Cabochons Are Unique


Cabochons are something that are vividly different from all the other beads that are present overall. They have a very different touch to it and you can instantly recognize what kind of beads are they from the rest. For those who are into jewelry a lot, they are obviously the ones who as well follow fashion a lot. They love to experiment with colors and that is exactly where cabochons become challenging. You definitely will find them in various colors and shapes and styles, but there are people who still go for cabochons. Being in fashion has its own advantage. Hence you will have to make sure that you abide by your trends and everything that you follow in fashion and jewelry. before we get into the details of what kind of cabochons are there on our online store, let us talk about how you can place an order.


It’s not very difficult to place an order. Just go to our online store, and start placing whichever types of beads you want into your virtual shopping bag. Once you are done placing things in your virtual shopping bags, what you can do next is just proceed to payment and we will get these beads or anything related to jewelry you want to you. There are various types of cabochons like glass cabochons, resin cabochons, gemstone cabochons, glass rhinestone cabochons, acrylic rhinestone cabochons, plastic cabochons, cat eye cabochons, dichroic glass cabochons, porcelain cabochons, woven cabochons, shell cabochons, polymer clay cabochons, metal cabochons, lamp work cabochons, millefiori glass cabochons, and wooden cabochons. All of these types of cabochons can be found in various shapes like alphabet, human, clothes, rabbit, vehicle, bear, ladybug, rectangle, beetle, fruit, heart, bees, bird, bottle, flower, snowflake, tree, umbrella, animal, flat round, own, duck, number, mushroom, star, sock, frog, rectangle, drop, square, eye, lip, fish, and many other shapes. All that you have to do is sit there on your couch and place an order. You won’t even have to walk out from your room or even your bathroom for what matter.


This is perhaps the most convenient way to shop online. There is not much time that it takes and there is not too much effort either. You just have to sit back and relax and wait till you are done ordering. The rest of the part will be taken care by us and nothing by you.


Seed Beads Save The Day

seedbeadsSeed beads, popularly known as the pixie beads, have a really beautiful texture when paired up probably and made into jewelry. We have various types of jewelry and you can find all of them on our online store. Everything about jewelry, you can find all the material on our online store. People who love making jewelry, you are going to have a blast on our store. In fact, people keep on coming back to us and see how much we have updated our store so that they can buy more things and update their collection. You would be surprised to know how much people love making their own jewelry. There are so many types of seed beads that you should have a look at. If you are the kind of person who loves seed beads, this is the perfect article for you because that is all that we are going to talk about over here. Seed beads are always in demand, and it is only because of people like you love collecting these seed beads. It is fun to make jewelry out of these beads and you will love the beads, so do not worry about it.


There are various types of beads like round seed beads, bugle beads, two cut seed beads, fringe seed beads, and other such seed beads. You can get these beads in various colors too. In fact, these beads are in really good quality. Those who have ordered rom us before know exactly what we are talking about. However, if you ever face a problem from our side or are not happy with our services, you can write to us and we will revert back to you as soon as possible. It is just so weird isn’t it? now you can even order jewelry supplies just right there sitting on your couch. Just get our laptop, or your cellphone, or your tablet our, go on our online store ad start ordering. Just in one click, you can order anything and everything you want from our store. You can even get beads of different sizes. All that you have to do is just write it in the search bar and you will get whatever, anything and everything that you want. Have fun looking into our variants that we have you will have fun experimenting with it and making your own jewelry and wearing it around.

Benefits Of Whoelsale Beads








Wholesale beads are probably the best thing ever; you can always go for them with your eyes closed. Wholesale beads give you the opportunity to never really run out of beads and always have them by your side whenever you need them. There are so many various beads that you can choose from. With time, we will tell you all about it. For now we have something else in mind. We wanted to tell you how you can benefit from these wholesale beads. The best part about wholesale beads is that you will have a small collection of your own. With changing trends, there is always a possibility that you will run out of the beads or maybe the store you buy from will run out of the beads that you want. That is exactly where the work of wholesale beads walks in. What you can do is buy the beads that you like in wholesale and keep them in store. Always make sure that you order extra. Because when you go back to order them, you never know if you will get them again or not. Another benefit of having these wholesale beads is that many a times you lose these beads. Either your kids start paying with them or then they are nowhere to be found or maybe you just keep on losing them one by one.

In such situations it is very essential that you have a good amount of backup. Just like how we spoke about beads going out of stock, the colors, shapes and sizes are the main issue. That is exactly where people end up regretting the most. The one batch of color may or may not be similar to the next batch. So why take the risk? You can always buy them in wholesale and you are the one who will completely benefit from them. Apart form all of this, if you ever have complained or some issue with us, feel absolutely free to write to us. We can help you out in the best of way possible. We will revert back to you as soon as possible and fix the problem that is there. People till date have been satisfied with our service and we hope you will be too. However, if you have ordered from us before, you know how well our service is and you know that you can rely on us.

wholesale beads now at our online store


Only people who like to have things in a huge bundle will understand the meaning of going for the wholesale beads option rather than going for retail. There are various types of wholesale options in real. You can mix and batch the colors of a particular bead type or you can mix the types of beads as well. There is more than just one option to go for when it comes to wholesale. And the best part is that when it comes to wholesale, you will probably never fall short of beads at least for a short period of time. You can have ample amount of them with you and you can happily enjoy making your jewelry at a constant place where you are at. Wholesale markets out there are very few and if there are any, they are somewhere in the nooks and corners of the city. What if we give you the idea of ordering them at your place? With just one click, you can have a bunch of wholesale beads right there at your place. Our online store can give you exactly what you are looking out for. There are so many various types of beads which you can just order online.


You can go for a full mixed tube which we have on our online store where you get a box which has various different colors neatly arranged in it or you can get different other types of beads like acrylic beads, bone and cinnabar beads, clay beads, cubic zirconia, European beads, resin beads, seed and bugle beads, shell and pearl beads, wood and nut beads, Tibetan style beads, lamp work beads, and other such beads which will catch your attention. Imagine the amount of different types of jewelry which you will be able to make? Each of these wholesale beads have different texture and different color which will only make you want more after a while. The beads are one of a kind and you will notice that we never compromise on the quality. The quality is class apart and not something that you will find anywhere. All the types of beads can be found here. And if you have ordered from us previously, you will know that we never give up on our type of quality which we can provide you with. It is always in the best of conditions and you will ask for more

More of beads when you go for wholesale beads


Tired of the prices that you are being charged for retail beads? Not to worry! We have an e-market of wholesale beads. Select the type you want and order in bulk if you feel like. We as well have a wide range of patterns and colors which you can select from. From these wholesale beads you can make the ornament you want and you feel like. Go ahead and make a masterpiece of your own. Flaunt it out in public and make people jealous of what you are making. The best part is that what you will have, what you have arranged and made for yourself no one else will be able to.  You will have the most unique style around and people will want exactly what you do. And the best part is that only you will know the secret. You can select a bunch and let us know if there is anything different that you want. People have different choices and we can understand the kind of beads which you would like to have.


The whole concept of wholesale is to order in bulk and we can give you what you are asking for. It is not that difficult to be disappointed and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed for sure. Not many online sites have an option to order for bulk. That is exactly where our site is different from the others. We can help you out with the wholesale beads concept and you can happily have the beads by your side. We have the best of beads that you can ask for. If you have previously ordered form our site, you will know the best of our quality. If any problem or anything, you can let us know and we can definitely help you out with it. The best is that you can find whatever you want over this site and you will like the fact that there are so many options you could choose from. There are more than just handful choices and you will like everything we have for you. The more beads you have, more options you have to make whatever you want. This will help you never run out of number of beads and you will always have your favorite beads around you. And in anyway, it is always better to have more number of beads than to regret not having them later.


Wholesale Beads: Manage Your Jewelry Making Expenses


Wholesale beads are a great idea to save money when it comes to ornament-making. This becomes even more important if you have a business of making jewelry. Purchasing wholesale beads ensure you cut down on the cost by a fair margin and this saving can be pretty useful.  The more you buy the chances of getting a bargain in cost also increases. It is no denying the fact that the sole purpose of any business is to make a profit. So, it is a smart idea to purchase wholesale beads to make the best possible profit. On the other hand, even if you are not buying for a jewelry making business, choosing wholesale beads is an intelligent plan in normal cases too. Beads are an integral part of an ornament and without it, they are incomplete. In fact, adding stylish and classy beads give a whole new look to your jewelry. The transformation can be pretty spectacular if you use the right kind of beads in your project. Therefore, it is really significant to prepare a basic plan prior to starting the work.  There are various shapes, sizes, designs and textures available in case of beads. Decide what kind of design and color you like the most and choose accordingly. Also, remember quantity of beads you are going to need and the budget of the complete project.

Different types of famous beads are- crystal beads, glass beads, wood beads, metal beads, et cetera. Each of these types has a unique quality in giving the finest possible jewels to you. Glass beads are one of the oldest and most popular forms of beads. They are an impeccable choice for a high-end product. They help to give a luxurious and sober feel to the jewelry. Whether you are making a ring, bracelet, or necklace, pick glass beads without a doubt. However, if you are looking for something lightweight and durable, Acrylic Beads are perfect for you. Wood beads add a natural and sophisticated appearance. In addition to that, they are very lightweight and are widely used by fashion aficionados. Making jewelry with your own hands is a different thing altogether. It has that extraordinary quality of a hand-made product. The satisfaction you feel when wearing an ornament on which you have worked pretty hard is a truly special feeling. Moreover, this feeling becomes even more satisfactory when you gift this jewelry to your loved ones. This gift of an ornament will act as an exceptional bond in your mutual relationship!

Buy wholesale Jewelry Supplies Online to Grab High Discounts

wholesale jewelry supplies

Whenever you start a venture to follow your hobby professionally, you need determination, honesty, hard work and patience. It is your first and the foremost responsibility to gain knowledge about the industry you are interested in going ahead and how to go about your business. If you are beginner in jewelry making industries, you have to be clear with some facts. Jewelry making is an art pursued with high level of creativity to introduce new trends in the market. There is lot of competition in the market domestically and internationally. To be popular, you need to add innovation and creativity beyond imagination with the help of wholesale jewelry supplies.

If you are approaching local suppliers for acquiring wholesale jewelry supplies, it may limit you with local materials of beads, tools, clasps, charms, chains, jewelry boxes, threading tools, bead caps, head pins, bead spacers and many more from local and national suppliers. But if you buy online jewelry supplies, you can explore great varieties of designs available in different parts of the world. Belonging to a different nation, a jewelry designer can have access to European beads, Czech glass beads, jade beads, Swarovski crystal beads, and many more exported world over.

With online wholesale jewelry supplies, you can procure them in bulk; you can get them at the lowest wholesale rate. Not only the cost factor that influences you to buy online, you stay updated the new designs and materials being launched in the market first, giving you an advantage to use them and set a trend in the market. For example, the use of painted wooden beads have recently hit the market and become popular world over.

The deals for pyrite beads and turquoise beads can give designers an opportunity to create new necklaces, bracelets and earrings to launch in the market. Local suppliers and dealers do not offer high discounts to the buyers leading to a high profit margin. Whereas, when you purchase online, you get high discounts with the use of daily coupons and deals. You can save your time, money and effort by procuring wholesale jewelry supplies online.

The online jewelry websites also helps the designers with information in form of daily newsletters, latest and yearly catalogue that inspire them to create new designs at affordable rates. The jewelry supplies sold online are of made of high quality material allowing you to choose from a wide range of categories of beads and other supplies.

Affordable Wholesale Jewelry Supplies for Budding Designers

wholesale jewelry suppliesAs the world is becoming smaller with the use of internet technologies, it has created a platform for people to express their talent and earn good money from it. Like lives examples of music, singing and entertainment, the art of jewelry making has also evolved as a rinsing venture. People who enjoyed jewelry making as a hobby are turning into as ambitious entrepreneurs and supplying jewelry online. This has inspired budding designers to grow and enter into an upcoming industry. Countries globally are ready to take new ideas, styles of wearing and making jewelry with the help of internet technologies.

This article is a guide for budding designers who interested in making stunning jewelry and creating new trends. Firstly, you need to know how to make jewelry and what wholesale jewelry supplies you need to make jewelry. Anything which you are using to make jewelry is a part of jewelry supplies. Whether you say beads, bead caps, bead tips, needles, adhesives, chains, rings, clasps, stringing materials, tools, jewelry boxes, pliers, threads, and many more, are collectively used to make jewelry.

Type of wholesale jewelry supplies-

  • Clasps – toggles and clasps are the last items of wholesale jewelry supplies. They are used to close the jewelry item with extreme finish. There are different types of clasps available in the market at fair prices such as magnetic clasps, lobster claps, hook clasps, box clasps and barrel clasps. Recently, magnetic clasps have become extremely popular due to its economical use. It is safe, convenient, and easy to use.
  • Earrings findings- What do you need to make an earring? You need some sterling silver beads, wire, pliers, fish hook wires, needle, clutch backs, and ear clips to make a beautiful earring. Earrings are an important component that enhances a woman’s personality. Even if you don’t wear a necklace, a pair of earrings can change your persona. You can buy different kinds of earrings such as studs, hanging earrings, hoops, and many more to accentuate your personality.
  • Pliers – Pliers are part of jewelry making tools used for tightening, bending wires, reach points and stabilize a pattern. There are different types of pliers available serving different purposes such as chain nose pliers, curved chain nose pliers, end cutting pliers, crimping pliers, flat nose pliers, gem setting pliers, flush cutters, nylon jaw pliers, memory wire shears, round nose pliers and many more. Specialized scissors are also used for precise cutting fine materials and beading.

How to make the most of Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

wholesale jewelry suppliesIf you are new in the world of jewelry making then, you need to know how to make the most of your new found hobby. It is essential to avail the best value for money because you sure would not want to break the bank. The best way to do that is purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies. If you make wholesale purchase, you can save up to 50% of the overall cost and also make sure that the quality of your purchase has not been compromised. Here are a few tips that will definitely help you to make the most of wholesale jewelry supplies in your new hobby.

The first thing that you need is finding a reputable wholesale supplier. Though there are a lot o wholesale suppliers who have the warehouse spaces for visiting but most of the reputable wholesale suppliers run the web based companies. As the wholesale supplies are available at such low prices, it can be said to be the best option for the newbies who are just starting their business of jewelry designing. If you purchase wholesale, right from the start, you will not end up wasting a lot of money if you are not able to maintain the business for a long period of time.

Buying wholesale jewelry supplies provide you with the option of availing all the necessary articles at one place which will save a lot of time for you. And with the savings that you make from the wholesale purchase, you can even consider it in investing on other necessary articles for your jewelry designing business. It is really a fun to check out the online database and catalogs of different wholesale dealers to look what they have in stock and also compare their prices. This will help you in getting new ideas for different designs for the future jewelry making projects.

Another advantageous feature of buying the wholesale jewelry supplies is you can easily turn your hobby into business. You will be prepared to begin immediately and turn your investment into profit by creating beautiful designs with the jewelry supplies. Wholesale purchase allows getting the items in bulk and this ensures that you will have the necessary things for making jewelry articles at all times. And the low margin profits will help you in selling the articles at considerable prices for your customers making your labor worthwhile.

Use Wholesale Charms to Enhance Your Jewelry Designs

wholesale charmsAs the name says wholesale charms are used to enhance the charm of jewelry items. Charms are decorative elements of an ornament that enhance the value of lovely creations of designers and improve the overall look of the person who wears it. Charms can be embellished on bracelets and anklets beautifully. The biggest USP of charms is that they have never been out of fashion. Introduction of new and versatile designs and materials have let charms to a trend and fashion statement. Charms of a larger size are used as pendants to make necklaces and earrings. For creating affordable jewelry, it is a rational decision to wholesale charms of different and unique designs to create multiple ornaments at affordable prices.

Women irrespective of age love wearing exquisite jewelry stuff. Teenage girls love funky and trendy jewelry whereas women love more sophisticated and classy jewelry. Wholesale charms can be easily customized to create amazing jewelry items for all ages. Earlier around 17th   century charms were not used as jewelry supply but were considered as a symbol of luck and protection. Charms include alloy pedants, shell pendants, cat eye pendants, gemstone pendants, foil glass pendants, plastic pendants, glass pendants, Tibetan style pendants, prayer pendants, aluminum pendants, lampwork pendants, iron pendants, porcelain pendants, pearl pendants and rhinestone pendants.

Types of wholesale charms-

Heart shaped charms – Beautifully designed heart charms are available in different materials such as clay, foil glass, glass, brass and Tibetan style. You can buy heart charms in different colors and sizes online at affordable prices. You can gift attractive charms to someone special, friends or family.

Butterfly wholesale charms- Another piece of attraction are butterfly charms that look splendid when you wear it as charms in your necklaces or bracelets. Butterflies are very pleasant to look at that brings a smile at your face. Butterfly charms signify life, positivity, rejuvenation, happy beginning and prosperity.

Geometrical shapes- Wholesale charms are also available in different types of geometrical shapes such as round, rectangle, abacus, oval, tear shaped, or many other shapes. They look attractive and symmetrical available in different colors to match your attire.

Flower charms – Flower shapes are very popular in designing jewelry for all ages. Flowers symbolize freshness, happiness, love and friendship. To gift jewelry embellished with flower charms is perfect for all kinds of occasions. Charms enhance the beauty of the ornament by adding elegance and grace. Women enjoy wearing bracelets decorate with tiny charms of different materials.