satin ribbon
  2. Faceted round glass beads
  3. Metal pendant
  4. Bead caps
  5. Jumpring
  6. Headpin
  7. Lobster claw clasp
  8. 8mm copper wire
  9. Scissors
  10. Wire cutter pliers
  11. Side cutting pliers
  12. Round nose plier

Step1: Divide the wide satin ribbon into three equal stripes.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends-step1
Step2: Braid the three equal stripes together and form them into a 3-strand plait, just as following picture shows.
Step3: Get suitable length you want and then tie a simple knot at the end you braid just know.
Step4: Cut off excess ribbon. And wrap the two ends of the bracelet with 0.8mm copper wire.
Step5: Make a charm with the bead cap, headpin and glass bead.
Step6: Put the beaded dangle and your selected pendant hang on the jumpring which connect with one end of the bracelet. Then keep the jumpring closed.
Step7: Connect the two ends of the bracelet with clasp.
It is done!
Now, you must think it is much easier to make a beautiful braided ribbon bracelet than you imagine. You may feel more pleasure during the diy process. So just have a try!

Reblog: Cabochon Jewelry with Flower Cabochons

Thanks for these great ideas of using flower cabochons! xxoo.

via Cabochon Jewelry with Flower Cabochons.

Do you love little flower cabochons known as cabochons with flowery shape? Especially the flower resin cabochons, which are so attractive with their vivid color and the distinctive feature of one completely flat side, so that you can take these cabochons to make beautiful pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, hair clips and decorations to bring your life full of color and flower. If you are jewelry and accessory challenged person, choose flower resin cabochons to whimsical and colorful and brighten any outfits for you. Now enjoy all the cabochon jewelry that I’m sharing below, all the cabochon jewelry shared by our customers are super easy to make beyond of  your imagination. Choose your interested cabochons, to create your own cabochon jewelry!

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower CabochonsEarrings with Flower Cabochons – Take a look at these two pair of earrings, please note they are all mainly made out of flower resin cabochons in white and blue color with basic earring making supplies. Lightweight and decent size could be the most outstanding feature for earrings’ making.

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelry

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelryHair Clips out of Flower Cabochons – How about gluing one flower cabochon to your old hair clip? Sounds amazing, right? For hair clips making, you only need to select your cabochons and cabochon settings in accordance with your own taste. Here are six hair clips designed by our customers. Do you like them?

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelry

flower cabochons, flower resin cabochons, resin cabochons, cabochons, flower cabochon jewelry, cabochon jewelryHair Accessories with Flower Cabochons – Apart from gluing one flower cabochon, you can also choose three or more flowery cabochons to mix and match a glorious piece of hair accessory, like hair band, hair comb and hair pin. Here is the best proof below. :)

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower CabochonsBracelets with Flower Cabochons –  As the pictures show below, to tell me the truth, what kind of stylish and creative bracelets is popping up to your mind when you see these various flowers? If you want to make similar bracelets, prepare all the jewelry making supplies to make your beautiful cabochon bracelets more attractive and practical in no time.

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower Cabochons

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower CabochonsRings with Flower Cabochons – Cabochon rings come in a beautiful assortment of flower shaped cabochons, beads and ring blank settings to get finished. Incorporating cabochon flower pieces into rings offer a clever hint of vintage flair at a low cost. I love the blue one, how about you?

Cabochon Jewelry with Flower Cabochons

If you have any else prettier designs, commenting below to share with us!

P.S.Search “flower cabochons” in the search section from google and you will come up with dozens of cabochons! xoxo

Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain Scraps

Do you like dangle earrings? Especially with gemstones and chain in gold tones? If yes, then this is a way how to create a pair of chic and modern dangle earrings really fast and easy!

diy jade bead dangle earrings

Do not worry if you have never created a jewel before, these earrings are the greatest way to start crafting jewelry.

materials for dangle earrings jewelry making

Materials Needed for Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain:

Gemstone beads ( I have used a Yellow Jade 8mm and two White Jade 4mm)


Gold Chain

Earring Hooks 

Jump Rings

Plier Set

jewelry making gems on eyepins

Steps of making Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain

Step 1: First we are going to create the gemstone part of the earrings. We will use the Jade beads and the eyepins. Just pass the white bead in the eyepin first, then the yellow one and then the last white bead. Loop the end with a round nore plier.

diy gold plated chain scrpas earrings

Step 2 : Prepare the chain scraps. Cut your gold chain in small pieces. I have used 8 chain scraps. It is not necessary to have identical length between them. If they are different they will create a small chain tassel.

diy jump ring connection with chain

Step 3: Pass the chain scraps at the loop end of the eyepin and close it.

dangle beaded earrings with gold chain

Step 4: Connect the Earring Hook with the second end of the eyepin.

tutorial gemstone dangle earrings with gold chain scraps

Your earrings are ready! Wasn’t that an easy jewel to make? And full of color!

Enjoy them!

Sourced from: Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Gold Chain Scraps.

Creating Imaginative Jewelry Designs

If you are a jewelry designer and you are thinking of coming up with an imaginative and creative design of jewelry, you will have to put some effort in buying the right combination of things. You must switch for the wooden beads; this will give you a lift which you are wishing for. Select the right set of beads which you require for your project.


You need to have information about the different beads which are available in the market and how you can use them. Look for better options which you can utilize in making great jewelry items. The wooden beads are also available in different types such as seed, bone shell and glass beads. These are the best choices of beads which you can utilize for creating amazing designs of jewelry. These days, wooden trends have set in fashion again. You need to focus over the changing trends of fashion. Basically, you have to keep pace with time and fashion. You need to decide which kind of styles and quality of beads you will need for creating imaginative jewelry items.

You have to avoid certain beads all the time i.e. plastic beads. These beads are not much attractive and they wear out after some time. They are not at all durable. These days ancient designs of jewelry are in and most of the ancient styles of jewelry include the wood beads. These beads are available in different sizes and shapes. You need to look for the perfect supplies which are required for creating these types of jewelry items.

Different kinds of beads can be used. For creating occasional jewelry, you can use some of the featured beads such as the necklaces and bracelets and for this purpose you can use wooden beads. You can add different sizes and shapes of beads while you create bracelets or necklaces. Usually these kinds of beads are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. It is up to you which color, size and shape of beads you use. You can also use the dice shaped beads. This is an alternate for the wood ones.


Most of the time, jewelry designers add the wood globules to enhance the beauty of the jewelry they are working on. This is just used for adding some extra beauty. This is a good practice. There are many other jewelry projects in which you can only use these wood beads. Basically, when you work on a jewelry project you always decide which kind of beading supplies you use according to the design and pattern. You can create some imaginative themes by adding wooden globules with the other jewelry supplies. This would be a variation and it would turn out good in the end when you will be finished working on the project. You can look for the wooden beading supplies easily from the jewelry stores and you can look for the internet retailers who are selling these supplies for making creative jewelry designs.

Donut Earrings – DIY

What an annoying rainy day?! I just can’t go out, and I don’t want to sit here for nothing, either! So I find an interesting beading tutorial to try! See the donut earrings? The whole tutorial is about string beads… yeah, it’s beading! Isn’t pretty? I hope you love it too! And I’d replace the glass beads and seed beads with other colors I love… Just give it a shot, and it’ll be so much of fun~~

Inspiration: 6 Gorgeous Necklace DIYs

Happy Wednesday! Today, I’d love to share 6 great necklace DIYs made by Evgeniy Slomintsev a customer from Pandahall. They’re all something big and bold. Anyway, I’m really a sucker for this necklace styles! I love wearing eye-catching accessories. Sometimes, matching it with an ordinary T-shirt can take your whole look to next level! I hope these 6 designs with corresponding jewelry making supplies listed can give your some inspiration!

Mix Turquoise Beads Necklace

Mix Turquoise Beads Necklace


Black Bib Statement Necklace

Black Bib Statement Necklace


Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace

Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace


Multi Strand Flower Necklace

multi strand flower necklace


Coral Bead Jewelry and Earrings Set

Coral Bead Jewelry and Earrings Set


Crystal Beaded Bib Necklace

Beaded Bib Necklace



btw, if you love these ideas, please do check out fancy beads at Pandahall.com. Enjoy!

DIY Valentine’s Gift For Him!

Hey, girls! Have you got the idea what Valentine’s gift for your love? Picking gift for him is can be a bit difficult. So why don’t you try to DIY something special for him? Here, I recommend you to try handmade bracelet for him and I selected 2 easy design for you. You only need to get jewelry making supplies and I bet it is totally budget friendly pressies that you can make in no time at all!

1st, black cuff bracelet made from leather cords and hematite beads:

Leather Cuff Bracelet

2nd, one is multi-strand bracelet!

men's bracelet

So which one do you think he will like?

6 DIY Woven Jewelry To Try In Winter!

What jewelry do you love to make most in winter time? My favorite ones are weaving, braiding with any threads, chains, hemp cords, leathers, beads and so on. Winter is obviously the best time of year to play with different cords as people tend to wear accessories that are more comfortable and warmer. So in this post, you’ll get 6 ideas of woven jewelry pieces that are easy to follow!

Woven Chain Bracelet
Using bright colors of embroidery threads to weave around the big chain, so end up with big wrapped chain bracelet and also a pretty choker necklace. Easy!

Woven Leather Bracelet
Attach a flat golden chain, with pink suede cords and leather cords woven through each link to become a woven chain bracelet. Love this idea!!

Woven Ethnic Necklace
Wow, what a neat and pretty woven bead necklace, love the colors!

Quick simple style by weaving two rows of beads. Are you the one who love making hemp bracelets? It’s been popular, especially in winter.

ribbon pearl woven bracelet
Oh, ribbon! It’s definitely a classic girly look. Such an elegant ribbon pearl bracelet is suitable for some formal event like wedding.

Glittery Scrap Woven Necklace
The last piece was a mixed work with chains, rhinestone mesh ribbon, and other jewelry findings. If you’ve got  scrap like this, just give it a shot. –Glittery Scrap Necklace

Did any of the above pattern inspire you? Prepare jewelry making supplies and try your own out! Do not forget to share your work with us in the comment!

Get more DIY jewelry ideas inspired here.