Runite with your love for pendants


As a girl, you surely have immense love for pendants and charms and you could die to get your hands on them. Those cute little things are probably the best things you have owned since your childhood. Well to refresh your childhood memories and as well to have a complete new collection, we have an amazing collection of such pendants and charms. We have a complete big huge wholesale charms market which you will be amazed by. There are various types like the lamp work pendants, iron pendants, glass pendants, Tibetan style pendants, brass pendants, enamel pendants, locket pendants, shell pendants, bell pendants, plastic pendants, aluminum pendants, porcelain pendants, blown glass pendants, cat eye pendants, and other such more style pendants which will surely amaze you and leave you in wonder. How can you not think about having a collection of these? Start with your own collection. These pendants are attractive and will catch your eye the moment you see them. From bell pendants to plastic pendants, we have all the types which you would like and you would go for. Why would you want to miss out on any of those and miss out a good chance of collecting the best?


Wholesale charms have tons of pendants from which you can go for. From type A to type Z. you can choose whatever you want and get bunch load of those. The colors, well obviously they are patterns and have various colors in them. However, the finishing of the product is on point. You will not have to worry about that. In fact, you should be least worried about that. You will get your product in the best of quality. If you have ordered from us before, you would know how the quality for real is. However, if you wish to let us know about anything where we have gone wrong you can surely let us know and we will try our best to work over it. And how can you stop yourself from buying these pendants?  They are so pretty and beautiful and they can give an amazing finishing touch to your neck piece. Don’t give it a second thought! Just go ahead and check out what we have for you and you will not be disappointed for sure. If at all, you will just come back to our site for more because you love the way it looks on you.


More of beads when you go for wholesale beads


Tired of the prices that you are being charged for retail beads? Not to worry! We have an e-market of wholesale beads. Select the type you want and order in bulk if you feel like. We as well have a wide range of patterns and colors which you can select from. From these wholesale beads you can make the ornament you want and you feel like. Go ahead and make a masterpiece of your own. Flaunt it out in public and make people jealous of what you are making. The best part is that what you will have, what you have arranged and made for yourself no one else will be able to.  You will have the most unique style around and people will want exactly what you do. And the best part is that only you will know the secret. You can select a bunch and let us know if there is anything different that you want. People have different choices and we can understand the kind of beads which you would like to have.


The whole concept of wholesale is to order in bulk and we can give you what you are asking for. It is not that difficult to be disappointed and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed for sure. Not many online sites have an option to order for bulk. That is exactly where our site is different from the others. We can help you out with the wholesale beads concept and you can happily have the beads by your side. We have the best of beads that you can ask for. If you have previously ordered form our site, you will know the best of our quality. If any problem or anything, you can let us know and we can definitely help you out with it. The best is that you can find whatever you want over this site and you will like the fact that there are so many options you could choose from. There are more than just handful choices and you will like everything we have for you. The more beads you have, more options you have to make whatever you want. This will help you never run out of number of beads and you will always have your favorite beads around you. And in anyway, it is always better to have more number of beads than to regret not having them later.


Cabochons: an Integral Part of Your Jewelry Making Experience


Cabochons are one of the most used components for making various kinds of jewelry. They are polished but not faceted and usually come in convex shapes. Cabochons have been around for hundreds of years and are termed as a versatile object. It is only recently that stones are perfected using advanced technologies. On the other hand, Cabochons are usually not prepared by “cutting” rather they are made by a process called “cabbing”. This is not to say that they are not as good as other ornament making components. In fact, they are quite popular even today for transforming the complete look of the jewelry. However, cabochons don’t have a hole inside them in order to pass a wire or thread. This makes them a little bit complicated to work with. You can make a hole in to them yourself by using dremel. It is important to drill the hole carefully to avoid ruining of the material. The top of the cabochon is generally domed-shaped and the bottom is kept flat. This makes it easy to fit them in to the jewelry. You can also use glue or adhesive to fit them in the jewelry. The bottom is also not polished and is rough as compared to the top portion. Necklaces, rings, earrings have often prepared using cabochons to make them more attractive.

To make matters even better, Cabochons can be easily made at home. The whole process is barely time-consuming and surprisingly affordable. Glass cabochons are without a doubt the most popular among the numerous kinds available. They are transparent, clear and that makes them dazzling and shinning in appearance. The best quality about them is versatility in terms of size and shapes. This makes them a perfect choice to experiment with your creativity. They are well-known to add a timeless appeal to the jewelry and for that reason, they are pretty spectacular. Even today, when most advanced methods are used to cut and polish stones, the significance of cabochons cannot be neglected. For a more elegant and vintage look, gemstone cabochons can turn out to be a natural choice. They are most often used for preparing necklaces and earrings. What makes them even more superb is their striking appearance combined with sober design. Apart from that, cabochons are of many other types such as wood, metal, plastic and porcelain cabochons. Conclusively, cabochons are truly a great choice in your DIY jewelry making project.

Make Use of Wholesale Charms as Wine Glass Identifiers

wholesale charms Arranging and facilitating a dinner party can be fun, particularly if you want to add some twists to great dinner party equations. If you need to add an exceptional element to your next dinner party, to make your visitors feel special, try wholesale charms as wine glass identifiers. Making your own particular customized placeholder charms will make every one of your visitors feel special.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized placeholder charms which are observed at supper parties are mixed drink glass or wine glass charms. Whilst you can buy readymade adaptations of these charms, they can be costly and won’t be unique. It is really easy to make your own wine glass identifiers utilizing wholesale charms and a couple of jewelry making supplies. To set yourself up for the creation, pick some suitable charms from your nearby craft shop or from a Web beading website. There are bunches of distinctive charms to browse, however one cute idea is to purchase little photo frame charms which you can customize with each visitor’s own photograph. You will also require some gems wire, some delightful little beads and a hooped adornments finding which is sufficiently large to clip around the stem of the wine/cocktail drink glass which you are planning to use.

Hook a little length of gems wire onto your loop finding and afterward string selected beads onto this wire. Ensure that you leave about an inch or half an inch (a centimeter) free from beads toward the end of the wire, as you have to attach this onto one of your wholesale appeal. When you are content with your plan of beads, hook the open end of the wire onto the appeal with an eye hook like the one with you made at the other side. If you have utilized photo frame wholesale charms, just find a suitable photograph of your visitor, cut the photograph down to measure and after that space it into the frame.

It ought to be easy to put these wholesale charms on to the stems of your wine glasses, and it should be pretty much as simple to take them back off once more. These charms can help individuals to monitor which glass is theirs, implying that they don’t continue getting another glass each and every time they put their old one down. You can swap the photos for your next supper party if you have lot of visitors.

Grace Your Ornaments with Wholesale Charms

wholesale charms

Wholesale charms are available in wide variety of shapes and materials. Charms have a traditional reference. In olden days, people used to wear for good luck and avoid bad omens in life. But now, the tables have turned. It has become a fashion statement. Style your attire with amazing pendants and charms to improve your look. The charms are made from different materials such as gold, silver, gemstone, handmade lampwork, glass, pearl, zircon, ceramic, pewter, plastic and cloisonné. Charms are used for jewelry making and also for body piercings. A lady at home understanding fundamentals of art and crafts can learn fashionable jewelry making techniques. Nowadays, it’s not difficult. With advanced internet solutions, you can learn jewelry making by watching videos and tutorials.

Buy wholesale charms to realize your dreams. Pendants and charms add a great appeal to ornaments like necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Designers embellish necklaces with tiny charms to accentuate the charm of the jewelry item.

Ceramic Wholesale Charms

Mostly, we have seen charms made from ceramic as they are light and handy. Many reasonably priced, ceramic charms are available in many designs. College going students love wearing charms. A wide variety of charms such as flower shaped, animal shaped, religious charms, geometric shapes, and many more attract you.

Match charms with your attire-

If you love to dress up, stylish charms may help you. Multicolored bracelets are in fashion. Today, love to buy multicolored ornaments that match with all the dresses. Wholesale charms are used to make such attractive multicolored bracelets. Designers join different colored charms of attractive shapes together to make unique bracelets. Heart shaped silver charms are very popular as a token of love.

Isn’t it a great idea? You look more fashionable and trendy within your friend circle.

Handmade charms-

What is so special about them? Yes, there is. You can explore a wide exclusive range of personalized wholesale charms at affordable prices. They are made with great dedication and alertness to create a wonderful piece of art.

Talking about pewter charms, Pewter is metal alloy used in British to make household items. It is also used to make charms that seems to very attractive. Crafters design good luck charms, religious charms, and geometrical shaped charms from pewter. Whether you say bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, charms are used for every ornament. We can also name toe rings, anklets, or finger rings which are embellished with attractive charms.

Creating Ethnic Jewelry Articles with Wholesale Charms

wholesale charms

One of the best things that can be created by the wholesale charms is the custom made jewelry articles which can be prepared in such a huge variety of designs with the jewelry pieces that are available. One of the popular styles that can be created by the wholesale charms du jour is the “ethnic” jewelry. It is really easy to make using the wholesale charms. The charms are very popular in different areas around the world and a lot of people believe in the fact that the charms will bring good luck in their life. The varieties of charms have different meanings to different people. Though we do not know the truthfulness behind the faith and beliefs of people, but these charms are definitely exquisite pieces of jewelry articles which will impress you. The charms portray cultural awareness of different places and make us familiar with their virtues and beliefs.

The wholesale charms that are selected for different ethnic jewelry is available in the retail stores and shops but do not come from the area that it represents. But the cost of the jewelry articles remains the same as much as it would have been if it was an international purchase. So you won’t need to spend such a huge amount of money on the purchase of such articles. If you have a fetish for such articles, it is not all a difficult task to create those articles at your home.

The wholesale charms that you choose for the preparation of ethnic jewelry is very much dependant on the countries that you are looking to evoke. For instances, some of the charms are very much popular in china but they are not known in other parts of the world. If you wish to evoke Asia, you need to have wholesale charms like elephants, or the gods and goddesses of Hindu culture. To complement the choices of your charms, you need to make proper choices regarding the beads and jewelry fastenings that will be perfectly suitable with the charms. The earthy colored wooden beads may present the African aura while the red, blue or purple colored charms in addition to the bronze and silver portrays the reminiscence of south East Asia. If you want to create a fusion piece, you can definitely try out your hand by mixing different styles together into one single design.

Use Wholesale Charms to Enhance Your Jewelry Designs

wholesale charmsAs the name says wholesale charms are used to enhance the charm of jewelry items. Charms are decorative elements of an ornament that enhance the value of lovely creations of designers and improve the overall look of the person who wears it. Charms can be embellished on bracelets and anklets beautifully. The biggest USP of charms is that they have never been out of fashion. Introduction of new and versatile designs and materials have let charms to a trend and fashion statement. Charms of a larger size are used as pendants to make necklaces and earrings. For creating affordable jewelry, it is a rational decision to wholesale charms of different and unique designs to create multiple ornaments at affordable prices.

Women irrespective of age love wearing exquisite jewelry stuff. Teenage girls love funky and trendy jewelry whereas women love more sophisticated and classy jewelry. Wholesale charms can be easily customized to create amazing jewelry items for all ages. Earlier around 17th   century charms were not used as jewelry supply but were considered as a symbol of luck and protection. Charms include alloy pedants, shell pendants, cat eye pendants, gemstone pendants, foil glass pendants, plastic pendants, glass pendants, Tibetan style pendants, prayer pendants, aluminum pendants, lampwork pendants, iron pendants, porcelain pendants, pearl pendants and rhinestone pendants.

Types of wholesale charms-

Heart shaped charms – Beautifully designed heart charms are available in different materials such as clay, foil glass, glass, brass and Tibetan style. You can buy heart charms in different colors and sizes online at affordable prices. You can gift attractive charms to someone special, friends or family.

Butterfly wholesale charms- Another piece of attraction are butterfly charms that look splendid when you wear it as charms in your necklaces or bracelets. Butterflies are very pleasant to look at that brings a smile at your face. Butterfly charms signify life, positivity, rejuvenation, happy beginning and prosperity.

Geometrical shapes- Wholesale charms are also available in different types of geometrical shapes such as round, rectangle, abacus, oval, tear shaped, or many other shapes. They look attractive and symmetrical available in different colors to match your attire.

Flower charms – Flower shapes are very popular in designing jewelry for all ages. Flowers symbolize freshness, happiness, love and friendship. To gift jewelry embellished with flower charms is perfect for all kinds of occasions. Charms enhance the beauty of the ornament by adding elegance and grace. Women enjoy wearing bracelets decorate with tiny charms of different materials.

Wholesale Charms that you can Consider for Your Designs

Wholesale Charms In the present market there are huge number of decorative products that are available for creating different jewelry articles and crafting. But, few articles are really fun to work with. It is essential for a jeweler to create different articles that have good sale. In simple terms, it is the duty of a designer to be aware of the present trends of the market and create designs accordingly that generate sell. Wholesale charms are such decorative items that have been in use for centuries. They have the same attraction that the charms had in the old days and thus, the wholesale charms are never out of fashion. They are a safe item to be used for the designers in their creations, but it is also important for them to select the proper varieties of charms to create unique piece of jewelry articles.

The wholesale charms are available in different varieties of sizes, shapes and colors. They are prepared from different materials to match up with the different designs of jewelry styles. They can be categorically used in almost each and every designer jewelry articles and the only reason is they help in creating individualization and more beauty in appearance. They may not be able to offer functionality but they are one of the most popular jewelry embellishments in the present market. The different types of charms that you can opt for have been listed below:

Medical charms: This is perfectly suitable for medical professionals as these charms come in different unique shapes like stethoscopes, syringes, reflex hammers, medical charts etc.

Butterfly charms: These have been really popular as they draw the attention of a huge number of customers. There is a symbolic representation of the butterfly charms as they not only depict renewal but also the initialization of a new beginning.

Heart charms: These charms are really common gifts that are presented to your loved or special ones. These charms are mostly used to express the love.

Flower charms: These charms are preferable for teenagers as it can symbolize happiness, a friendly gesture or a life full of love.

Pewter charms: If you want to create an antique look to your designed articles, the pewter charms are the best way to do so. These are especially suitable for bracelets or necklaces that are worn by the common people in their daily life.

Imagine the different and varied designs that you can create with these charms? You are only limited by your own imagination and creative instincts!

Keep These Things in Mind While Looking for Wholesale Charms

When we speak about jewelry making, we make sure we are having the right kinds of supplies in hand to complete our master piece. There are tons of decorations available that are used by the jewelry designers to make creative jewelry items for sale. Some of these jewelry designers make the use of charms and add in their jewelry items to make them look more appealing. These charms are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they can be used in creating very attractive and impressive jewelry items. To make jewelry with these you can go for the wholesale charms.

charmsNot only they are diverse when it comes to the shapes and sizes but they are also made from different kinds of materials. Being a designer, you should know how to use the supplies for jewelry making in the right way. This is the same case with the wholesale charms. In this article, I will tell you about the various types of charms and how to shop for them.

  • Gold Charms- These charms are plated with gold water and they have the base made up of some other metal. The charms like these are a bit expensive so buying them individually would be best instead of wholesale.
  • Brass Charms- Combining the wood glass beads with the brass charms you can create pretty attractive jewelry items.
  • Tibetan Silver Charms- The Tibetan silver charms do not have much of the sterling silver in them but they are relatively cheap. They have got a touch of silver and they are very unique in appearance.
  • Silver Charms- These are the most commonly found charms and they are used in a lot of jewelry items. They are almost made from sterling silver. If you are allergic to sterling silver then you might want to quit the use of these silver charms.
  • Plastic Charms- These are also made from the most common plastic and are used in the usual jewelry items. Usually jewelry for kids is made from plastic wholesale charms.
  • Pewter Charms- This is a kind of metal that may not be suitable to use in any kind of jewelry design. If you are interested in having antique jewelry items then these can be used.
  • Wood Charms- Wooden charms have always been popular among the people for making jewelry items. Due to the variety of types and sizes, making creative and funky jewelry is not at all hard to do.

While you are about to buy the wholesale charms you need to keep in mind some things that will make you buy the quality ones. Make sure that the charms you are buying are the ones you require for your jewelry items. Before buying the charms you need to make sure first what kind of jewelry item you are going to make. For buying the wholesale charms, you need to check out the return policy and the terms and conditions of the particular website. You want to save money not double the expenditure. Choose the website wisely and buy the ones which you require.

Guide For Purchasing Wholesale Charms

Charms are meant for defining your personality as they tell what your interests or likes are. If you are seeing some girl wearing a charm bracelet where musical instruments are hanging, then you would probably think she likes music. That is because that’s what these charms define. You can find charms in different variety such as animals, shoes and accessories, books, birds and just about any other type you like.

If you are newly working with charms, I would recommend you to choose the wholesale charms. These charms are usually sold in the set of 20 to 150. You must be sure about what type of charms you are looking for before you actually buy the set. Another most essential thing is to consider your budget.

wholesale charmsHere I have mentioned some important factors that you need to keep in mind while you are about to choose the wholesale charms:

  • Appearance

Appearance of the charms is important because they define your personality. You will be making charm brackets and necklaces for your customers so appearance cannot be neglected. You will firstly have to consider the shape of the charm. They are available in different shapes and you will need most of them because you are making jewelry for others. They can include accessories, music charms, books and more. The next thing that matters is color and you will find these charms in large colorful options. Size of the charm is the next thing that is going to matter. You can find them in large and small sizes easily. Large ones can be used for giving a bolder statement. They can be a perfect choice for necklaces as the small ones usually fit the bracelets.

  • Material

When you will explore the markets, you are going to find the wholesale charms in a number of metal types. Keep in mind the material you choose is going to influence the durability of your final product. The kind of material in which charms can be found include glass, stone, wood, plastic, silver and even gold. The type of material you choose for making charms is going to decide the price of your charm necklace or bracelet. Only purchase expensive charms if you know you will find customers who would be interested in buying these expensive charm bracelets or necklaces otherwise, they will just keep on lying there in the stock and nobody would buy them.

  • Latch

The way charms are worn can be different than what you expect. Charms come in latches and these latches help you up in positioning the charms. Before you buy wholesale charms, it is recommended that you ask the seller how the charms are attached to the actual bracelets.

With these important considerations, you will come up with the right supply of charms for your bracelet. Be careful how to use them to make nice pieces of bracelets and necklaces to sell further. Just be sure the quality is good and they are attached nicely. You can make more money if you offer customized charm bracelet and necklaces.