Glass Beads, Why Not

collection-disc-2008Are you one of those kinds who loves to collect these various different types of beads? If yes then this is the exact time for you to check out our online store. There are these types of beads called glass beads. If you are already familiar with it, this is something that you would love to know about them. If not, then wait for you to fall in love with them. Carrying s collection of glass beads or pendants can really make your collection look beautiful. After all jewellery is something that we identify it. We relate to it. It is something that we understand. It is something that has to compliment us and our body. That is why jewellery is so important. Hence this is reason why people love collecting beads. Jewellery all together makes your simplest of look elegant or rocky or classy. In short it makes you define yourself. And let’s accept it, who would not want that.


Who would want to be boring? We love expressing ourselves and that is why making jewellery is something that we all can relate to. Why one not get into jewellery should is the important question? We can give you list of various styles, types, shapes, and other such things about glass beads that you must look into.There’s normal glass beads, electroplated glass beads, glass Pearl beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, speciality glass beads and other such. There are so many shapes you can get them in like round, bicone, cube, flat round, chip, barrel, oval, palm, abacus, drop, cube, rice, bullet, cuboid, diamond, fruit, fish, twist, rhombus, star, triangle, rectangle, drum, butterfly, heart, trapezoid, clover, shell, leaf, nugget, polygon, horse eye, bear, body, skull, leaf, and so many other shapes. And you can find them in various colours.


All of these when set together, they look so beautiful when put together right. People love these various jewellery pieces and you will receive immense number of compliments, because well you will be putting yourself and your ideas out there. There will be a lot of pieces that not a lot of people will have seen. Hence it is important that you definitely try and experiment. Try looking into what defines you and what are the things that can make your perfect variety define you.


Glass Beads All For You


As rightly said on our website, we have a sea of glass beads. If you have been a fan of glass beads, this is the perfect thing that you have been waiting for. Our online store has all the glass beads that you need and you will want. These beads are some of the glass beads that you will want to add to your collection. There are so many types in these beads that you can actually add all the colors, shapes and sizes to it. once you explore our store, you will know exactly what we are talking about. In fact, for a lot of people who are really into jewelry, specially into glass beads, this is like the pool of perfect water for them because now they can have a collectable session where they can collect all of these beads and add to their collection. Before we walk you through all the types of glass beads and all that we have, there are a couple of things that you want to consider. You have to know that glass beads have their own look and hence you should carefully place them on your jewelry because unlike other jewelry beads and all, these beads can really show up so you will have to watch out a little for that.

Glass Beads Wallpapers (4).jpg

Let us walk you through the different types of glass beads for you. there are normal glass beads, electroplate glad beads, glass pearl beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade glass beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, specialty glass and other such. You can get these beads in different shapes like round, bicone, oval, flat round, chip, barrel, cube, abacus, palm, drop, cuboid, diamond, bullet, rice, fruit, cone, twist, rhombus, fish, star, heart, column, square, rectangle, rondelle, butterfly, flower, drum, trapezoid, leaf, body, clover, polygon, octagon, shell, skull, fan, horse eye, nuggets, disc, triangle, vegetables, tube, and other such shapes that you will want in the near future right there in your collection. We also have various colors in the collection which are some real collectables. Trust us when we say this, there is some real good high demand for this. For people who love beads, they are bound to collect glass beads and add it to their collection. Hence you should oder them before your these beads go out of stock.


Facinating Wood Beads Collection


You would be surprised to know the types of wood beads we have in store for you. Usually you would find the normal shaped beads like round, oval and barrel. Now these are all the normal types. Something that you might just as well find at these other online stores, but our online store has something special for you. You can check out the Buddha head wood bead in coconut brown that we have for you and the Buddha wood bead with grade a rhinestone. If you try and dig deeper, we have more than just that for you.


We as well have spray painted wooden beads if you like and the natural Bodhi wood round beads. Wood beads give a tribal look but if paired properly with other set of beads, they can really give a modern classy look as well. The look which wood beads will give you is nothing compared to the other beads. There are as well fancy drawing style wood beads and even wooden flower beads which you can pick out in different colors. And as we said, if you dig deeper you will get various other types of wood beads like the bear dye printed wooden beads and even the abacus shaped beads.


The only thing you really need to be careful is about playing your order. The faster you place your order, the faster you get your beads. One most common problem faced by a lot of customers is when they look at the type of beads they want, keep it in their mind and think about placing an order later on. But when they get back to the site to place the order, the beads are out of stock. Hence whenever you find the type of bead that you like, just place an order before they go out of stock. We take a while to restock them or something we might not either. If you are not too keen on getting the dyed wood round beads, you can go for lead free moccasin beads too. They look very pretty and give the perfect natural look. You will never have to worry about the quality of the beads. If you have ordered from us before, you know what we are talking about. If there has been anything gone wrong from our side, you can write to us and we will make sure we get back to you asap.

Get a Natural Look with Pearl Beads

Everyone knows what pearl beads are. They are naturally everyone’s favorite. Mostly because of the look they give to us. They look so elegant and beautiful. When you have to go for some high-end function or event, you know your pearl necklace or pearl accessory will definitely help you out. Yes, you dress is perfect for the evening, but there is something missing. That is where you pearl jewelry walks in. people love wearing this and love to flaunt the pearl accessory which they have worn. And with the best of blessings, anything in pearl will never look back. After all, they are the pearl. People die to get the perfect pearl accessory which will drool them and leave them in wonder. You always have the right thought in your head. But somehow, you just cannot find that perfect and right accessory which you are looking out for. You know that there is something missing and you need to fill that hole up. Since you have the exact idea in your mind, your work is half done there. How about you try to create that perfect pearl jewelry out of your own pearl beads? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Of course, the question which follows up along with it is where will you find an accessory like that? Well, no problem.


All you have to do is go to our online store and search for pearl beads and you work is done right there. We have all the types of different pearl beads which you can hope for in all the colors and sizes and shapes. We have natural keshi pearl bead strands, flat round, antique white, with different measures, shell pearl beads strands which are polished and in grade A condition and round in shape with different beautiful colors which will leave you speechless and in awe, there are shell bead strands in imitation pearl beads which are as well round and thistle and in grade A condition, pearl beads in rice shape and which are colorful, and other such pearl beads which can literally just make you want more of them. Pearls have a natural look attached to them and you will not be surprised to pay a little extra for them either. So just go on our online store and look out for more of these pearl bead strands and enjoy your time making pearl jewelry at wherever you want.

Pamper yourself with best jelwery making supplies


Making jewelry is fun. Especially when you have to start from the scratch, you get to choose whatever you want. Once you know what do you want and how do you wish to make your own jewelry, you literally have everything in your mind sorted out about the jewelry. From which kind of beads do you want to the type of findings you have to find? Even the pendants along with what kind jewelry do you really wish to make? And let’s not forget about the kind of string material you will be in need of to actually start with the jewelry you will be making. Making or thinking about making jewelry is not that tough as much as it is to really find the jewelry making supplies. It can be a hectic work because you might not get everything that you have been thinking for. Now that should not be a problem for you anymore. Our website and online store has everything that you are asking for. In fact, you will feel that looking for jewelry making supplies couldn’t have been easier! Name anything that you want, and you will definitely find it.


The online store ranges at everything, from different types of beads like Austrian beads, European beads, lamp work beads to gemstone beads. All kinds of beads from all the colors and sizes and textures, you will be able to find all of those rights here with us. Not only beads, but there is a vast variety of jewelry boxes, jewelry display, tools, jewelry findings where you can find things like bead caps and cones and finding beads and clasps and everything else. The pendants and charms which we have to offer for you, you will be shocked and will want to have a collection of all of them. You will as well find everything that you have been looking for.


You can get bead containers for those extra beads and different types of cords to actually start your work with. How easy is it for you to now get everything that you desire for jewelry making supplies just right there in once click? You will be shocked to see everything that is there to offer and you will love it. You will keep on coming back for all the quality and quantity we have for you to offer in the best price and the offers.

Runite with your love for pendants


As a girl, you surely have immense love for pendants and charms and you could die to get your hands on them. Those cute little things are probably the best things you have owned since your childhood. Well to refresh your childhood memories and as well to have a complete new collection, we have an amazing collection of such pendants and charms. We have a complete big huge wholesale charms market which you will be amazed by. There are various types like the lamp work pendants, iron pendants, glass pendants, Tibetan style pendants, brass pendants, enamel pendants, locket pendants, shell pendants, bell pendants, plastic pendants, aluminum pendants, porcelain pendants, blown glass pendants, cat eye pendants, and other such more style pendants which will surely amaze you and leave you in wonder. How can you not think about having a collection of these? Start with your own collection. These pendants are attractive and will catch your eye the moment you see them. From bell pendants to plastic pendants, we have all the types which you would like and you would go for. Why would you want to miss out on any of those and miss out a good chance of collecting the best?


Wholesale charms have tons of pendants from which you can go for. From type A to type Z. you can choose whatever you want and get bunch load of those. The colors, well obviously they are patterns and have various colors in them. However, the finishing of the product is on point. You will not have to worry about that. In fact, you should be least worried about that. You will get your product in the best of quality. If you have ordered from us before, you would know how the quality for real is. However, if you wish to let us know about anything where we have gone wrong you can surely let us know and we will try our best to work over it. And how can you stop yourself from buying these pendants?  They are so pretty and beautiful and they can give an amazing finishing touch to your neck piece. Don’t give it a second thought! Just go ahead and check out what we have for you and you will not be disappointed for sure. If at all, you will just come back to our site for more because you love the way it looks on you.

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are popular around for centuries and many of us can’t decline the stylish trend of wearing choker necklaces. So today, I’ve got an easy tutorial on teaching you to make a white pearl beaded choker necklace with aluminum chain. The “hard” and “soft” combination makes the whole design cool but elegant. I really love the classic pearls along with the subtle hematite spikes. It’s so well to wear it with demure outfits and darker streetwear easily! Now check the below steps and have fun making your own!

Supplies you’ll need to make this pearl choker necklace:
aluminum chain
glass beads
hematite spike beads
crimp beads
3-strand necklace ends
tiger tail wire
lobster claw clasp
jewelry tools

1, add one chain on both end of the 3-strand necklace end with jumprings (remember to make the proper length as your desire.)
2, Attach a 2nd chain with a little longer length of the previous chain on necklace ends.
3, Slide through 1 crimp bead on tiger tail wire and a jumpring, and through it back into the crimp bead, then smash the crimp bead flat with crimp pliers.
4, Attach the jumpring on the necklace end and start threading pearl beads.
5, Start adding hematite spike where you’re close to the center of the wire and add 1 hematite spike, 1 pearl bead, another spike… until the center part is finished. Continue the rest by adding the pearl beads and connect the pearl strand with necklace end using a jumpring.

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace s

So you’re perfectly done! Time to show off this stylish white beaded choker necklace and never miss other great jewelry tutorials! Happy crafting!

Tutorial source: Chic Steals

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace.

Easter Jewelry Ideas

Are you looking for cute jewelry ideas for this Easter? Find below 6 inspirational projects for the theme occasion. Most of them are super easy, cheap, and quick to make. Only the raddish beaded earrings requires a little beading skills. Get beads and supplies and have a try now!

Easter Jewelry Ideas

Originally posted on: PandaHall blog

With the approaching Easter, you’ve must have almost everything prepared, Easter trees, decorated gardens, colored eggs and other ornaments! However, did you realize that there’s something more needed to be embellished? Yayy, yourself, or your kids! Apart from the colorful spring outfits, you should really DIY something fabulous to match with your over all look. See these homemade jewelry ideas for Easter, are they lovely and funny? Try to make some of these and I bet your family and friends will love and cherish the precious handmade holiday jewelry…

DIY Stamping Necklace

Do you love stamping jewelry? I never tried metal-stamping jewelry before, though it’s getting more and more popular now. Until I came cross this silver personalized one, I think I’m going to give it a go. The problem is I should get a set of metal stamping tools first. Letters might be not as that easy to be punched on the metal tag, I guess. So lots of practice should be made until you get it right. Take a look at tips on Minted Strawberry how Aki made it. PS: Jewelry making supplies, including metal stamping tools can all be found at Pandahall.
stamped-name-necklace stamped-name-necklace-8

Inspiration: 6 Gorgeous Necklace DIYs

Happy Wednesday! Today, I’d love to share 6 great necklace DIYs made by Evgeniy Slomintsev a customer from Pandahall. They’re all something big and bold. Anyway, I’m really a sucker for this necklace styles! I love wearing eye-catching accessories. Sometimes, matching it with an ordinary T-shirt can take your whole look to next level! I hope these 6 designs with corresponding jewelry making supplies listed can give your some inspiration!

Mix Turquoise Beads Necklace

Mix Turquoise Beads Necklace


Black Bib Statement Necklace

Black Bib Statement Necklace


Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace

Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace


Multi Strand Flower Necklace

multi strand flower necklace


Coral Bead Jewelry and Earrings Set

Coral Bead Jewelry and Earrings Set


Crystal Beaded Bib Necklace

Beaded Bib Necklace



btw, if you love these ideas, please do check out fancy beads at Enjoy!