Jewelry Making Supplies With Vastly Diverse categories And Collections


Wholesale jewelry supplies have become absolutely easy to procure wherever in the world you may be situated with free shipping provided by sites hosting the largest collections. There might be a threshold with purchases over that qualifying for the free shipping. When you have a design ready and are looking out for converting it into reality, the online store is the most simplest and efficient means of getting each of the components for your design. You will find no problem in finding the exact matching components that you have in mind.

The store has a whole lot of stuff to offer such as jewelry making videos. And of course, jewelry making supplies also include jewelry items that are already finished and ready for making a gift at short notice. Fashion jewelry are available at great discounts and you will find that making a purchase of a ready item is as tempting even when you are only looking at getting components for your design. When you see discounts of over 50 percent and the splendid designs listed under such discounts, you will find it irresistible. However, given the sheer competitiveness of the prices, you will never feel that you have spent a considerable sum.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry supplies have become absolutely easy to procure wherever in the world you may be situated with free shipping provided by sites hosting the largest collections. There might be a threshold with purchases over that qualifying for the free shipping. When you have a design ready and are looking out for converting it into reality, the online store is the most simplest and efficient means of getting each of the components for your design. You will find no problem in finding the exact matching components that you have in mind.

The store has a whole lot of stuff to offer such as jewelry making videos. And of course, jewelry making supplies also include jewelry items that are already finished and ready for making a gift at short notice. Fashion jewelry are available at great discounts and you will find that making a purchase of a ready item is as tempting even when you are only looking at getting components for your design. When you see discounts of over 50 percent and the splendid designs listed under such discounts, you will find it irresistible. However, given the sheer competitiveness of the prices, you will never feel that you have spent a considerable sum.


Grab Wholesale Buttons In Hundreds Of Shapes And In Widest Material Choice


Wholesale buttons come in standard shapes such as a flat round and a half round. Regular innovative shapes are available such as a flower and a heart while creatively exuberant shapes such as clothes, vehicles and sports goods are among the best ways to turn a regular jewelry into something extra special. Among clothes, you can get gloves, while among vehicles you can get cars and sailing boats. Among the car-shaped ones are acrylic shank buttons dyed dark red and about 17 mm in length. In addition to their standard use as buttons, they can also be used as embellishments. These beautiful shapes are available at $0.78 for 100 pieces with a discount that is well over 50 percent.

There are quite a number of rabbit-shaped wholesale buttons with fifty different designs. Predominantly, they are made of acrylic shank with a few plastic shank ones. They are available in a wide assortment of colors such as pink, dark red, medium purple and magenta. You can pick up over 400 of these at a little over $4. You can use them as buttons or as button closures. Mixed color pieces are especially attractive and come at $5 for 400 pieces.


Similarly enticing are the sheep-shaped wholesale buttons with the dark red ones standing out in attracting the eye. These shape faces are quite a bargain at just under $0.60 for a package of 100 pieces. Equally attractive are those colored cornflower blue and green-yellow. If you want a real small and stylish selection, you will find it in the ladybug shape. For those who love dogs, there are four buttons  for clothes design.

If plastic does not appeal to you too much, you can opt for wooden buttons with all the extraordinary shapes. Butterflies with two holes and dyed as well as printed in mixed colors are exemplary additions to your collection at $2.50 for 100 pieces. Dot polka designs are available at $1.75 for 50 pieces. Simpler burlywood buttons can be purchased at under $19 for 1000 pieces.

The other shapes that are available among the wood collection are horse, cat, elephant, fish, deer and musical instruments. Among the other materials are acrylic, resin, shell and button. Coconut buttons are enticing with their coffee and brown colors in all the regular shapes as well as unique ones such as bear and bowknot. Assorted buttons consist of materials like black agate and picture jasper.

Bring The Beauty Of Wood Beads To Your Jewelry Collection


Wood beads have a richness when coated by glossy colors that makes for sensational jewelry designs. The beat online stores ensure that these colors and the products are free of lead. In addition to having mixed colors, wood beads can also have prints on them. They are available in the standard sizes that beads are usually available in. Some of these beads are ideal to be gifted to children with animal shapes with larger models also suitable as pendants. The shapes that are available are round, oval and flat round.

Abacus-shaped wood beads are one of the simplest designs. They can be used to add attraction to a necklace or bracelet. Coffee or coconut-brown colored pieces are exceptional whereas all the colors assembled together in a mixed-color ornament would have quite a smashing appeal. Abacus pieces are either in opaque and spray=painted style or in fancy drawing style. Barrel-shaped pieces are an elongation of the abacus shape, providing more scope for artistic designs such as prints. Barrels can also have faceted designs on them. A variation of the barrel is the rondelle shape. Colors such as Camellia and deepsky blue are very attractive among the rondelle colors while brown and burly wood give a very organic appearance. They are available with a drilled hole or with no hole. When the rondelle is made without a hole, it can be used for earrings. The donut shape can be used to form a linking ring, with their wider holes.


Among the interesting wood beads are bowknots which are suitable for children. Angel and fairy shapes are very unique and make up great-looking pendants. The beads are also available as signs such as letters of the alphabet. Column-shaped pieces have a simple appearance but pack quite a punch with their structural symmetry. With mixed colors, the columns get added attractiveness. Some more of the unique shapes are those of musical instruments, food, shoes, vase and vehicle. The styles include opaque and drawbench, and opaque and spray-painted.

With many offers and discounts, you are always bound to get a satisfied feeling when building up your jewelry workshop. Most offers are more than 50 percent off with many promotions and new arrivals making their appearances regularly. Small lots are also available if you do not want hundreds of pieces. The best seller picks are always the most exciting with awesome designs coming up on top as they wow people around the world.

Get Resplendent With Awesome Rhinestone Beads


Rhinestone beads can be picked from a large number of shape and color options. Resin, clay, brass and alloy are among the materials that are used to make them. Within alloy and brass, you can select from over ten metallic colors such as silver, antique silver, antique bronze, antique golden, light gold, rose gold, gunmetal, red copper and mixed color. The color of the rhinestone itself can range from crystal, sapphire, aquamarine, peridot, light amethyst, light sapphire, light rose and many more. Tube beads are fabricated from combinations of materials such as alloy and rhinestone, brass and rhinestone, polymer clay and glass rhinestone, and stainless steel in combination with rhinestone.

The shape of rhinestone beads can be opted over rondelle, column, round, oval, flat round, horse eye, drop, rhombus, square, heart, moon, nuggets and many more. Those made from resin can have extra-vibrant colors while having a soft touch. The sparkle of colorful resin beads can contribute to quite a special ornament that captures the magic of the brightness of light. With all the colors of the rainbow in a resplendent string, you will radiate a playful and ebullient persona when sporting these color-infused beads. Each color combination has its own unique attraction which makes rhinestone beads a must-have accessory when you feel energetic and full of life and want to project the same in your appearance.


When you get down to select these incredibly-attractive beads, you will not be able to give any option the go-by. You can go in for smaller orders of 20 beads over a wide range of designs and have them all ready for stringing up a magnetic jewelry accessory for each day of the week as well as each of those weekend or special occasions. You will fall in love with the magic that colors and combinations of colors create in these beads that have so many options of being out together that it is really an abundance of creative celebration.

Those made from clay have a great specialness which makes you feel exactly that when wearing earrings or necklaces made of them. You can choose beads having bigger holes for the ability to string up a quick jewelry piece. Be it clay or alloy, what you have with these beads is just the right ingredients to put your artistic capabilities to full effect in making up something special. The transformative effect that a sparkling jewelry piece imparts is what makes jewelry such a sought after accessory. With rhinestone beads, you get into a world of perfect harmony with your surroundings as you settle down into each activity with a feeling of splendid beauty.


With many sizes available, you can vary the effect of these beads on this score too. The smallest ones are available at sizes of 2mm. With each size coming in over ten colors, there is no limit for your imagination as it conjures up different designs with these beads that are shaped by influences from across the world and equally diverse manufacturing techniques.

Jewelry Making Supplies For Your Own Creativity


With jewelry making supplies that hold the abundance of the artistry and creativity which go into the practice, you can be creating magic with ease each day. Chains, beads and pendants and a thousand other exquisite items can be used to fashion a design statement that makes a stunning mark. The availability of a large assortment of these supplies can be a treasure trove that makes for an extraordinary bounty in your accessory arsenal. Pendants and charms are available in a million shapes allowing for a million possibilities in your quest for awesome accessories. With selections of chains of just the right sizes, tubes of different thicknesses for making bracelets, you will discover that the best jewelry making supplies offer one of the engrossing and fulfilling pastimes if not viable professions.


Jewelry making supplies kits are a great way to get started on your creative journey to being your own designer or making up a boutique. The first thing that strikes you will be the great exuberance of colors that jump out of the kit putting you in an envelope of creative revelry that can be comparable to being out there in your favorite brick-and-mortar shopping location. A box of colorful beads and a needle are more than enough to get the designer in you begin to relish the opportunity of having a great way to save yourself the costs of going out in the quest for jewelry that makes you excited.


Beginning with a needle and a thread, very soon you will begin exploring jewelry making supplies of much better capabilities with inquiry into the tools that are used in the business. Glue guns and pliers are the basic tools while there are separate tool kits that you can acquire to finesse even more innovative jewelry. Cords and threads are themselves available aplenty with chains, elastics and wires offering you the choice of medium for stringing your jewelry.

Each new object that you spot on your shopping trips for supplies will set you off on a creative wave that gets absolutely sustained equally by the infusion of colors, each color making its own statement. You will find so many interesting shapes that you will soon run out of ideas for the supplies that lie ready for your design activity. Each country and region comes up with its own unique pendant and charm designs which are a revelation to people as they travel around the world. When you have all of these mindboggling designs available at one location, you are bound to go gaga at the design celebration that you can unleash on yourself as well as your near and dear ones. And if the quest is what you are fully attuned to, you might even make waves in your neighborhood or extended location.


With supplies that are continually being replenished and conjured up, there is a whole world of design and occupational options for you and you would have a breathtaking collection of your own in the due course of time.

Christmas If Here


Now that Halloween is over, we are pretty sure that everyone has started to pack up their Halloween costume and get ready for the next happening season. Any guesses for which season are we talking about? Most of you might have guessed it right. We are talking about Christmas and we are sure that you have a lot of attachment to that festival already. Just like how you must have made your own costume and jewelry, it is time for you to make your own costume and jewelry for Christmas too. This is the exact time to start dressing up before hand and to start prepping for everything. You can experiment the most with jewelry. you can even just look at the jewelry which you like and make a replica of it with much more creativity. The best part is that you can make it for much more cheap price. There are so many things that we have for you to offer for the Christmas beads collection that we have. We will walk you through them in a while. However, we are assured that you are really excited for Christmas and you guys have started prepping for it right now itself.


For the Christmas beads collection, we have acrylic beads, clay beads, European beads, wooden beads, and paillette beads. We even have the jewelry findings which have things like enamel pendants, Tibetan style pendants, bell pendants, rhinestone pendants, buttons, cabochons settings, lamp work jewelry, cabochons and many other such things. We also have jewelry packaging like jewelry box, paper pouches, organza bags, DIY crafts and ribbons. And then some more Christmas jewelry and gifts like hair accessories, Christmas bracelets, Christmas earrings, Christmas necklaces, jewelry sets and other such things. If you are someone who is really excited about Christmas, you have to make sure that you check out our online store which can give you many options to choose from. In fact, there are so many options that you can make a collection of your own. You can literally make any sort of jewelry that you want and we will make sure that anything and everything that you order gets delivered to you as soon as possible. Till then all that you have to do is sit and check out various Christmas jewelry designs and make a list of all the types of jewelry you would like to make for you.

Creating Ethnic Jewelry Articles with Wholesale Charms

wholesale charms

One of the best things that can be created by the wholesale charms is the custom made jewelry articles which can be prepared in such a huge variety of designs with the jewelry pieces that are available. One of the popular styles that can be created by the wholesale charms du jour is the “ethnic” jewelry. It is really easy to make using the wholesale charms. The charms are very popular in different areas around the world and a lot of people believe in the fact that the charms will bring good luck in their life. The varieties of charms have different meanings to different people. Though we do not know the truthfulness behind the faith and beliefs of people, but these charms are definitely exquisite pieces of jewelry articles which will impress you. The charms portray cultural awareness of different places and make us familiar with their virtues and beliefs.

The wholesale charms that are selected for different ethnic jewelry is available in the retail stores and shops but do not come from the area that it represents. But the cost of the jewelry articles remains the same as much as it would have been if it was an international purchase. So you won’t need to spend such a huge amount of money on the purchase of such articles. If you have a fetish for such articles, it is not all a difficult task to create those articles at your home.

The wholesale charms that you choose for the preparation of ethnic jewelry is very much dependant on the countries that you are looking to evoke. For instances, some of the charms are very much popular in china but they are not known in other parts of the world. If you wish to evoke Asia, you need to have wholesale charms like elephants, or the gods and goddesses of Hindu culture. To complement the choices of your charms, you need to make proper choices regarding the beads and jewelry fastenings that will be perfectly suitable with the charms. The earthy colored wooden beads may present the African aura while the red, blue or purple colored charms in addition to the bronze and silver portrays the reminiscence of south East Asia. If you want to create a fusion piece, you can definitely try out your hand by mixing different styles together into one single design.

Guide To Finding Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

When I started my business of selling handmade jewelry, I started it because of my interest in crafty projects. I had no intentions of selling the jewelry pieces but when my friends and family saw my work, they suggested me to take it to the next level. It was they who encouraged me to convert my passion into business. They said that the jewelry pieces were actually quite good. It attracted them and so it also started attracting others. Within no time, it turned into a lucrative business. I have learned that if you do what you love and you convert your passion into business, then you can make a lot of money out of it just like me.

Now speaking of starting the business of jewelry making, you will need some jewelry supplies my friend. The supplies you choose are going to make or break the success of each of your jewelry project. If you are new to jewelry making or it has been a while since you are working on it, you would fully understand the importance of wholesale jewelry supplies. If you are a person who wants to save the cost of making jewelry and increase the profits, you cannot neglect these wholesale supplies.

UntitledHere I have gathered some information for all the newcomers so that they can find the wholesale jewelry supplies easily without going through much trouble:

  • Catalogue shopping can help you find jewelry supplies in wholesale. If you ask any jewelry maker, he would say that it is the most convenient way of buying beading supplies and other jewelry supplies in bulk. They have certain price tiers set. If you want to choose the top quality supplies, the price tier might be higher. So you can see how to save money by buying supplies varying in quality.
  • The beading shows can let you find many wholesale jewelry supplies. From here, you can easily find hand crafted goods, findings and even gems. You can also find such bead shows where wholesale and retail sections are made separately. If you want to grab a bargaining deal, you can always move to the wholesale section. This place is going to make you find many unique supplies from all over the world which are rare and expensive to buy otherwise.
  • Internet is also one of the best places to buy wholesale jewelry supplies. There are lots of reliable stores now that are readily offering various jewelry supplies. Instead of physically visiting one shop to another, you can simply purchase anything you want from the internet. In the beginning, you might have to do some effort and spend some time in finding the most reliable store.

Make sure you check the quality of the supplies when you are buying in wholesale because it can be hard to return so much. It might be hard to judge the quality online so what you can do is buy these items physically. One of the friends made this mistake and repented later. Don’t let this happen to you.

Jewelry Making With Cabochon Settings

Making jewelry is easy when one knows the right techniques to create fine quality jewelry items. It is definitely a good challenge when one decides to take a step in the jewelry making world. People whether starters or professionals in the jewelry making business, all love the passion from which things are done and like facing challenges with their competitors. Antique jewelry is always something that everybody likes to buy. When people see cabochon jewelry they go nuts. My all-time favorite is the jewelry item made from cabochon settings. These are the most amazing pieces you can ever buy for your collection.

What Are Cabochons?

Cabochons are the cuttings in the form of gemstones that are shaped and polished. They have a flat back and dome shape at the upfront. They are single and solo stones that can be faceted to the bezels or bases for rings, earrings etc. I have always found them amazing for making jewelry items. Cabochon settings are called cab in short. Numerous jewelry pieces have them on to make them look worthy. These are included in the gemstone category. You will see them in all kinds from asymmetrical to geometrical shapes. They are secured in place with wires, other beads and metal bases.

il_fullxfull.260045194How Cabochon Are Used In Jewelry?

These are usually used in jewelry with the help of beads, metal bases and wires. There are metal bases and bezels onto which cabochons are fitted for completing the jewelry look. As I told you cabs have got flat backs so they can perfectly fitted and secured on bases of jewelry. You can even create your own cabochon settings if you are familiar with the right-angle weave and peyote. Crafting supplies can also be used in making these settings and you can add your own style to the metal base as well.

Techniques for Cabochon Settings

Take a look on the step-by-step method to know how to use cabochon settings and set cabochons.

  • Get a stone that you want to use in making jewelry. Get a silver bezel and wrap it with a small overlap on the stone. Cut the extra silver bezel
  • Lay both the ends of bezel side by side and press the flat nose plier against
  • Place the cabochon on the bezel. Hold the stone from the upper side onto the bezel. Roll the bezel roller along the edges of the bezel.
  • Repeat the above step to secure the cabochon in place of the setting
  • Press the whole thing with a burnisher to make sure the stone is held in place firmly and completely
  • Again run the bezel roller on the edges for double check and bring in the shine

Making jewelry with the cabochon settings has always been a pleasure for me. I also assume that it is as delightful to other people as well. These things can make s single stone make look the best ever. No one can refuse to have the cabochon jewelries and add them in their collection.

All Handmade Beaded Jewelry

After seeing these amazing jewelry accessories, I must that, choosing proper beads of appealing colors for jewelry making is so important.

If you run a jewelry shop on Etsy, you might know that most customers actually don’t need stuffs that are too way complicated in patterns. Once the beads and finding colors are stunning or meet the customers’ need, they can end up with marvelous jewelry designs. So it can also be a vital factor to search for reliable jewelry suppliers, who can provide you wholesale jewelry making supplies, with lots of beads and findings available for selection, and of course with nice prices. So do you agree with me?