12 Cute Mickey Mouse Jewelry Ideas

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Hi guys, today I want to share with you some cute mickey mouse jewelry ideas and also hope to remind you of the old memories and happy times when you begged your dad and mom to take you to the Disney world. Some of these ideas are easy to be made by ourselves, while some require a little jewelry making skills, like the beaded mickey earrings with seed beads, and perler beads. However, you can just choose  the easy ones to give a shot. Take the first one for example, you’ll only need some hex nut to paint them in colors you love and glue them into “mickey” shape and thread through a thread! And the lovely mickey with buttons are simple to make as well: go through the big button’s 2 holes with jewelry wire and make the ring base and then glue the mickey ears with 2 smaller buttons… If you love these cute cute mickey jewelry ideas, go for the sources below and try to have your own ones! Happy making!

DIY Mickey Mouse washer necklaces

DIY Disney Minnie Mouse Ring

wire mickey mouse necklace

Vintage Mickey Mouse Ring

minnie mickey mouse pendant

Mickey ring

Wire Wrapped Disney Mickey Mouse Bangle

cute mickey mouse chunky necklace

mickey mouse earrings by perler beads

Mickey Ears Purse Bag Charm

Hand Beaded Mickey Mouse earrings




DIY Kids Hair Accessories

Lovely lovely lovely…. hair barrettes, so girly… and super easy to make, right? Now get some cute colored ribbons and beads of your little girls’ favorite and a hair barrette findings. Start from one end of the barrette and do it according to the below steps, thread through beads and charms, done! I have to admit, I just want to have a try! Is it just for little girls? Oh, come on… Anyway, make one for your sweetheart for the coming Easter! She will be so happy to wear it!
PS: Personally, I think light-weighted wood beads can be more comfortable for little kids while wearing it.

kids hair accessories

Via pinterest.com

kids hair accessories1

Via pinterest.com

Egg Ideas for Easter~

Easter is around the corner! Are you you preparing decorations for your home? I collected some interesting ideas for you from pinterest.com. They are all adorable egg ornaments and most of them are made with beads. The first beaded Easter hanging ornament is my favorite! Tell me which one attract you eyes? Did any of these inspire you? Hope you’ll have wonderful time with your kids!

Beaded Easter Ornament Easter Treasures Beaded Egg

beaded Easter egg

Kids of all ages can help create colorful Easter Button Eggs! Make great Egg Votive Holders


Make Your Little Girl A Hair Crown!

pearl and ribbon hair band

Saw this cute hair crown and can’t help trying it on my own! I think the picture can just well explain how to make this, right? Pink ribbons, pink pearls, pink acrylic beads with flower shape are used this hair crown.  Unless you try it, you’ll know how simple and yet so elegant it is. Perfect for your little princess! And here’s another easy tutorial:

Pearl crown
Via Pinterest.com

Hmmm, are you ready for the elegant crown? Remember to let your little girl wear a funny girly dress!

Meow~ For Those Who Loves Cats~

In this post, I gathered some wire designs for cats! Kitty’s so cute!! If you are cat lovers, never miss the below ideas! They’re all easy to make and sure to look adorable as jewelry, or bookmarks, etc. You can still add some gemstone beads, or glass beads on the patterns which will look more vivid. My favorite one are the Cheshire cat necklace and Hematite eyes cat earrings….anyways, do check them out! lol~~

Cheshire cat – If you’d don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?
cheshire cat

Hematite eyes cat earrings~

Wire wrapped cat wearing sunglasses, cool!
wire wrapped cat wearing sunglasses

For the cat lovers! For the book lovers! For the cat lovers who read books!
cat bookmark

For the cat lovers! For the book lovers! For the cat lovers who read books!

Dancing cat Nice way to hold your precious stone, diamond…
dancing cat Nice way to hold a healing stone

Copper wire cat for Halloween!
Halloween copper wire cat

Hello~ cute vintage wire cat for holding envelops.
vintage wire cat envelop holder

Which one is you favorite? Happy crafting and happy new year!

Images from Pinterest.com

DIY Flying House Pendant Necklace

I suddenly felt released after seeing this cute flying house pendant necklace, while I was a bit down today. Not because of the light colors and beautiful pattern, but the desire. The desire to escape from life when it’s full of pressure and is becoming too irritating. However, I know it’s just a flash idea, it’s not right, we can not escape things when it goes out the way we want it to be. Anyway, everything will be alright soon, I believe!


And if you wanna make this pendant necklace, just buy acrylic beads, house pendant, eye pins and chain. Thread the colorful beads and make them clustered on chain, attach the house pendant. Just give it a go by yourself if you love it.

Image: http://lc.pandahall.com/craft-ideas/3632.html

DIY: Button Flower Bouquet

I saw this pretty button flower on FabDIY and can’t help share it here with you guys.

Buttons are perfect DIY materials for kids and jewelry makers because of their nice colors, versatile shapes and light in weight. Kids can use numerous colorful buttons to create different crafts for home. Jewelry makers can use this jewelry making supplies to do creative button jewelry.

Check the below steps out and go ahead to try this button flower bouquet! It’s an ideal choice for a nice occasion. You will only need buttons, bouquet stem, cutters and some thin pipe wire of some sort. They are fun to make but can take up to about 20 minutes to complete. You can finish it quicker If you are a fast creator~~

DIY Button Flower Bouquet

DIY: Acrylic Gem Cluster Hair Clips

If you wanna make some easy hair clip, try this cluster one made of acrylic beads, that I accidentally saw on online. Easy but pretty! Personally, I prefer the colorful one, as I don’t have much proper clothes for the gold one.  See how easy it is to make them now!


Supplies needed:
Acrylic rhinestone cabochons
E6000 glue
Acrylic photo frame
X-acto knife, steel ruler, cutting mat
Spray paint in your color of choice
Black felt
Bobby pins








Tutorial source: http://mintedstrawberry.blogspot.hk/