Make Your Own Wooden Beads at Home

wooden beadsYou can buy wooden beads from any place, be it online or retail stores. They are accessible at the areas that offer adornments making supplies. They are mass produced utilizing machines that punch them out in uniform sizes and shapes. Most people buy their wooden beads, but have you ever considered the way that before these machines were made individuals made wooden beads at home utilizing simple devices?

Wooden beads that are made at home won’t be perfectly uniform in size like the machine delivered ones are. But the beads will however be pretty much as excellent, sturdy, and they might even be all the more valuable to you because you made them yourself.

To begin making your wooden beads you should assemble a few twigs from a tree. You don’t need twigs that have tumbled off because the wood in those twigs will have dried out and it would be more fragile than the green wood of a naturally cut twig. Your twigs should be an inch in width. You can make beads from bigger twigs; however, for learning you will have the most success with twigs that have an inch breadth.

You should utilize a couple of pruning shears to cut the twigs into pieces. Every piece needs to be somewhat greater than your completed globule. The wood will contract a little as it dries so you need the new slice pieces to be bigger than your completed wooden beads should be.

You should drill a gap through your cut bits of twig. This gap will be the middle gap in your globule. Utilize a little boring apparatus to penetrate out the thick center that makes up the focal point of your piece. This should be finished with a hand drill to protect the little pieces when you are evacuating the pulp.

Now need to dry the twigs. This is done by spreading the pieces out on a sheet and leaving the dish where direct daylight can hit it throughout the day for one week. You need to ensure that the beads are not touching so that there is air flow around them.

When they are totally dried you can utilize a fingernail file and sandpaper to smooth any unpleasant edges on the pieces. You need your pieces to be as smooth as could be expected. As you turn out to be better at making the beads you can utilize the sandpaper to shape the wooden beads. You can string your beads and afterward plunge them into acrylic paint. Once the paint dries apply a sealer over the paint to make the beads being more water safe.


Forming Natural Looking Jewelry from Wooden Beads

wooden beadsIf you need to make a truly spotless, crisp and regular look with your natively constructed adornments, utilizing wooden beads is an extraordinary alternative for you. These beads have been utilized for a large number of years and are still a truly prevalent decision today. Despite the fact that they can be utilized over a scope of diverse adornments styles, utilizing them to make a characteristic, outdoorsy look is basic and simple. Utilizing beads made of wood has never been less demanding to make regular styles.

One of the fundamental reasons why wooden beads are so useful for making a characteristic look is because these beads are made out of a characteristic material. While plastic is manufactured and must be made in the lab and glass must be made in an unimaginably hot heater, wooden beads can be made effortlessly from any bit of wood with a couple of basic devices. It is even conceivable to make excellent wood stains to shading your beads out of every single common material. Since the beads are produced using an exceptionally common material, they help to make an extremely normal, real look.

Wooden beads are likewise sufficiently tough to be worn in an open air circumstance, implying that you can simply wear them, whether you are swimming, surfing, trekking or cultivating. As long as they are dealt with a little care, wooden beads can get wet and dry out again without anguish any unfavorable impacts. They can likewise get warm or exceptionally frosty without being harmed, while different beads may get to be fragile and could break if subject to temperature changes. Different sorts of beads may hold the sun’s warmth and get to be hot to the touch if they are worn throughout the day in warm weather conditions. This is not a worry when you are wearing wooden beads, so you can spend throughout the day in the sun, without needing to stress over your wrist trinket.

Wood is likewise a genuinely lightweight material, which makes it another incredible material to wear when you are outside. Huge numbers of alternate things of apparel that are a characteristic’s piece”, “outdoorsy look, for example, wanderer skirts and shirts made of cotton are likewise extremely lightweight, so these beads will fit consummately with the entire outfit. The stifled, characteristic shades which are most basic in normal wood will likewise fit well with the greens, whites, tans and pale hues which are so regular as a major aspect of the bohemian “outdoorsy” look.

Myths about Wooden Beads Debunked

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It has been years since the wooden beads are being used by jewelry makers. They are not just being used for creating jewelry, people have been using them for variety of other purposes as well such as for decorating garments, shoes, bags, and for making crafts. Honestly, it is up to you what project you want to work on with these beads because you can use them in anything.

I have seen many people thinking that ceramic, porcelain and glass are better to work with than wood beads. They have the point of view that these beads are not durable enough. That is a total misconception, wood beads fairly last longer than any other type of beads and an additional quality is that they are more long lasting. There are certain misconceptions of people about wooden beads, here are some of them elaborated and cleared:

  • People say wood beads deteriorate with time. That is not the case, wood can even last for a lifetime. If the material chosen is fine then you will never have to worry that these beads will wear out or they will be affected due to weather.
  • Wooden beads are at the risk of breaking. If you have chosen beads made from thin wood, they might be at the risk of breaking but if you have chosen a thick piece, then you won’t have to worry about the breakage. Thin beads can easily break when they are stepped on, dropped or sat on so be careful about the kind of beads chosen.
  • The beads that have a protectant coating that does not give a natural look. That is not entirely true. The protectant coating is just meant for sealing the beads. This coating is meant to protect the beads from the rays of sun and moisture present in the air that can cause damage. They will look the same kind of natural so don’t worry about the look.
  • The shine of wood deteriorates over time and you can do nothing about it. That is true, the shine of wood deteriorates but you can protect it with slight gloss. This can ensure that the wood retains it shine even after it has been years since you have that piece of jewelry.
  • You cannot use wood in making expensive jewelry items. Well that depends on the type of wood you have chosen. If it is a vintage piece that is combined with something luxurious then you will definitely create an expensive jewelry item.


I recommend to give wooden beads a chance because when you will explore the markets to find the variety and style, you will not be able to resist yourself from making various projects using these beads. They are less expensive than other type of beads so you can buy lots of them to experiment and create different pieces of jewelry or crafty items. Make it clear in your head what you want before you go out to purchase these beads. You will simply love what you will see in the markets.

Creating Imaginative Jewelry Designs

If you are a jewelry designer and you are thinking of coming up with an imaginative and creative design of jewelry, you will have to put some effort in buying the right combination of things. You must switch for the wooden beads; this will give you a lift which you are wishing for. Select the right set of beads which you require for your project.


You need to have information about the different beads which are available in the market and how you can use them. Look for better options which you can utilize in making great jewelry items. The wooden beads are also available in different types such as seed, bone shell and glass beads. These are the best choices of beads which you can utilize for creating amazing designs of jewelry. These days, wooden trends have set in fashion again. You need to focus over the changing trends of fashion. Basically, you have to keep pace with time and fashion. You need to decide which kind of styles and quality of beads you will need for creating imaginative jewelry items.

You have to avoid certain beads all the time i.e. plastic beads. These beads are not much attractive and they wear out after some time. They are not at all durable. These days ancient designs of jewelry are in and most of the ancient styles of jewelry include the wood beads. These beads are available in different sizes and shapes. You need to look for the perfect supplies which are required for creating these types of jewelry items.

Different kinds of beads can be used. For creating occasional jewelry, you can use some of the featured beads such as the necklaces and bracelets and for this purpose you can use wooden beads. You can add different sizes and shapes of beads while you create bracelets or necklaces. Usually these kinds of beads are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. It is up to you which color, size and shape of beads you use. You can also use the dice shaped beads. This is an alternate for the wood ones.


Most of the time, jewelry designers add the wood globules to enhance the beauty of the jewelry they are working on. This is just used for adding some extra beauty. This is a good practice. There are many other jewelry projects in which you can only use these wood beads. Basically, when you work on a jewelry project you always decide which kind of beading supplies you use according to the design and pattern. You can create some imaginative themes by adding wooden globules with the other jewelry supplies. This would be a variation and it would turn out good in the end when you will be finished working on the project. You can look for the wooden beading supplies easily from the jewelry stores and you can look for the internet retailers who are selling these supplies for making creative jewelry designs.

The Charm Of Wooden Beads

Throughout history, whether it be the people of the stone age or today’s modern and chic youth, women have used jewelry to adorn and beautify themselves and simultaneously, women have used many different kinds of beads from the stone to the crystals to the amethysts and rubies to the topaz and gold and sapphire to pearls to seashells to animal teeth to gemstones of an in-numerable variety. One such kind of bead included in this long list of the different kinds of beads is the most sturdy, the most durable and the most firm with creaminess in texture and monotony in color and smoothness in feel: the wooden beads.

3In today’s day and age, skilled bead crafters are able to find a large collection of various beans that differ in shapes, textures and sizes at their disposal to work with. From the Ice age encampments to the ancient Egyptian tombs and the buried archaeological cities and monuments, there has been sufficient evidence to state that the use of beaded jewelry has been approved and encouraged in the society to a large extent.

There are many advantages of using wooden beads that accounts for people usually preferring to use wooden beads as a part of their jewelry instead of the more lustrous pearls or the more elegant crystals and gems. Firstly, wooden beads are accessible and available. They never go out of supply or short in the marketplace simply because the source of their extraction is plenty and the cost involved is remarkably less. Hence, in an overall comparison, wooden beaded jewelry is also cheaper and cost-effective than any other kind.

Now let us move on to the second reason. The weight of a necklace around your throat or a heavy and cumbersome band around your wrist is an absolute no-no. So what to do when we want to dress to impress and yet remain as light as a feather?

The answer is quite simple. ‘Use wooden beads as an essential component of your jewelry.’ Wooden beads are lightweight and easily manageable, so grab the benefit with both hands.

ethics-wood-beadsThirdly, wooden beads offer a flexibility and versatility that is very hardly found in other components used in jewelry making. There are a variety of processes involved that make use of wooden beads in a simple manner such as painting them or getting them waxed and stained or embedding or carving them to give a completely different yet eye-catching and breath-taking and knee-buckling result

Look around us. And have a god look once again. What do you see?

We live in a world where fashion is at its pinnacle and the world has been dominated by artificial and fake yet beautiful wonderment’s. The natural sparkle of nature has been left behind to make way for an enhanced and surgically or mechanically more improved and certainly far more efficient way to deal with things in almost all aspects of life. Midst this world the use of wooden beads shines like a beacon in darkness and gives a feeling of genuine and natural beauty so go forth and take that beauty all for yourself and outshine every other with the allure and dazzle of wooden beads.